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Audi TT Lease Questions

CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
edited May 2015 in Audi
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    max19max19 Member Posts: 22
    msrp of 40720 2005 Audi TT 1.8T 225 HP.

    I will like to know how much is the money factor, and residual for a 48 month lease.

    If you can throw in a estimated payment will be great.

    Thanks Car Man
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    CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Here is the information that you are looking for max19. If you were to lease a 2005 Audi TT 1.8T 225 HP coupe through Audi Financial Services right now for 48 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be a horrendous .00305 and 38%, respectively. As you can see, this is not a very good time to lease this car. You would be better off financing it. When you negotiate your deal, make sure to take the $1,500 dealer cash that is available on '05 TTs into account.

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    lbh2315lbh2315 Member Posts: 6
    Well I guess I will be the first to list my deal on the NEW TT Roadster! Here is my deal, CarMan (an others), please comment when you have some time.

    2008 Audi TT Roadster 2.0 TFSI
    Brilliant Black with Limestone Gray Leather/Alcantara
    Premium Package
    Bose Surround Sound
    Audi Navigation Plus
    Bi-xenon adaptive headlights
    18 inch 7 arm alloy wheels with Z rated tires
    Bluetooth cell phone prep

    MSRP with destination = $45,570
    Agreed sale price = $43,776 (4% off MSRP)
    Residual = 57%
    Term = 36 months
    Mileage: 12K/year
    Money Factor = .00240 (didn't think a car this new and this hot would have a very good money factor - and it didn't, although not horrible, i.e. Porsche)

    Drive off is $3K, which includes $700 to the state of Arizona for plates and gov't fees, $575 for acquisition fee, $388 for doc fee and $1337 cap cost reduction.

    Total monthly is $696/mo.

    Any advice. Great deal? I think not. Bad deal? I think not. I look at it as being the best I could do under the circumstances. The new TT roadster is not even out yet, waiting lists exist and the car has been getting rave reviews - so I was surprised to finally find a dealer who would give me 4% off - most told me 1% off tops! So, why do I feel like it is not a good deal???? Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions from anyone......
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    CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Congratulations on your new Audi TT, lbh2315. I've always liked this car and the 2008 model is even better than the previous generation was. The '08 TT roadster is supposedly more rigid than the old coupe was.

    It looks like the dealer that you got your TT from marked up its money factor a little bit to add additional profit to your deal. Audi Financial Services' March buy rate lease money factor for a 36 month lease of an '08 TT 2.0T roadster is only .00190 (.00015 higher with the security deposit waived). Having said this, the $1,800 discount that you were quoted seems pretty reasonable for a redesigned model that was just introduced. Overall, I'd say that this isn't a bad deal for such a new car.

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    nyaudimenyaudime Member Posts: 8
    What are the money factor and residual rates for a 24 month lease with 10K and also with 12K miles for the 2008 TT? Thanks.
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    wvbobwvbob Member Posts: 13
    So far this year I have attacked the same Dealer for a '07 Jetta Wolfsburg, '07 Passat Wolfsburg both for my daughter's Now Dad is interested in leasing a '08 TT.
    What are the MF and RV's for 36/48/60 months, 10k miles. If numbers crunch correct I'm taking the chain saw to the dealer and cut a deal! My interest's align with the 2.0T w premimum pkg/heated seats/AUTO/xeon lights/power roof. I guess I must be getting soft in my older years! Any suggestions for options or approaches to reduce the cost's. I feel I hammered the dealer fairly well for the two VW's, based on what I have read in the respective forums. Not certain he'll move as far this time of year and this vehicle!
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    driver27driver27 Member Posts: 1
    Greetings. I am new to this site and to the leasing process. I have always bought cars for cash. I am going to try to lease a new Audi TT (not sure whether it will be a convertible or a coupe). I would appreciate any advice on the specifics of lease terms that may be available for the new TT. I live in the Washington DC area and have some flexibility as to where I purchase the car. Depending on the lease terms, I might prefer to buy the vehicle, so any advice on what kind of a purchase deal I could get would also be appreciated. I would imagine that Audi would like to get some of these cars out on the road, and that with the end of the month coming up there might be some flexiblilty on price. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    av8trisav8tris Member Posts: 1
    I am interested in leasing or the premium ownership program on an A4 3.0 conv with heated sports seats, blue tooth, nav, and thats it. What have been your purchasing experiences with the lease for premium ownership? How much have the dealers been neg?
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    floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    You did not do badly on your lease... I got a similar option package without Nav and Bluetooth, but got the Sirius radio and baseball optic stitching, so our bottom lines are similar. Mine, very quickly, is $4,000 down for inceptions and cost cap... $660 per month on a 24-month lease. I thought it was a little high, but it compared favorably to my 2003 Jaguar S-Type.
    The money factors are not as good as when we leased my wife's 2006 A6, and I guess there is a premium to be paid to be one of the first to have the automobile.
    I ordered the car on May 1st and my salesman says I should have it early to mid-July. From what you heard about waiting lists, does that sound reasonable? As you did, I also got $1,800 off of sticker... about 4%.
    In south Florida it is difficult to get a deal on any newly released car. You certainly pay a premium to be the first on your block, but with this shape and performance, I think it's worth it.
    Best of luck with your vehicle and many safe and exciting miles.
    :shades: ;);) :shades:
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    floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    All prospective purchasers: Please note that the $1,000 Bose system is not a surround sound system on the TT. I tried it out on the showroom floor and one writer said it needed a little more bass, which I do agree with, so I plan on doing a little upgrading of the system with a sub-woofer and possibly a couple of nice Polk Audio rounds in the kick panels.

