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Subaru B9 Tribeca: Problems & Solutions

cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
edited March 2014 in Subaru
A place to post problems or solutions to problems


  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    did not see a messageboard for problems. Since I have owned my B9 for about a week now. found my first warranty issues.

    1. the driver door when listening to talk radio news station and a deep male voice is talking, I hear a buzzing. I have removed everything from the door pocket and still its like a high freq. vibration. do not hear it with music just talking on the radio at med volume levels

    2. the paint on the door edge. on the two front doors at the very front side edge of the door (the hinge side) there is a blip in the paint like they had a piece of soder from a weald on the edge and then painted over it. also the front edge of the rear door (when I open the front door) has a 1 mm spot on the edge where they did not paint it. almost like a rock chip but its the part that is protected when the front door is closed!

    anyone else experience this?

    By the way the dealer said they would fix the paint under warranty :)
  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 79
    When I have the vent open the air is definately heated. My OB did not do this. I prefer to have the windows and vent open for air movement at the floor but have to turn it off because the air is heated. Has anyone else noted this?

    Full of hot air in NH!
  • In some cars I have had - the HVAC system delivers air that is warmer to heat registers (Floor) when the A/C is on.

    However it sound like you may have the AC off when this happens. In that case try turning off the AC compressor and dial the temp down to the lowest setting. Even though the AC iss off the temp setting is active with automatic systems like the B9.

    Last - how long did you leave the vent and fan on for? Residual heat from the engine maybe heating up the air exchanger. Running the fan on high while driving may rid the system of the hot air. Also in a lot of stop go driving in hit weather this could be normal with many systems.
  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 79
    I have the AC off, vent open, thermostat set low, fan on any speed... and I get warm air, warmer than outside most of the time... just does not seem right.
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    Sounds like the 'Beca is afflicted with the same problem as all Subaru's - Automatic Climate Control just plain does not work in Subarus.
  • I have only had my new Tribeca for 3 days and the power steering went out. :( It had to be flat-bedded back to the dealer who now cannot duplicate the problem. If they cannot find the problem I hope they do not think I should take this car back with intermittant power steering, especially when I drive steep mountain roads frequently. Any ideas about what could have caused this. Thankfully, it was still not working when the salesman took it off the truck, or they might think I was a looney making it all up!. But ..... I LOVE my new car and the dealer has been pretty great about it so far. I want it back ..... but only if the problem has been discovered and fixed!
  • Can you describe what if felt like. Did it become very hard to turn the wheel?

    Since the B9 has I believe a mechanical steering system (Not Electric) an intermittent problem is very strange unless it relates to the belt on the power steering pump or maybe a valve in the pump.

    Please let us know what they find.
  • Yes .... it became VERY hard to turn the wheel. Luckily it happened about 10 feet before our driveway. My husband was able to turn it into the driveway, but it was too difficult for me. We had just come up the mountain. Thankfully it did not strand us on the mountain side with no cellphone service! (But it is still SUCH a beautiful car) The mechanic is driving it up the mountain as we speak ... errr ... write. I will let you know what happens.
  • They have tried to get it to fail again for 2 days and have not succeeded. They cannot find the problem so want to put in a new pump and call it fixed.

    :cry: <<<<<<------------- is not a happy camper .....or customer.
  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 79
    This is not automatic climate control...

    I had the fan on with the vent open, worked fine in every other Sub I've owned, 6 in total. This one seems to flow warm air.
  • It would seem that a new pump is the right thing to do.

    If it were a mechanical problem with the linkage, it would not be intermittent, therefore the pump in all likely hood is the problem - since there really isn't anuthing else.
  • Thanks so much for the interest and commentary. You are echoing my husbands opinion word for word. :D <------- is feeling much better about getting her car back.
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    I found out the automatic climate control will remain on all the time even though the light on 'auto' button is off when you press any other buttons. I don't know if hitting the 'off' button will completely turn off automatic climate control or not. But you can try dial down the temp on both side to below 70 and see what happens. My friends MDX will do the similar thing. Automatic climate control can be a hassle when you don't want it.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    anyone else notice a higher frequency vibration in their driver door panel when listening to news talk radio type station with a booming male type voice on the radio?
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    Sounds like a lose screw. Get it fixed.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    not a lose screw sound but more like a sheet of plastic that is vibrating at a certain frequency (think like when you run your finger along a chrystal glass and it humms)... like that but at a much lower frequency.
  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    That is a lose screw cause some material not tied down. Hence vibration. Might be speaker itself. If it is easily reproduceable, your dealer should be able to fix it in no time.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    hopefully, I am waiting until my accessories come in to get everything fixed at once:

