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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • jd25jd25 Posts: 43
    Hi car_Man,

    Forgot to mention, my previous question was with premium plus option.

  • boterobotero Posts: 4
    Hi there I'm getting this deal at the collection in Miami, I wouldlike to know your opinion...

    A4 2.0T Quattro 2009 Automatic
    · 17" six-spoke alloy wheels with all-season tires
    · Sunroof
    · Halogen headlamps
    · fog lamps
    · One-zone climate control
    · Power front seats with driver lumbar
    · Leather seating surfaces
    · Split folding rear seat back
    · Cruise control
    · Aluminum decorative inlays and door sill inserts
    · Four-spoke multifunction leather steering wheel
    · Audi Concert with color display screen and SIRIUS® satellite Radio
    · Audi sound system
    · Aux input
    · Alarm system
    · ESP®
    · Electromechanical parking brake
    · Tire pressure monitoring system
    · Space saver spare tire
    · Servotronic® steering
    -Roadside assistance 24 hours for 4 year or 50k miles,
    -Loaner car (every time you bring the car to maintenance at the collection)

    Lease for:

    36 Months

    12k per year

    $ 1400 at Signing (include tax, tag, registration, first month of the lease)

    Total Monthly payment $ 489* with approved credit

    I also looking for other brands and I know this is a Audi Forum but do you think you can help me with the Residual Value & Money Factor fro a BMW 328i

    Thanks for your help,
  • I am in Texas. And I have solid credit.
    Should I expect a dealership to honor (pass to me) the "buy rate" MF on a lease. My dealer told me that this was the rate that they pay to AFS -- and therefore NOT the rate that they can offer me (since they have to make money on the financing). Is this right?
    BTW: the purchase price of the vehicle has some profit in it, plus there's dealer prep fees and lease acquisition fees etc. etc. etc. Plus 3 years worth of warrantly repair work, etc. I would think that there is plenty of profit all over the transaction.
    Any advice appreciated.
  • Oops. Also meant to ask: What is the acquisition fee that I should expect. $695?
  • You're very welcome, amitvisual. I'm glad that you enjoy this forum so much. Here's the information that you're looking for. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 A4 2.0T Sedan Premium with quattro and 12,000 miles per year are .00127 and 54%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of an '09 A4 2.0T Sedan Premium Plus are .00127 and 52%.

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  • Hi lch77. I don't remember why the lease programs for these two cars were so different, but I have the latest info for you if you're interested. I posted the numbers for both the Premium and Premium plus in my previous message.

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  • You're very welcome, jd25. Here is the latest. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 A4 2.0T Sedan Premium Plus with quattro and 15,000 miles per year are .00127 and 50%, respectively. The residual value for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year would eb 2% higher. The resid for a 10k lease would be 3% higher (than the 15k, not the 12k).

    The numbers for the non-quattro A4 are out now. Its 36 / 15k numbers for an '09 A4 2.0T Sedan Premium Plus FWD are .00133 and 49%.

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  • Hi botero. The best way to evaluate this deal is to look at what this car's selling price is in relation to its MSRP or its dealer invoice price. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Without this number, it is difficult to tell how much of a dealer discount you are being given. Let us know what these numbers are and I am sure that either myself or another knowledgeable community member will be happy to give you their opinion of this deal.

    As far as the BMW program goes, BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 328i with 15,000 miles per year are .00175 and 57, respectively.

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  • Hi whichluxurycar. While dealers certainly are allowed to mark vehicles' money factors up, savvy consumers who are in an area that has a decent level of competition are usually able to get dealers to use vehicles' buy rates to calculate their lease payments.

    Of course, there may not be that many Audi dealers in your section of Texas. If this dealer is the only game in town so to speak, this reduces your leverage in negotiations. That is somewhat offset by the fact that the market for new vehicles is so terrible right now that most dealers are desperate for deals.

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  • Do you know what the interest rate is on the 3 year balloon loan option in Illinois that looks like a lease (monthly payments, residual value, 36 month term, etc) but instead of having to pay off the balloon amount, you can turn the car back in. I'm also wondering if the residual values are the same as for a regular lease?
  • boterobotero Posts: 4

    Thanks for your answer the MSRP for this Car will be USD$34.405.

    If have gone to another dealer and I got the same model but with the standard color (Black) as folllows:

    MSRP - USD$32.815
    R. Value - 54%
    MF - 0.00165
    Payments - USD$450 + Tax (7%).

    Thanks again and await your important comments
  • Hi CarMan. I'm in Los Angeles and am looking at an A4 Wagon ( i haven' seen a lot of posts for wagons). it's dakar beige premium plus. sticker price $46k or so. is residual value still 52%. I'm figuring if I can negotiate the sales price to $44k or so. With $3500 down I should be able to get a monthly payment of around $525 plus tax-assuming your .00202 money factor/4.9%. What do you think? Thanks for any and all info you have regarding this and A4 wagon with premium packages (not premium plus). And, what kind of acquisition fees should i expect? Thanks so much.
  • Here in NorCal we're seeing deals below invoice, so you should be able to get the same in LA, otherwise spend $100 on a 1-way ticket and pick it up here :)
  • Can you provide the residual % and money factor.