    The Bose radio does come with the Audiopilot, which monitors ambient noise in the cockpit and compensates with more volume when there is more noise intruding in the cockpit.

    Also, the system is rated at 255 watts and I believe it has 11 speakers.

    ;);) :shades: ;);)
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    bmwt23bmwt23 Member Posts: 1
    Im currently trying to decide Whats better to either lease or buy the car. Typically I hate the fact of buying because I have bought a new car every 1-2 years. But In the long run is it better ot hold on or finance the Audi TT ? basicall i wanna know a comparison with OTD prices thanks in advance
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    floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    BMWT23, I may be the wrong guy to ask this question to. Since I have an investment fund that generates a good return, I never take out principal from it, so I definitely always lease. I also try to put down the least money for inceptions, and sometimes roll that into the leasing number.

    Also, the $45,000 sticker price would make me shudder a bit if I had to come up with it to own the car. I would suggest you ask your accountant the question and see what he says.

    This time I am leasing for 24 months, being that the automotive industry is changing their models to more modern offerings with sleeker body styles and high-performance and technology at the forefront.

    Whatever your final choice, good luck and many happy and safe miles ahead.

    :shades: ;) :shades:
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    417dragonfly417dragonfly Member Posts: 1
    it sounds like you got a pretty decent deal. i have a 2003 audi tt coupe with a lease expiring august 2007. im interested in leasing a 2008 tt 3.2...since it is more or less custom made, did you feel like you had much leverage to negotiate? i am not sure how to approach bargaining in this scenario as i am also pretty specific as to what i want. any advice would be much appreciated!
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    floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    Make sure the dealership takes at least 1800-2000 off of the MSRP, and bases the lease on the number you come up with. I am paying a fairly high monthly number...$660 + 4000 down... but I am waiting for a used R8 down the road a bit. I am going against my usual strategy in leasing and putting more down than I normally do. But lately I have been getting bored with my cars sooner than normal.... maybe it's my age... 57.

    It is also a fact that Audi is hitting record numbers of sales with their cars now, so maybe that will be impetus for the salesmen and dealerships to make some good deals, so as to keep them on a roll. Good luck, and keep me possted.
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    howardchenhowardchen Member Posts: 6
    Audi's website has this deal link

    2008 TT Coupe 2.0T
    $429 per month
    36-month lease*
    Down payment $2,500
    Security deposit $450
    Acquisition fee $575
    First month payment $429
    Amount due at lease inception $3,954

    Excludes taxes, title and dealer fees. See dealer for details.

