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exiveresexiveres Member Posts: 2
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Hello, Just selling my car and I'm looking at replacement. Choices are 2017 Toyota Tacoma and 2014 bmw 528i cpo. My question is. What would be better for a family? We are will be starting a family soon so I want the vehicle to accommodate a child seat and any other stuff we would need to take when traveling. The Tacoma is new and will probably lost a long time. It costs more than the 528i that has around 40k miles already. The 528i will have a warranty for 2 years then there is the option to extend the warranty. Just a few thoughts. Please help me decide.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,406
    If you are worried about total cost to own (and who isn't?), then the Tacoma will be much cheaper in the long run. Great reliability and fantastic re-sale value. If you get a Double Cab, with a tonneau cover for the bed, it should accommodate a family, but you might want to check-fit a car seat.

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  • NathanCrumbackNathanCrumback Administrator Posts: 508
    @exiveres, I agree with @kyfdx that the Tacoma is a better choice. When I worked for a BMW dealership, I saw some of those maintenance bills and they add up fast!

    I think the load level height of the Tacoma is better for kids. Bending down to get the kids out of a sedan or things out of the trunk can be tiresome. With the Tacoma, everything should be at a good height.

    I'm a little worried about the space in the rear for the car seat on the Tacoma but I think it will be able to accommodate your family down the road.
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