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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    have you checked out audi A4 quatro's. They seem to be dealing. May not be your drug of choice though the both are euro's. You beemer addicts [bless your hearts] are hopelessly hooked.
  • $3800 down
    Metallic Black with Leather
    Premium Package
    Sports Package
    Ipod Interface
    heated seats
    xenon lamps
    $523 a month for 10K miles and 36 month lease
    Car was stickered at about $55250

    Did I get a good deal?
  • Hi,

    I am new to this forum, but have learned a lot from reading all the advise and entries. I am looking to lease my first BMW and hoping to get a great deal on a 2008 528i. I have recently requested a quote from a dealer and this is what I got:

    2008 528i
    Premium Pck
    Sports Pck
    Xenon lights
    Nav system
    MSRP $53,275 - Includes $775 destination charge
    Selling Price $48460
    Edmunds True Market Value is $49672
    Invoice $49505

    as you can see the price they quoted me is below TMVand invoice, but since this is their first quote I assume I can get an even better price. If so, how much of a discount should I try to negotiate?

    Look forward to your advice.
  • I am looking for Money Factor and Residual for a 2008 528i 10k 36 months. I am a BMW returning lessee. I am looking for Dec, and Jan if it is known. Thanks in advance. (I am looking to pick up a car this weekend) Los Gatos CA :)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Email this deal to every bmw dealer within 2-300 miles from where you live and see if anyone does better. Problem of course is 08 supplies vary but nothing much to lose.
  • Hi Car man,
    I need this same info. for Dec.
    Thanks in advance
  • So I just leased my first car and I was wondering if I got screwed or not. Here it goes:

    2008 535i Factory DEMO with 3000 mi on it
    MSRP: 59125.00
    Cold Weather
    Shift Paddles
    Fold down rear seats
    Park Distance
    Dakota Leather

    The deal ended up as 343.23 per month including taxes with 5500 down. It was a 36/10000 lease. So was this a good deal???
  • Just curious, what was the final sales price and what is the tax rate at where you live ?
  • Hii,

    I test drove a 2008 535i, executive demo with 1500 miles. This car has Premium Package, Cold Weather Package, Sport Package, Bamboo Anthracite Wood Trim, iPod Adapter, Xenon Headlights, Power Rear Sunshade, Satellite Radio Prep, PDC, black leather. The lease offer is -

    36 months/10k
    MF .00071 (with 7 muliple security deposits $4400)
    $550 per month (plus tax)
    $490 (DMV fees, NJ luxury tax)
    $1075 (Bank fee plus Doc. fee)
    $1455 (Total upfront Sales Tax or can be rolled over)
    Total down $7950 (includes 1st month payment, MSDs, sales tax, DMV and bank fee).

    Is this is good deal.
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 152
    you left out captialized cost that you are paying.That is needed to correctly figure the price of the lease. Also the MSRP is also needed. You don't mention those important two numbers. Also, don't pay sales tax upfront. If your car is totaled for some reason, you are out of that money.
  • The cap cost is $51750 and residual is 58% ($33845). The price listed on dealers website is $54995 (the actual MSRP for this configuration is approx. 58.5k). I have always bought my previous cars and this is my first experience negotiating a lease. Thanks for pointing out to roll sales tax into monthly payments. Also, what happens to MSDs if he car is totalled.

    I am also visiting other dealers tomorrow to check the deals on leftover 08 535i (new) to compare.

  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Let me understand this. Do you mean to tell me that with a lease, you put down $7950, and you don't OWN THE CAR at the end of the procedure??? Why would someone do that? Boy, there's some people out there with some serious money, is all I can say about that.
  • $7950 includes 1st payment, upfront sales tax (which I plan to roll into monthly payment instead of paying upfront), acquisition fee, DMV fee and $4400 multiple security deposits which are refunded at the end of the lease. MSDs lower the money factor and in my case will reduce the monthly payment by $40. Thats a savings of $480 per year and $1440 in 3 years. That's more than 10% return on money.
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 152
    You get your MSD's back if car is unfortunately totaled.
  • Greetings. I'm looking for some feedback regarding a lease opportunity I have. Comments are greatly appreciated as I am new to the lease world.

    2006 530i w/ 20k (employee lease return) Sport/premium/heated seats - great condition with 2 years left on warranty

    price 26500
    residual 16960 (64%)
    MF = .00315
    cap reduction $1000
    all fees 1000
    payment $569
    2 year/10k per year term

    This is through a friend of a friend at our local BMW dealer.

    Thanks for your input

  • I just did my first lease on an "employee return", which i now know BMW calls "MSO", a factory employee from Spartainburg, SC or a BMW executive drives it and returns it with less than 15K miles. Usually it has to be leased after a return within the model year. I just got mine 2 weeks ago. If I am reading your post correctly, your initial payment will be 2569? is the 569/mo before taxes? I just leased an '08 535i premium/sport (htd seats, xenons, blue tooth, parking sensors) "employee return" for 12K/yr for 36 mos. I put $2500 down and I pay $599 a month. Plus the car was CPOed by BMW USA so it is worth more to me in the end if I chose to keep the car. I would keep look around a little more. there is a BIG difference between an '06 530 and an '08 535 (3.0 twin turbo) in terms of performance. I posted a question like this about a month ago on this website and never got a response or feedback. After extensive research I have learned a lot and I hope I can pass on some of the information I have learned.
  • Thanks for the info on your lease. I feel like my lease offer is not the best but might be a better purchase if I could get it CPO'd.

