Infiniti G37 without navi and backup camera

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I just bought a 2009 Infiniti G37x. It does not have navi, sensors or backup camera. I would want to have the rear view camera and navigation or a phone screen mirroring so I could use the phone navi. It would be also great if I could play music using bluetooth. What is the easiest way to make it work without spending much money?

I searched through lots of forums and I think I found a solution but I have no idea if its going to work and how to make it work. I would be grateful if someone could have a look and help me with this.
These are the thinks I want to buy:

I was thinking about connecting the navtool module to the screen unit, than plugging in the wireless screening device so no wires are going to be visible. I want to buy that camera and drill a hole in the chrome spoiler little off the center and put it inside, than I want to connect the wireless transmitter with the camera and the receiver with the navtool module. I think I have an AUX input so I could plug in the bluetooth receiver to play music. It would save me lots of time and make it very easy to setup. I could have the reverse activated camera, wireless connected Waze navigation and bluetooth streaming music. Would my plan work?


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