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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • Thanks...San Jose is a bit far for me, though. Who else did you get something in that range from?
  • jd25jd25 Posts: 43
    Hi Car_Man,

    What are the December buy rate lease money factor and residual for 2009 A4 quattro Premium Plus with S Line and metallic paint for 10K, 12K and 15K miles/yr?

  • While I know putting money down is a no no and a lease, this is the end game deal I got.

    2009 A4 2.0T Prem Plus, Met Grey Sedan
    Audi care
    12k / 36 months
    1st month payment made
    2k down total
    483.00 a month

  • jd25jd25 Posts: 43
    Hi Car_Man,

    Forgot to mention in my previous message, I'm looking for a 36 month lease.

  • jd25jd25 Posts: 43

    When I lease an Audi do I have to take my car for scheduled maintenance or Audi care services to the same dealer from whom I have leased the car?

  • jd25jd25 Posts: 43
    Hi Car_Man,

    Do I get a better money factor or residual if I get the Audi Care as part of the lease?

  • In case Car Man doesn't see this question, based on my research and shopping, getting Audi Care adds 1% to the residual. No change to the money factor...which currently is .00169 for Tier 1. So if you lease, Audi Care goes from $650 cost to ~$250 assuming the car is $40k.
  • you can take it to any dealer you'd like for service. and yes, audicare increases the residual by 1%, effectively lowering the cost by about $100 per $10K of the car's MSRP, as the above poster noted for a $40K car.
  • stumc1stumc1 32832Posts: 18
    Can anybody tell me what I can expect monthly for the following lease scenario?

    2009 A4 Premier Plus
    18K Miles Per Year
    36 Month Lease
    No Money Down...

  • With no options besides Premium Plus, I'd guess less than $500/month after tax and Audi pays the 1st month. My 09 A4 is Premium Plus + Navigation (10K miles, 36 months), and I pay $476/month.
  • stumc1 - if your $476 including tax? do you know what your Residual and money factor as well as the final price you negotiated the car for? thanks for your help!!
  • Yes, the $476 includes tax. The residual and money factor were the standard rates:
    57% (53% Premium Plus + 3% 10K miles + 1% AudiCare).
    December money factor was 0.00169.
    Price was about $35K which was $5K below MSRP or $2,100 below Edmund's invoice price. Audi paid for 1st month.
    This was a couple of weeks ago, so I'd imagine by now you could get a better deal since the economy has only gotten worse.
  • stumc1stumc1 32832Posts: 18
    Thanks man, that's a great deal you got! Where are you located?
  • Did you pay anything on top of $2100 off the invoice? Processing fees, advertising fees? Or was it just tax, tags and title? Thanks.
  • I'm in northern CA. I didn't pay a processing or advertising fee. I only paid TTL and AudiCare.
  • $2100 off the invoice price? did i read this correctly?
  • Did you turn in a lease on a 2007 Audi to qualify for loyalty money? Or was it a demo? If not then this price is low enough for many people to be incredulous.
  • This is my first Audi. It's brand new and not a demo.
    I'm surprised everyone else paid so much for their car. Other manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, and Infiniti are selling their cars for much less under invoice than Audi, so an Audi is not the best value. But after test driving several cars I liked the exterior and interior design of the A4 the best.
  • Dear Car_Man and others:

    Please give feedback:

    I have been reading the forum where many of you are saying you got up to $1000 below invoice. Here's what the dealer is quoting me:

    MSRP: $35,930 (inclu $625 destination charge)
    Selling price: $34,144.53
    Gov fees:$75.50
    DOC fee:$250
    Money factor:.00169
    Taxes: $1251.27
    (It appears to also include a $575 acquisition fee)

    Monthly payment: $526.04 ($around $499 before taxes)

    He says that I am receiving 2 $500 coupon rebates from Audi and $526.04 credit because of Audi covering the first month's lease payment. It seems to me that this $1000 should be taken off the capitalized cost and that the payment should be more around $470 ($500 with taxes) according to Car_Man's excel spreadsheet.

    He says he can't take the capital cost below $34,144 because it already takes into account the rebate that Audi is contributing. Shouldn't the cap cost be $33,144?

