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02 Alero 3.4 Starting issues big time !!!!

dlush99dlush99 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2017 in Oldsmobile
 Someone Please Diagnose !!!!! 
         My girlfriends 02 Alero has got me completely ready to burn it to the ground ... So with that being said ...  When you go to start the thing it crank and cranks and cranks does not fire at all ... So .... After it does not start if you leave the key in the run position and pop the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable just for a second .... Slam the hood and turn key too the start position and it fires up every time ...  Now  it warms up and runs perfect for hours  and then when you shut the car off .... As long as you start it within a hour it'll fire right up ... Otherwise if it's longer than that you have to repeat ... Pop hood blah blah blah .... But here's the kicker when It is 0 to  -20 degrees outside it will fire up no matter how long you let it sit with out reseting whatever it is !! when you pull the neg. For one second  ... OK I no about passlock , blah blah blah .... I've been studying every possible senerio and here's another thing the security light is not on at all while driving  , closing the door pre start position it is on  like it's supposed to be and shuts off and stays off like it should ... But yesterday it came on for a half hour while driving ... Girlfriend got it home I shut the car off started it and no light came on since. ....      IDEAS AND OPINIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED  !!!! or I'm going to burn it .... or is that the only option at this point .....


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    dlush99dlush99 Member Posts: 2
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Someone needs to have diagnostic equipment hooked up during the no-start incident. This will at least tell us what is "missing"--fuel, spark or injector pulse. When you disconnect the battery you are clearing the codes so you don't want to do that before hooking up the scan tool. You might have some sensor problem, or grounding problem to the ECM, or bad ECM. You need a scanner.
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