    *36-month closed-end leases Lessee responsible for $0.25/mile over 10,000 miles per year and a disposition fee of $350 due at lease end. Rate based on $37,725 MSRP of 2008 TT Coupe 2.0T, Auto S tronic FWD, Premium Package, Destination charge. Purchase option at lease end for $22,257.75. See dealer for details.
    ">link title
    Is this a good deal?
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    lpulpu Member Posts: 1
    Hmmm.... I spoke to a dealership.
    For this deal, each $1,000 of options would add $30 to the month payment and $$$ for 15 miles, and tax & fees would push it to over $600.
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    kenmorekenmore Member Posts: 5
    audi 3.2 TT Quattro
    18" 10 spoke rims

    MSRP: 44575
    Offered Sale Price: 43000

    No money down.
    2205 for fees
    730.88/mo x 36 months

    this comes to total of 26,311
    depreciation = 21,396

    difference= 26,311-21,396 = 4915
    subtract tax from the difference: 4915-1315= 3599

    So the dealer makes 3599 off this lease. they tell me invoice is 41K so if i bought the car, they would profit 2000. by leasing they make 1599 more over the 3 years.

    is this a good deal?
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 239,329
    The extra $3599 in your calculation is finance charges.. The equivalent of interest on a car loan. That is revenue to the finance company to compensate them for providing the money to buy the car from the dealership.

    The dealership might get a small commission for selling the lease for the leasing company, but that is no different than if they provided bank financing.

    That $3599 isn't profit for the dealership.


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    nikminnikmin Member Posts: 9
    Last night - drove off a red TT 2.0 Coupe (wife's choice) - in San Jose, CA - with the price below:
    MSRP - $43675 (incl. destination of $775)
    Invoice - $40673
    Price negotiated - $40173 ($500 under invoice)

    Chose the audi 36 month lease offer with the cap cost starting at the above negotiated price:
    Total cash Paid - $4725
    (Cap down $2425 + Acq. fee + 1st month + lic. reg. etc.)
    Monthly lease of $500 (includes CA sales taxes of $38 :( )
    Includes - Audi care maintenance for full term of lease
    (The money factor is 0.00145 & residual value - $24895 57% of MSRP - for those who care about this)
    Bottomline for 3 years - total of all payments (including taxes, down payments & all) = $22566 That is a monthly rate of $626 (with only fuel to add :) )

    I felt I did okay on this - any opinions? Looking at the number of viewers on this forum, I don't expect many responses, but hope this helps someone who is looking into one.
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    deropusderopus Member Posts: 36
    It sounds like a great deal :shades: What is the annual mileage allowance for your lease?
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    joshknotjoshknot Member Posts: 20
    I'm surprised there hasn't been more interest in the TT lease program- last post over a month ago?

    Carman or anyone else, can you please provide the residual and money factor for either the current October or November (if applicable at the time of response) program for a 24 and 36 month lease, each with 15k miles per year?

    Thanks a lot!
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    jcpmiamijcpmiami Member Posts: 4
    I just put a deposit down on a new Audit TT 3.2 Roadster fully loaded, nav system, enhanced interior with fine nappa leather, iPod interface, xenon lights, sports suspension,blue tooth, 18" wheels and more.

    The car will be available in a few days so I haven't signed any of the paperwork. I have been told that the monthly lease payment of 36 months with $2100 inception costs (includes first payment), 10000 miles will be $840. The price of the vehicle has been coded at $57,500, which again is fully, fully loaded. This is the only vehicle currently available in the color that I like and the options that I wanted. Granted, there are a couple of options in it that I could probably do away with.

    Does this sound right? Audi TTs should have a high residual value (57-58%) and the money factor should be at or below .0020 given the low interest rates in the market and my excellent credit score. Seems to me that they could probably bring it down another $40-$50 per month, at the very least.

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    ttman2bttman2b Member Posts: 1

    Am looking at a lease on the 2008 TT 3.2 quattro coupe (6sp), 15K, 36 month with 18" wheels, Ipod interface and premium sound. Lease with only inception fees (including 1st month payment) due at signing - $1,651. Monthly payments are $625 including tax. Money factor is .00024. I believe it's about $1,700 below MSRP and Audi care inlcuded.

    Should I pull the trigger on this deal?

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    drpirritanodrpirritano Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the difference between the residual values for a TT coupe versus the roadster? I currently have the 1st generation roadster and would like to lease a 2008, but keeping my increase in my monthly payment is currently first and foremost (if the amount is significant). I purchased my first one, so leasing is new to me! Thanks for your input!
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    jcpmiamijcpmiami Member Posts: 4
    The residual value for the Roadster on a 3-year lease (and I just got one a week ago) is 53%, which sucks compared to the competition. I am used to having residual values of 58%+. I was shown the sheets by the dealer and noticed that Audi Financial has the highest at 53%. Banks, such as US Bank, has the residual value for the same vehicle between 51%-52%. The money factor is very low, though. I believe mine was about .0005 or 1.2% APR.
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    jcpmiamijcpmiami Member Posts: 4
    Does it have premium package, navigation system, bluetooth, magnetic suspension, enhanced fine nappa leather interior etc?