    1. the vibration in the door panel
    2. the paint finish on the two front door edges

    and install the new accessories (bug guard, mudflaps, roof rack, and tow hitch)

    plus my first 1k oil change. i know its not required, but I always on my new cars change the oil after the break in period. old habits die hard ..LOL
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Was driving home today... after hitting the magic 1,000 mile mark the odometer changed to "ERR HC" !

    anyone know what this means exactly? I see in the manual that there is a message "Err 00" if the system somehow loses connection between the computer and the engine. This message acted the same as what they said would happen in the manual for "Err 00", when I clicked on the reset trip button above the steering wheel, it cycled to the two TRIP meters A and B. then 10 seconds later popped up the same "Err HC"!

    So I pulled over, restarted the B9 and the message did not come back. I am a little concerned and wondered what exactly is that message? Have it scheduled for the shop on Wednesday but should I take it in on Monday for this warning message?
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    Do you plan to change to synthetic after 1k oil change? I plan to change to synthetic after the first 1k or so ... am at 500 currently, love the vehicle everything I thought it would be and more, but wish recommended fuel was regular (I will use premium as suggested) and a larger gas tank would be nice, especially on long trips.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'd suspect the PS Pump also. I'm sure they'll test it before handing it back, just take it on a couple of short trips when you get it back. If it's fine, I say don't worry, be happy.

    cue Bobby McFerrin

    Ooo, ooooo
    Don't worry
    Be Happy
    Don't worry be happy now!
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    nope I have one free oil change from the dealer. they have the car right now and my accessories came in (yeah).

    but after that I usually use a synthetic blend. you save a few $$ and get 80% of the benefit of synthetic. I use that in my turbo motorycle and thats 300 hp ! pure synthetic to me is not worth the extra $$. there is a difference between standard oil and syth blend. also I change my oil every 3k miles anyway.
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    interesting ... makes good sense to me, but I think I will do the 100% synthetic and change 5k to 6k. Lets compare notes 5 years from now and see what worked best.

    Incidently, Subaru owners are supposed to have mountain bikes not motorcycles (bad for the enviorment) but that is fine with me because I don't fit the sterotype myself ... actually don't even come close, even after 4 Subarus.

    Enjoy your Tribeca !

  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    but I think I will do the 100% synthetic and change 5k to 6k.

    I asked my dealership if I could bring in my own oil as I can get a good price at Costco on case qty's. They said fine and will only charge labor and filter cost.

    Question, which grade should I purchase? Costco has Mobil 1 5W-30 or 10W-30
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    I plan to use Mobil 1 5W-30. That is what came in my '03 Saab and I have used it ever since. You could use 10W-30 in the summer I suppose, but 5W-30 has worked well year round for me. I hasten to add I am no expert so someone else may have further thoughts.

  • foxbat121foxbat121 Posts: 211
    Manual says 5W-30.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    the first number is the initial viscosity so 5W is better on startup and the second is the viscosity after warm up ... so best is 5W-50 if the B9 is approved for 5W50. but I would use 5W30 over 10W30 or 10W40
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    well it looks like Subaru was familiar what the display "Err HC" but thinks there should have been more to the code then just "Err HC" I dont remember anything else showing up ... hmmm so they still dont know exactly what it means. this code was shown right were you normally see your Odometer. They manual for the B9 mentions something about this area sometimes showing Err 00 but not Err HC...

    well hopefully find out Monday when I get my B9 back and I am out of the loaner Jeep they gave me to use.
  • mhaymhay Posts: 2
    Is anyone getting good gas mileage?
    The best I have gotten so far is 17.7 on the highway.
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    17 - 18.9 some city and highway, not much stop and go around Spring field, Ma

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