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Hyundai Equus

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
Unless you've visited Korea lately, you've probably never heard of the Hyundai Equus. It's Hyundai's largest, most luxurious sedan, but since its debut in 1999 it's been a domestic market sedan only. That may change in the coming years as the 2008 Hyundai Equus is being designed with U.S. sales in mind.

Spy Hyundai Equus


  • nornenorne Posts: 136
    Isn't the Azera suppose to compete with the new avalon?

    Isn't Hyundai designing the eqqus with hopes of launching a separate luxury line like toyo-lexus?
  • truethattruethat Posts: 123
    yes and yes...
    Obviously, Edmund's got those facts wrong although it is 50/50 chance that
    Hyundai will actually launch a separate "Equus" brand (or whatever the name).
    I even heard that the so-called 08 Equus is actually a "Dynasty" replacement
    and that even bigger car will come out to replace Equus (which i disagree since
    the interior shot shows Equus logo).

    If you've never heard of Equus, it is highly likely you've never heard of Dynasty
    either. It was a sub-segment between Grandeur(Azera) and Equus, discontinued
    around the launch of the new Grandeur.
    Here are pictures for both Dynasty and '05 Equus.

    '04 Dynasty
    '05 Equus
  • jason25jason25 Posts: 8
    The 2008 Hyundai Equus seems to be a great-looking vehicle, especially the interior. If the Equus does come to the US, I'm almost certain that it will have top-of-the-line options like navigation, heated/cooled seats, rear parking sensors, reclining rear seats, a keyless engine start system, and a host of other features. After all, in Korea they already have most of these options and you can get them on a lot of their models. NAV is even available on the Elantra (Avante). And the Granduer (Korean version of the upcoming Azera) has all of these features, so I wouldn't be surprised to see if the Equus has even more. By the way, the interior of this ride is amazing (at least from the pics). I wonder if that wood trim is real? If not, its pretty convincing. ;)
  • It's been a year and 5 months since the last posting about this car. Any new update lately?? I'm itching for this car to hit our shores :P
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    Nothing much. The car seems to be in the boring "dot the i's and cross the t's" stage of development, though there are rumors of a larger and/or long-wheelbase variant in the works.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    1) Actually, there have been quite a few spy shots, especially as of late:

    From all the way in the beginning when the first shots were snapped in S. Korea.

    2) The name will not be Equus

    3) The Dynasty and Equus offered in S. Korea both are FWD, and this (dubbed "BH") will be RWD.

    4) The BH will slot above the Azera

    4) Rumor has it, at the New York Auto Show, Hyundai is to reveal a close to production concept of the "BH", production model should follow soonafter - stay tuned...
  • Thanks for the link... After seeing those pictures on the site I am extremely please with the outcome of the vehicle design and size.
    imageSee more Car Pictures at
    imageSee more Car Pictures at
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    On the last pict above, you'll notice on the left is the BH Vehicle. Notice the size of the Azera in the middle and the BMW 7 Series to the right. The BH car is just as big as the Bimmer!! I can't wait for this car to make it here already! Anyways, I recently purchased 2007 Sonata. Very happy with the car's performance, design and built quality. I'll be trading it in for the BH car 1 year after it's release. Why 1 year after? Well, I always think the 1 year car is like a reasearch year for the auto manufacturer to work out it's kink. Then the 2 year of it's production most of the stuff are usually fixed or redesigned and the vehicle becomes more reliable.
  • aneeshaneesh Posts: 43
    The side profile looks like LS460........but still a nice looking car....the taillamps look like the rear of Lincoln's MKS concept sedan
  • Looks almost like an oversized Infinity G35 if you compare it on the side door window profile.
  • docrwdocrw Posts: 94
    I really like the look of the Equus, I just hope they don't skimp on the options when they bring it over here. However, I'm pretty sure that is not a 7-series BMW, it looks much more like a 5-series. The 7's have a much more pronounced back end and much larger, relatively speaking, rear window. Plus, the Azera is only slightly bigger than a 5-series which seems to be the case here as well.
  • flatibbyflatibby Posts: 28
    It's actually a 740i... the short wheelbase version of the 7 series shown in the picture.
  • flatibbyflatibby Posts: 28

    One clarification... It's not going to be named Equus! This is technically a concept car by Hyundai called Genesis which is a replacement vehicle for Hyundai Dynasty. What you see is pretty much the production version of the car except for the Headlight which will be more subtle looking, and the concept car's 20 inch wheels will be replace by 18 inch during production. We here in the US will be seeing these cars for sale at our shores at the latter half of 2008.
    Excerp from a reports: (We have yet to get a look at the Concept Genesis interior, but we do know it will offer the requisite load of technology and upscale amenities, including push-button start, an electric parking brake, adaptive cruise control, DVD navigation with a backup camera, Bluetooth, separate USB and MP3 player input jacks, and a surround-sound Infinity audio system. Stability control and eight airbags are among the standard fare, and HID headlights will also be available.)
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Looks great...I am ready to make a deposit :)

    One correction to the thread title - this is the Dynasty replacement, codenamed BH, not Equus, which is codenamed VI.