    NA_Mom (Ohio)
  • That dealer sounds dishonest. I wouldn't sign the lease. I agree with you that the cap cost should be $33,144. The MSRP on my 09 A4 was $40K and selling price was $35K and my payments are less than $500/month. Your payments look too high.
    Did you ask the dealer: Can you quote me a price? OR Can you beat this price ($2K under invoice)? I suggest asking the latter, b/c it's more effective. Tell the dealer what you want. Don't let him push you around.
  • has anyone heard of getting below invoice price in the NY/NJ area? This is to purchase, not lease. For an 09 Premium model with the ipod intergration I'm calculating this:

    invoice: $30,410
    dest. charge: $825
    meteor gray: $475
    ipod: $225
    warranty: $650
    total: $32,560

    with NY tax + 4.9% financing ($16K down) for 60 or 72 months I'm coming up with: $36,098.34 or $16K down $271 a month for 72 months.

    Are my #s accurate? Close?
  • Hello Car_Man,

    I need advice. I am about to pull the trigger on an Audi A4 Sedan with Premium Plus with 15k miles and 42 or 48 month lease. Would you happen to have the lease rates.

    The best I have been able to get is the following:
    Selling Price: 35095
    0 Money down
    Lease Term 42 month
    Residual: 48%
    MF: .00250

    Dealer just got back to me saying they needed to dump 60 cars by January 2nd.
    Knowing this could I do better?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  • Here is the deal i got for premium with heated seats, metallic paint, ipod, bluetooth - 440 per month + TTL. Calculating the TTL it looks like i will have to pay 2600 out of pocket. Is this a good price?
  • It looks like some parts of the country, Northern Cali in particular, are getting awesome deals. Here's what I've been quoted by the Western PA / Eastern OH dealers who are fairly consistent:

    A4 Prem Plus 2.0T
    36 mos / 15k miles (about $21 per month more than 12k miles)
    MSRP 37,925 - includes wood trim interior OR metallic paint $400 upgrade included, but not both... no navi
    $555 / month (including 9% PA lease tax) with $863 to $1,000 down (which includes first month's payment and all fees)

    price includes various coupons according to the dealer and they are selling me the car at invoice + $250 or so prior to the dealer coupon(s)

    maintenance plan adds ~ $10 / month

    FWIW - Lexus IS 250 AWD with similar options is ~ $520 / month with the same terms as above.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated... not sure how others are getting below $500 per month on this thread, unless those markets are getting better lease terms / rates from Audi.

  • jd25jd25 Posts: 43
    Does anyone know if the residual percentage is different in 2009 A4 FWD (will be out in Jan) and 2009 A4 quattro?

    One dealer is telling me that residual percentage is 3% less in FWD than a similarly equipped quattro (and as a result the monthly lease payment is only about $10 difference between FWD and quattro)? Is this true?

    I'm looking for A4 FWD premium plus with or without nav.
  • 09 Audi Fan -- can I ask what dealer you did your deal at? I am in the Bay Area. Thanks.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    it's cheaper to lease a quattro right now.

    there's not the lease support on the CVTs as the Quattros.
  • HI all, thanks for your help
    I have been to 1 dealer only and have only 2 days left to end of year deals. Dealer 1 gave me "Invoice" price for a lease. Can I do better? "how" much better?? I told them I saw up to 2k below on this forum and they said they wouldnt be in business.

    Also- I am confused as to the real residual values-- charts posted on various car forums list it a bit lower than what I see here. also- if you calculate sample lease from Audi website with their numbers in the Ad- it comes to a residual of about 58% for a 2.0 quattro- which is much higher than the published charts. I got a quote yesterday of a 55% residual for premium and 53% for prem plus for a 15k/36mo.

    Car-man- or anyone else-- can you provide any insight to the real #'s ?

    thanks SOOOO much-- hurry i only have 2 days left!! :)
  • urbanaudi,
    I am in the same predicament and I am hustling to get an Avant before Jan 2nd (though the 1st payment on a lease doesn't amount to too much). I am emailing dealerships and negotiating 2k below invoice for Prem Plus Avant! I know that sounds unrealistic but hey, you never know!

    Anyway, I am a noob when it comes to leases, and I gather from your post that I should inquire about the residual percentage. I thought that was fixed but apparently you are finding various numbers. Please share in this forum when you find the 'correct' number or score your new audi with all the details!
  • Hello, Urbanaudi -

    I just agreed on pricing on an Audi 2.0 Quattro premium package. I got slightly below dealer invoice. I then added on the Audi Care which was another $690. However, it also increases the Residual by 1%. The residual for a 36 mo with 15K miles is 55%. With the Audi Care, it is 56%. The MSRP on the car was $35440 (plus $690 for Audi Care). The Selling Price was $32910 (plus $690 for Audi Care). Then they added on $625 Acquisition Fee, Tax and Title. I live in Ohio so I'm not sure how these will translate to other parts of the country.

    I spoke to 4 different dealers and this was the best pricing I negotiated.

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