Help please 2008 HHR ss no power

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Went to work and car drove and started fine. Got off work and car took 2 times to start. Had to make a stop , came out and took 2 more time to start and started a little hard. The car cut off as I was backing out , driving home car had no power. Stopped at the parts store to check the codes and the codes were p0011 and p0016 , I changed the camshaft sensor, disconnected the battery and changed the intake control solenoid. Car just turns over and won't start .


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    The codes won't tell you what's wrong, only what systems are reacting. Proper diagnosis would require first off testing to see what has been lost in causing the no start. Have you lost spark, or fuel, or compression? You might also have a timing chain issue here

    Once you've determined that, you can dig deeper using scan tools (not a code reader) to check on stored data and to freeze real time data.

    Sometimes guessing is more expensive that taking it to someone who has the skills to perform a methodical diagnosis.
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    You didn't specify what engine this is. P0011 and P0016 are, but for the 2.5 the P0011 is Intake Camshaft Position system performance, and the P0016 is Cramkshaft/Intake Camshaft correlation. Those codes don't mean that there is a sensor failure, they mean that the intake camshaft and the crankshaft are not in sync. One possibility could be a failure of the variable valve timing actuator on the camshaft, or the actuator solenoid. Another possibility is that the timing chain has jumped. This needs to be tested carefully and repaired ASAP or you risk having the failure get worse, especially if it is the timing chain that has stretched and allowed the chain to jump.
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