    Press Release and Hi-Res Photos:
  • ne1butune1butu Posts: 6
    I liked this concept the first time I saw it over three years ago. That concept was called the Zephyr.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095

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  • The V8 is called 4.6 TAU V8. The Lambda is the V6 engine.
  • info3info3 Posts: 2
    This car looks like a full size Daewoo Leganza. There seems to be a confusion. This car should have a bigger engine compare to the Hyundai Genesis. If this is Hyundai flagship sedan it should be faster than anything they have. The interior looks cheap especially the instrument panel, dashboard. It looks like it came straight from Daewoo Leganza instead of brushed aluminum they used cheap imitation wood instead. Of course, is slower than the competition. This company still lags behind the competition in terms of transmission programming. You better off buying Lexus, Mercedes, BMW certified pre-owned cars. Plus, the competition have a better resale values.
  • I REALLY like the Equus. It's definitely going on my list of vehicles to replace my current car. However, I'm very concerned about Hyundai service. I recently bought my wife a 2010 Lexus RX350 after being dead set on a Hyundai Veracruz. We were both VERY surprised by the Veracruz and figured we'd give Hyundai a try. Unfortunately, the sales experience was so bad that we didn't even want to KNOW about the service experience.

    If Hyundai doesn't do something like either create a Sub-Brand to sell their luxury cars, than I'm not too sure I'd be able to go through with a purchase. They don't specifically need "Genesis" (for example) dealerships right now.. That can come later.. Or, they can just do what Ford has done with Lincoln/Mercury and create Hyundai/Genesis to sell the Equus under - and only allow the highest/top rated Hyundai dealerships to sell and service these cars...

    Sal Collaziano
    Genesis Owners Club
  • charlesbcharlesb Posts: 43
    I suspect that Hyundai is going to run into the same problems that VW did with the Phaeton, namely, perception problems compounded by the reality of customers dealing with a dealer network unable to deliver a "luxury" buying experience. When you price upmarket from the current Genesis you've moved into the rarefied air of "true luxury" where I'll posit that even the bargain hunters are pridefully polishing the badges regularly.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    ... This car should have a bigger engine compare to the Hyundai Genesis. ...

    Why? The S550 and E550 have the same engine. The 750i and 550i have the same engine. The A8 and A6 4.2 have the same engine. Why shouldn't the Equus and Genesis follow suit? :confuse:
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    it has been mentioned that the Equus will feature two V-8's...the current 4.6 that's found in the Genesis and a 5.0 that will be in the top of the line Equus. Not sure how true it will actually be...only time will tell.
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    Has anybody heard if Hyundai is considering an all wheel drive model of the Equus?
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    There was a mentioning of Hyundai creating an AWD system, but no word as to whether or not it would actually happen and which vehicles would benefit from it. With a hybrid Sonata on the horizon, I'm wondering if they'll push that technology into the Azera, Genesis and eventually Equus.
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    Good test drive report. I still don't know how they got it up to 140 on I-10 in Santa Monica. Must have been late at night. Should have taken it north on the 405 between the Ventura Freeway and Nordhoff Street. The expansion joints on that section will get your teeth chattering, but it's a good test for a suspension. Even my last rental 09 DTS couldn't smooth that section out. A Town Car might have done a little better.

    Sat in the Equus at a local dealer in TX today. Also took some photos. Very impressed if the car's base will be about $48k. Car had air suspension, all the back seat items, and the 4.6 V-8 (I guess it's the same engine as in the Genesis). I'll be tempted if Hyundai does some sponsored leases. Someone said it will be on sale in the U.S. in January, but I think that's too optimistic. No brochures at the dealer, but a Korean version in pdf is here (click on "gallery" then "download"):
  • j2jj2j Posts: 147
    Uhh, the Leganza was designed by Italdesign-Giugiaro, the same design firm that designed the original Lexus GS.

    And as for resale values, KBB predicts the 3 yr residual value for the 2009 Genesis sedan to be slightly better than the 2009 GS and significantly better than the Infiniti M.
  • j2jj2j Posts: 147
    Hyundai doesn't intend the Equus to be a volume seller within its segment, but rather a halo model.

    And the problem w/ the Phaeton wasn't so much the dealer network, but its overbloated price (starting in the mid-$60k range and going over $100k).

    Why buy a Phaeton when one can have an A8 for a few thousand more?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    ... I still don't know how they got it up to 140 on I-10 in Santa Monica. Must have been late at night. ...

    Read a little closer. The speedometer is metered in kilometers, not miles. ;) He was only doing ~85MPH. Still fast for a busy street, mind you, but not unachievable; even in traffic.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    You're a liittle closer and you'll see that he took it up to 160 km/h which is about 100 mph. Really, it's neither here nor there as a car with that kind of power would very easily hit those speeds with ease. If my Azera with 263 hp can get up there as quickly as it does...I would expect the 4.6 V-8 with 368/375 hp (depending on fuel) to do it much easier and with the better suspension, under much more control as well.

    Maybe Hyundai will look at using some of the Equus suspension components on the Genesis as they do for the Korean spec model.
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