Ford Escape 2008 3.L engine with CD4E 4-Automatic, Transmission problem

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My Ford Escape 2008 3.0L with a CD4E 4-Automatic Trans. While I was going 70 mph on the highway just decided to lose its gear. I pulled over on the shoulder placed on Park and that is the only gear it will take. I had to get a tow truck to take home. the engine seems to be fine and the scanner did not indicate any problem. Could this be converter, shaft and pump or will I need a new Transmission?


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    Actual scanner or just a code reader?

    In any event, sudden and complete loss of all gears is not a good sign.

    There's no way to speculate here. It needs to be checked out, starting with the basics: check the fluid, if ok, do an external pressure test or at least drop the pan. If there's debris in there, well then you know. A pressure test may show something and a professional scanner might as well.

    I suppose if you were the luckiest person in the world, the shift linkage could have fallen apart.
  • alejandro70alejandro70 Member Posts: 2
    I used a code reader and it came out with no code. the oil level was higher then the limit.
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