    MSRP $34990
    CC hoping to pay $33500
    invoice about $33812

    36 mo.
    10000 miles/yr

    Thank you!
  • Hi CarMan, I too am looking for an A4 Avant. Ideally I'd like to get the S-line package that comes with the 19" rims but after talking to a couple of dealers it seems that you can only get the S-line package on the prestige model. I did the price on Edmunds for invoice and it came out to 43,254. That said, one dealer told me the residual is worse on the prestige model than it is with the premium plus. So now I'm thinking of just getting the premium with sport package and getting my own 19" rims. (About 38k without the cost of the rims)

    Here's what I'd like to pay. Let me know if you have any advice..

    3,500 Drive Off
    450 / Month with tax

    Also, I'm in Los Angeles so I'm not sure if that will make a difference or not.

  • I believe Audi's loyalty program expired at the beginning of the month. Are they offering any current loyalty program? How often do they tend to offer bonuses? My Premier Purchase matures in early April so I'm starting to think about what to do.
  • Looking to find MF, Residual, and Cap Cost red ? for the above for January..

    Also.. by chance can anyone explain Cap Cost to me.. looking to lease 12k/yr, 36 mos, nothing down.. roll in taxes in NYS

    Found a great calculator online to find the price i want.. but not sure what cap cost means.. also .. how can i find INVOICE ?

    MSRP on the car i believe is 36,700

  • hi amitvisual,

    i'm also in the bay area currently deciding between an audi a4 and an mb c300 sport. which norcal audi dealers have you heard are going below invoice?

  • Try Elk Grove Audi - talk to Ty in sales.
  • Looking to lease 2009 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro, got this numbers from dealership in naperville, IL. How do I figure out the cap cost (priced at which dealer is selling the car) from these numbers?

    MSRP: $34,265
    Residual: $19188
    Downpayment: $5500 (includes taxes which are 7.25%)
    Term: 36monts
    Miles: 10,000
    Monthly Payment: $388 (If downpayment of $5500 is rolled into lease then its $498)

    Any dealer offering this car below invoice in IL?
  • I got these at continental audi of naperville. (not too customer friendly), any better dealer's you have good experience with?
  • Hi ChitownDAG. I suspect that Audi Financial Services' residual values for balloon notes are the same as its residuals for leases, but I am not 100% positive that this is the case. Given their lack of popularity I do not personally keep tabs on the details of balloon note programs. Sorry that I could not be of more help.

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  • You're welcome, botero. This car's selling price is different than its MSRP. Remember that the selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. It's great that you know this car's MSRP, but that's not the most important number. You can look up the MSRP anywhere. You need to find out what price the dealer is actually charging you for this car. If you tell us what the selling price is, we can give you our opinions on how good a deal you are getting.

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  • Hi hofhofhof. The A4 Avant that you are interested in probably has a spread of around $2,800 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. The $44,000 that you mentioned would probably be around $800 over invoice, which isn't bad.

    Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor for a 36 month lease of an '09 A4 Avant is .00162. Make sure that the dealer uses this factor to calculate your vehicle's payment.

    I see that you are considering making a $3,500 down payment on your lease. I always advise community members not to make large down payments on leases. Those who make them risk losing part or all of them if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered. Even though it means that your monthly payment will be higher, you would be better off going with a zero down lease.

    I believe that Audi Financial Services charges a $575 acquisition fee on leases.

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  • Hi pinerivergal. I oonly personally keep tabs on new vehicle leases, not Pre-Owned leases. Sorry that I could not be of more help.

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  • Hi chisoxindc. Audi is running a loyalty promotion on the A4 this month. Current Audi Financial Services customers will receive a $1,500 cash incentive if they finance or $750 if they lease a new '09 A4 through AFS.

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  • Hopefully this post is within the context of the forum.
    I plan on leasing an Audi A4 in the Iowa area, but there is a chance of me moving out of state during the lease period. I can't seem to find an answer to this question: Does Audi Financial Services let you move out of state with a lease? Everyone I ask, including the dealer, says they "should" allow it. But, I don't want to end up screwing myself over.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,568
    Moving to a different state shouldn't be a problem... but, what you should be worried about are sales tax issues...

    I'm not sure how the lease tax is handled in Iowa, but if you are in a state where you pay the tax upfront, then move to a state where you are taxed monthly on the payment, then your payment may go up...

    Actually, it could be a problem, either way... Do you know what state you might be moving to?

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  • My local dealer is quoting a .00142 money rate instead of .00127 for 10k, 36month A4. He said Audi adds .00015 to "cover the security deposit" since I am not a returning customer. I asked exactly what this means and he replied the security deposit covers the first payment, so that's what the extra .00015 is for.

    Does that make sense or am I being taken advantage of here?

  • As follow up to my post above, I am considering the prestige package, and he quotes 36month residual of 50%, and says it is 53% for premium plus. Is the 50% accurate.

    Thanks much.
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