1990 Subaru Legacy Electrical Problem

dwayne88dwayne88 Member Posts: 2
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1990 subaru legacy .all ay once lost all electrical power on the doors ,sun roof and gauges dash tach,temp gauge,fuel gauge.also transmission wont shift (automatic).engine runs idles fine.left turn signal flashes very fast bulbare goods.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    With massive electrical failures, first things you want to do is check all your ground connections (battery to ground, engine cable to ground) and the alternator output and battery condition (load test).

  • dwayne88dwayne88 Member Posts: 2
    I've checked soo many grounds.alt. putting  out 14.3  ..now swapping out every relay I can find
    pulling my hair out
  • SierraSierra AlaskaMember Posts: 1
    My Subaru Legacy 1997 lost dash lights one day when I turned on the headlights , also my radio that wasent working came on with the headlights , I checked all fuses under the hood and under the dash board I also got another dash board from another Subaru to just replace the whole thing at once but I got no dash lights still, I hooked it up straight to the battery and the bulb came on but when put back into the plastic piece that holds the bulb in place it wouldn’t turn the bulb on . My check engine is constantly blinking and the abs light stays on constant . I just bought the car from a freind who couldn’t tell me much about the Subaru except the radio and center consult were completely destroyed, I put back as much as I could but the radio is not factory and the wires had been messed with . Please help me I am a single mom just trying to figure out how to fix it with out having to go to someone else , thank you
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