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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Lease Questions



  • I just received this email.. your thoughts and comments. Not sure what the "rent charge is".

    "What a Lease Special" * that will be available between January 23rd and February 1st. Take a look at the monthly payments and pay attention to the low Total due at signing!

    2009 Acura TL Lease
    Lease a 2009 Acura TL for only $359 per month

    In order to take advantage of the What a Lease Special Program you need to sign your contract between January 22nd and February 1st. Total due at signing and payments include all taxes and fees except for the rent charge.
  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    I have also been seeing post on various message boards suggesting a special on lease until Feb 2. Any idea what the specifics are? Thanks for your input.
  • Hi amy9. Acura's January lease program is currently scheduled to run through March 2nd. As a result, it is unlikely that its February program will be different from its current one, but you never know. When manufacturers' make unscheduled changes to their incentive programs, they usually get better...not worse. So you probably don't have much to lose by waiting until February to get your new TL. I have to add the disclaimer though that it is very difficult to predict exactly what automakers will do with their future programs.

    Please feel free to check back with me next week and I will be happy to let you know if Acura has made any changes.

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  • Hi Acuratexan. I suppose that it is possible that Acura made an unscheduled enhancement to its lease program on the TL that I haven't heard about is unlikely. I will look into this and see what I can dig up. If Acura didn't make any revisions to its January lease program, there's no reason to hurry to finalize your deal before February 1st. Acura's current lease program was scheduled to run through March 3rd.

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  • Hey lax29. I suppose that it is possible that Acura made an unscheduled enhancement to its lease program on the TL last weekend that I haven't heard about yet...but it is unlikely. I will look into this and see what I can dig up. If Acura didn't make any revisions to its January lease program, there's no reason to hurry to finalize your deal before February 2nd. Acura's current lease program was scheduled to run through March 3rd.

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  • Car_man... I appreciate all the advice I can get. I spoke to my current Acura dealer and he offered me a basic 09 TL with $1500 down (total I believe) and $494 monthly, and 10 k yearly. I am attempting to get the same deal with 12k miles but they are asking for $300 more down or $507 a month. Don't want to do either. What are the most important factors to consider on thie deal?
  • That sounds pretty high. With all the promotions right now, cant you get
    the SH-AWD w/tech for that price?
  • What is the total due at signing on the "what a lease" deal? How many months is that?
  • Wow, a better deal?? I wish I could find a dealer to offer me what you just mentioned. Trust me, I wouldn't mind the SH-AWD w/tech if i could get my Austin dealer to upgrade the offer. If anyone has had the luck with a similiar lease please let me know. My lease is up April 1st, so I can still research and be patient.
  • Supposedly $1500 down, on a 39 month lease.
  • This is what I was quote for via phone from Curry Acura.

    2009 Acura TL AWD Tech with HTP @ $43,900 for 572 per month
    The terms 39 months.
    1500 out of pocket.

    not sure if this is accurate.
  • In the last few days, the best quote i've gotten for the TL with Tech (MSRP 39,445) in los angeles, is $1000 drive off and $500 a month including tax. this is for 10k miles a year and for 39 months. While i think that is a great deal, considering the industry climate i'm sure in the next few months, better incentives and interest deals will be available.

    the cap cost quotes i've received have ranged from $35,000 to 34,300
    the various sales guys have mentioned the $1000 cash rebate as well as $700 hold back. I also think that the money factor is really high for january .0025 considering that one of the sales guys told me that last month for tier 1 credit, it was .0009!

    Hoping for new February Money Factor numbers!!!!!!
  • Honda Financing sets the Money Factor and Residuals? These are non-negotiable as i understand it.

    However, are the mileage allowances (10k vs. 12k) independent of the residual value?
    because i'm getting different residual quotes based solely on the mileage:
    i.e. for the 09 tl with tech, for 39 months - @ 10k mileage it is 59% residual and for 12k mileage it is 58% residual.

    Is this right? does honda financing set a residual based on a fixed mileage amount (15k). or am i getting screwed?

    just learning the facts... feedback is appreciated. i love this site. what great info to help us compare facts and offers.
  • mileage and residuals go hand in hand,the higher the mileage the lower the residuals.
  • Hey Acuratexan. The two most important variables to focus on when negotiating a lease are a vehicle's selling price and the money factor that is being used to calculate its monthly payment. These are dealers' two main profit centers on leases.

    The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Without this number, it is difficult to tell how much of a dealer discount you are being given. If I was in the market for a new TL right now, I personally would shoot for a selling price of a couple hundred dollars over dealer invoice minus the $500 dealer cash that is currently available on the base model.