    It sounds like a decent offer. I just got a fully loaded (nothing else to add) Roadster 3.2 for $2100 due at signing. My payments is just under $900, including maintenance and a couple of other programs. The money factor you quoted seems high. My money factor was 0.0005 or 1.2% APR. The residual value, though, was horrible at 53%.
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    kperesskperess Member Posts: 29
    Have an opportunity to lease a 2.0 TT that has been used by the dealer as a loaner for TT owners. The car was put into service in April or June of 07, has 4,000 miles on it and will be sold/leased as a certified vehicle (don't know if it has been registered by the dealer though).

    My question is this -- when computing the residual my understanding is that part of the calculation includes the MSRP -- is this still the case for a car like this? The MSRP on this vehicle is $41450 (that includes delivery) but I may be able to get it for around $35000 (or less) -- should this amount ($35,000) be considered the MSRP and the one that the residual is calculated with? Resideual will probalby be 55% of the figure.

    BTW the details on the car are:

    2.0 premium TT S-tronic
    metallic paint
    blue tooth and IPOD
    upgraded sound
    upgraded wheels and run flat tires

    I think that they will be using the current lease program to work the deal.

    Thanks, in advance for any advice.
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    dorkbranddorkbrand Member Posts: 6
    I'm going to be leasing a TT coupe with s line here in Southern California. I really can't decide between white or silver. If anyone has thoughts with reasons I would love to hear them.

    Also I will be going in this weekend to haggle the price down.

    I'm looking at this:

    S Line
    Premium Pkg
    Bose Premium Sound
    Sat Nav with iPod

    MSRP from dealer: $44,925.00

    Invoice according to Edmunds: $41,835

    What my lease will be: 36 months, 15K miles/yr, $3,000 down

    I would like the monthly payments to be around $450
    Is that reasonable? Too high, too low? What is a good
    asking price I should go in to the dealer with. As with
    anyone I'm looking for the best deal.

    note: according to audi's website the special lease deal:
    $399* lease per month for 36 months
    Now through July 2, 2008

    Down payment: $2,999
    Refundable security deposit: $400
    Acquisition fee: $575
    First month's payment: $399
    Amount due at lease inception: $4,373
    Excludes taxes, title and dealer fees
    10,000 miles/yr

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    tinttintinttin Member Posts: 4
    Does anyone have an idea what credit score range is acceptable to qualify for Audi's special leasing offers?
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    reality2reality2 Member Posts: 303
    Hi Dorkbrand,

    I am very curious about that lease deal. I am highly interested in leasing a TT Premium 2.0T exactly like the one you mention. In Ibis White as a matter of fact. My dealer has one but is quoting me $1900.00 down with $641.00 per month x 48 months at around $45,000. Seems high to me. Do you have any further info on that lease deal on TTs?
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    dorkbranddorkbrand Member Posts: 6

    So I just got the silver tt roadster last month. The price of the car was much higher than I had expected ($47,300 sticker). However after going back and forth with two dealers and I got one of the dealers to give me the car for $3,000 down, $505 a month includes tax, 12k a year. 36 months lease. I would say I got a really fantastic deal, but I'm sure you can get close by just shopping around.

    Does anyone know about the details of getting out of a brand new lease? Unfortunately I'm actually looking to get out of this lease to get an A5. So soon, I know. Sorry for the plug but if anyone is looking for a fully loaded TT roadster silver. Only $505 a month including tax! I'll probably list it on www.leasetrader.com soon.
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    tinttintinttin Member Posts: 4
    Hi dorkbrand,

    I don't know the exact details of taking over a lease; just that it's definitely possible. There are costs associated for the actual transfer, and all the paperwork to transfer the lease is taken care of by the leasing company. If you visit the leasetrader website, they have an overview of how the process goes.

    Are you in Southern California, by any chance? And is it a 2008? If so, I may take you up on the lease transfer. Let me know if you still want to do it.
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    dorkbranddorkbrand Member Posts: 6
    It is a 2008. I've had it for one month. I'm in the los angeles/ Pasadena area.

