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2008 town and country starter problem

garthsgarths Member Posts: 1
edited March 2017 in Chrysler
i have a 2008 Chrysler town and country..with the 3.8L..any help would be appreciated
the vehicle has a new motor installed with a new starter...when you hit the key to the run position you can hear the starter pop out but not spin.....however if you manually jump the starter terminal it turns the engine over but will not give spark to start..even with the key in the run position.. there is power at the starter but it is not actuating the motor to turn the engine over.....just pops out......here is the other and bigger issue...it is currently at the Chrysler dealer and they called to tell me i have a seized motor....a motor that i know is not seized....so i asked what my bill was and was told it was at $150 ish and would be $250 after he takes the belt off and tries to turn it over manually and looks at the torque converter bolts to make sure they are installed properly......after a while i get a call saying the motor will not budge with a wrench on it......then tells me the next step is to remove the spark plugs and check for liquid in the cylinder......WHAT......would you not already have the plugs out to try to turn it over manually......compression should make it vary hard right?...lol....so i am at the end of my rope.....feeling like there is some shady stuff going on and would really appreciate any info that might actually help get it going


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Well hard to say but if you put a stout wrench on the front engine pulley bolt and turn it, the engine should rotate even with the plugs in.

    However, there are lots of things that can cause a motor not to turn, such as a timing chain jammed against its guides (I'm pretty sure your 3.8 uses a timing chain, not a belt), for instance.

    And yes, your engine can "hydro-lock" if water gets into the cylinders. That would cause the piston to come up, try to compress the water (which it can't) and bend the connecting rods---thus jamming the motor.

    Also, a starter motor, if jumped indirectly, can "motor" within itself (spin like a regular electric motor) but without throwing out the pinion gear into the flywheel. So yes, your starter motor can spin even if the engine is seized, depending on how you energize it.

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    coolcarguy1979coolcarguy1979 Member Posts: 6
    Our 2010 T&C would do the same thing and we found it was the TIPM (total integrated power module). The TIPM has a notorious problem of having FAULTY FACTORY RELAYS installed on the interior circuit boards. Don't run out and spend $1200 for a new TIPM that has these relays - you're throwing away your money and not solving the problem. I replaced the TIPM on my 2010 T&C with a rebuilt unit (cost $325) and it solved everything! Car runs great, A/C is working again, no problems with starting up. I bought my TIPM at: https://www.totalintegratedpowermodule.com
    I'm not saying you need/should purchase your TIPM from where I bought mine, I'm just saying to verify that the internal relays are not the factory-installed pieces of garbage. If the relays haven't been replaced, there's a big chance the problem will resurface.
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