    Once you have arrived at a selling price that you are comfortable with, have the dealer calculate your monthly payment using Honda Finance's buy rate lease money factor of .00250 (for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier).

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  • shyamyshyamy Posts: 23
    Hi folks,
    I have been following this forum for a few weeks now and have gained a lot from it!

    Had a basic question - apologise if it has been asked and answered before! :(

    When I go to a dealer to get a quote, he asks me for a credit check. If I do that, then how bad is the hit on my credit report? Is it better to do all the shopping just before buying? or can I keep checking out the new stuff and getting quotes all along and pull the trigger when I get a good deal? If each credit check is going to be a hit on my report, then are there any suggestions on how the experts in this forum go about it?

    I'm on the lookout for a new Acura but not really in need right now - however, happy to go for it if I get a good deal.
    Thanks for reading! Replies appreciated!

  • First off- no dealer should be checking your credit just for a quote on a price.
    The only time the dealer should check your credit is when you actually agree upon a price and a deposit is made with an application for credit.

    Word of advise- know your own credit score before you walk into any dealership, this way you better know what Tier you fall into in regards to getting a low APR for financing or a low lease rate money factor.
  • shyamyshyamy Posts: 23
    Thanks for the reply.

    When I went to the Acura dealership, the guy showed me a board which said they cannot quote any price till they check my credit!
    I know my own score and told him so but in reply he pointed to the board :)
    So I guess I should check out a few more dealerships around.
  • Walk away- there are other ways to get quotes- you can email several dealership in your area right here on Edmunds.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    The TL sales were down by 31.5% for January 2009, so hopefully they will make some adjustments to move this model from their inventory. I will also wait and see what they do to make this more attractive of a leasing arrangement.
  • Now that they are moving down on price, move the money factor back to .00165, this way units will move off the lots.
  • Car Man:

    Can you tell us the February 2009 money factors and residual values for a 2009 TL? The proposed lease is 39 months and 12K miles per year.

  • awd tech-.00265 58%
  • amy9amy9 Posts: 13
    Hi CarMan,

    Can you tell me the February MF and residual for a 2009 TL AWD Tech for 36 month lease and 15,000 miles?

    Also, is the $1000 Dealer Cash still active?

    How much over/under invoice would you shoot for on the capitalized cost?

    Thanks so Much!!!!!!!!! :)
  • First, thanks for all your work - it's been tremendously educational.

    I'm looking for an '09 TL with Nav/tech pkg. (Not SH-AWD).

    The local leasing outfits are offering 39 mo,10k mi/yr (which is plenty for me) $0 down for $455/month before NYS taxes, $504/month including taxes.

    (They're offering the base TL, same terms, for $399/mo).

    Is this reasonable, or should be negotiating with the local dealer?

    Thanks again.
  • How much Drive-Off does your deal for the 09 Tech non-AWD include? Because usually they say $0 down, and then start you at $2400 drive-off with a low monthly fee.

    If your deal is indeed $0 drive off/ $0 down and $455/month than that is a really great deal! The best deal i got a week ago was $1000 drive off/ 0 down, and $462 a month (w/o tax). Since the money factors;residuals stayed the same for February, not much has changed.... i'm still in a holding pattern until March numbers come out.
  • alliecat1: Exactly how does your $1000 drive-off break down?

    With my broker, the only Drive-Off fees are cost for plates and first month's lease payment.

    No security deposit, no cap-cost reduction. No bank charge - it's rolled into the lease payment.

    I think this is as close to $0 down as possible, no?
  • Bentdoc:
    The drive-off for the TL TECH (no awd) included: DMV reg fees, first month, and some other costs and fees. I didn't get a chance to really drill down to every $ yet because everytime i talk to a sales guy, they would give hedgy answers....they have no problem giving the sales price, $ down, and monthly. It is not until i start inquiring into residual values and money factors that the salemen i have been dealing with get a bit more sketchy. So, has been a bit more challenging getting full disclosure in all fees (i know for sure...acquisition fee:$695).

    Regardless, after running the basic numbers, i still think that $1000 dirve off and $460-ish a month was a great deal. But i'm still waiting another month to see if i could do a bit better.

    If your deal is $0 up front at all with that $462/month, that is a really good deal.

    Do you know what the sales price this is based on?

  • I just got a new quote from a local dealer - sale price $35k even (that's below invoice)
    same package as above (all taxes, bank and acq. fee included) - $510/month.

    Only initial fees are plates and 1st month lease payment.
  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    I got a quote for the same price in Feb. 35k for the TL TECH. I was waiting to see if they were going to drop the financing to 2.9 for 60 or offer more $$$. I think I could price it for a few hundred less at another dealership???
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