    If you're interested please let me know and we can work out the details.
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    tinttintinttin Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply, dorkbrand. You're about half an hour away from me. I actually went to CarMax today to get my car appraised, but their offer was lower than what I owe. Otherwise, I really would have loved to take over your lease. I can probably sell my car to a private party for a better price, but it may not be fast enough for you. If you'd like to continue this conversation off the boards, send me an email at ttintin80@hotmail.com. Either way, best of luck to you!
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    narcolonarcolo Member Posts: 4

    I am in the LA area, interested in assuming your lease on the TT. If it is still available please contact me @ rng242003 at yahoo.com

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    britcrlvrbritcrlvr Member Posts: 83
    all of those looking for 2.0 TFSI Coupe in California particularly LA Region, fully loaded car navi, enhanced interior package, magnetic suspension, etc, car should be 40000 not including Tax title and license. Purchasing mine from santa barbra audi and he agreed to 40K but more importantly Rusnak would have met this number and la people no rusnak is notorious for orvercharging.
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    narcolonarcolo Member Posts: 4

    What is the actual MSRP on the TT you picked up?

    Best offer i've gotten is...

    TT Roadster S-Tronic
    Ibis White/Crimson Red
    18" Wheels
    Bi-Xenon Headlights
    Premium Pkg
    Exclusive line
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    britcrlvrbritcrlvr Member Posts: 83
    Picking up my Audi from Santa Monica Audi tomorrow, black exterior red interior, and fully loaded, 40K. Rusnak would have sold for 40K had I not contacted audi of Santa Monica first, tells me that offering 39K for the car would be okay.
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    britcrlvrbritcrlvr Member Posts: 83
    enhanced interior package
    18 inch wheels
    premium package
    2.0 TFsI coupe

    anyone who tells you that there is a significant difference in performance between the 2 and 3.2 liter engine is lying to you, better mpg with the the 2 litre and the fact is that as gas prices go up the 2 litres engine is beter. Finally, expect audi dealerships to order more 2 litres and less 3.2

    i paid 40 k
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    amirextamirext Member Posts: 1
    hi dorkbrand:

    do u still have ur tt and want to transfer the lease?
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    dorkbranddorkbrand Member Posts: 6
    yes and I've listed it on swapalease.com but for some reason they upped the monthly payments.
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    raunenraunen Member Posts: 3

    Anyone lease an 09 yet?

    I have the following terms that I'm looking to compare. I'm near NYC.

    09 TT 2.0 Quattro Roadster
    Premium Plus
    18" Wheels
    Heated Seats

    MSRP: 44770
    Sell Price: 42085
    Money Factor: 0.00123
    Residual: 55%
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    eights38eights38 Member Posts: 145
    raunen - The numbers look right for a 36 month, 12k mile per year lease from Audi Financial. The payment should be around $647 + tax + inceptions.

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    dorkbranddorkbrand Member Posts: 6
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    jack1784jack1784 Member Posts: 3
    Please help with the following if you can:

    money factor and residual on:

    09-TT Quattro/6 speed automatic, 2.0 engine


    09-TT Quattro/6 speed automatic, 3.2 engine

    36 months or best term available.

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    CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi Jack. Here's the info that you're looking for. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Audi TT Coupe Premium with quattro and 15,000 miles per year are .00255 and 50%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of an '009 TT Coupe 3.2 Premium Plus are .00221 and 48%.

    Audi is providing a $1,000 cash incentive on these cars for current AFS lessees who lease a new one.

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    newtobmw18newtobmw18 Member Posts: 4
    I"m going in today to sign the papers for my new car :)

    2009 TT Coupe 2.0T Frontrak
    Tech Package
    Xenon Headlights
    18" 10 Spoke Wheels

    $37850 MSRP
    $27944 Lease sell price
    36 month lease
    12k miles per year
    Total to start: $1k
    Monthly Payment: $450 including tax.

    Sounds good??? Thanks for the help Carman!
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    kyrogokyrogo Member Posts: 4
    How did you get the sale price so low? I'm looking to lease an '09 TT as well, and they won't even come close to that #...
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    jacksdadjacksdad Member Posts: 9
    hi carman,
    can you tell me what the 36 month, 10k/year lease for a 2010 Audi TTS Premium with a MSRP of 47,710?

    Do you know if/whether dealers are negotiating much off MSRP?
    Thank you
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    CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi jacksdad. Here's the info that you're looking for. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 TTS Coupe 2.0 Premium with 10,000 miles per year are .00166 and 53%, respectively.

    Unfortunately, I am not all that familiar with what the market is like for this car right now.

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