How to get BMW to reconsider end of lease charges?

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We leased a Demo model of the i3 two years ago. Just returned the car a couple of wks ago. We got a bill in the mail for over $700. For excess wear on tires.

We tried to reason with the BMW Financial services rep about the wear on the tires was not caused by us since we had to stop driving the car 3 months earlier because the tires were starting to show bulges on the side walls of at least 2 of the tires. And by the way this is not one of those cars that you can "burn rubber or aggressively take corners" which would normally lead to excess wear on tires.

I fully understand the contractual basis for the charges but knowing that they leased a car used as a demo (we all know how people drive demo cars at dealerships) and combined with the fact that normal tires don't show bulging, is it wrong to ask them to reconsider those charges based on extenuating circumstances?


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    Tires are your responsibility as a lessee.
    The contract is all that matters.

    It never hurts to ask, but your reasons aren't likely to sway them.

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