    My total monthly payment with taxes would be 569 and my initial out of pocket would be 1431.

    Now for a total newbie question: the residual value I am quoted - will that be the price I have to pay at the end of the lease if I want to purchase? Is there a chance they would push that higher? They did mention that depending on BMW's assessment, the number could be lower but no higher.

    Thanks again for helping out
  • What are the money factors and residuals for December? 10k 36 month. 3rd post and I can't seem to get an answer on this. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  • abuckabuck Posts: 6
    I am leasing for the first time and got an offer on a 528i base with ipod added for $562 a month for 36 mos., 12k mi a year. $965 drive off. Can get xenon for a bit more (thought they were standard). Is this a good deal (supposedly expires tomorrow night)? and what other questions should I be asking before I jump in?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    At the end of the lease you just walk away with no obligation to buy. If you want to buy then market conditions dictate the selling price which for you has a ceiling outlined in your lease. You could offer less or they may offer less. Put a sign on your window to let others know you are turning in your car. A bunch may follow you to the dealer to line up for your bmw. Then the dealer can sell it to them at a higher price if you decline the honor. What a nice gesture on your part that would be.
  • Well, I ran the numbers every which way but loose and decided to lease this used 2007 530i for two years.

    2007 530i w/ sport, premium, cold, tint, chrome wheels at 20k miles
    Selling price 26,500
    residual 16,950
    MF 0.00315
    24 month term
    drive off $1000
    monthly $569 (with taxes)

    In the end, it would have been close to a wash for a purchase and like the last poster mentioned, I can see at the end of 2 years how I like the car and what will they sell it to me for....
  • yatzeyatze Posts: 33
    Thanks for all the sound advice I've received on this forum. It really works.

    So, I have found a dealer who will sell me my leased 2006 BMW 530xi wagon with 20K miles as a certified pre-owned for 29K.

    What do you think? What questions should I ask? I plan to finance it through BMW financial as I did the lease.

    Thanks for your help. The car comes off lease beginning of March.

    I live in northern NJ.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Sounds like a good starting point. There are lots of 06's coming off lease so there should be room for a better price. If your driving patterns remain the same, in three years you will only have 40k on the car. Low miles for a 6 year bmw and certainly an attractive used car. Do some research on asking prices nationally and see if the deal is decent. Ask what the price is without the CPO. If you have had good luck with the car so far, and maintained it well there is no reason to believe a major problem will occur in the next 20k miles. Put the difference in the bank and live on the edge a bit. BMW is betting you won't use the warranty and they should know.
  • yatzeyatze Posts: 33
    Thanks for your prompt response.

    Dealer said 26K without CPO, but finance rate goes up to 1.9 instead of 0.9. I have to finance it unfortunately.

    I have taken good care of this car.

    I will probably start to put on more miles because if I buy this I will sell the "backup" car I have and stick with just the one car.

    I don't mind living on the edge, but I know that this car is EXPENSIVE to maintain and fix.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The deal seems decent but the auto world will be different at the end of feb. Auction prices will change values as the economy tanks. Make no mistake -- things will get worse before they get better. What was the buyout number on your lease at it's inception? I guess I figured that someone with a moniker yatze would be prone to roll the dice. I would be willing to bet that your repairs for the next three years will never come close to 3k. And that would be just to break even. You should really look at 6k in repairs as the benchmark. But peace of mind is worth something too -- I get mine from chemistry. Get back to me at the end of Feb. and I'll see if I can get the current auction prices for you.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You didn't mention the first 2 payments are made by bmw -- on website. Also you need to check what's not covered by cpo. A big one is brakes- so make sure you know what's left when you buy.
  • yatzeyatze Posts: 33
    Thanks again for the prompt response. My original residual is $36,579. I put down multiple security deposits so would get back about $4000.

    Dealer suggested bringing in car for "pre -pre- inspection in early February while still under lease to see what needs to be done, if anything so I won't have to pay for it.

    He gave me the papers for what is covered CPO -- will re-examine then again. Also said I could get a "maintenance" contract for an additional 1895. Not sure I want to do that.

    I will take advantage of your offer to contact you end of February for latest auction #s.

    In the meantime, have looked for 06 wagons on the internet and $29k is the low end CPO, except for a car down in Miami for 27,595 but that car has 40K miles.
    NYC BMW has almost my identical car, close mileage for $28,900 so no much difference. Others are in the 30's.

    I will contact you in February before I go back to the dealer. My lease in up March 6.

    Thanks for all your help.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Sounds like you are doing the best you can to get a fair deal -- did see one like yours for 24500 with similar miles on ebay so you are pretty close already. You might offer $500 for the maintenence package and let them sit on it. The less likely they feel you are going to buy and the more likely they feel they are going to put your car on the lot -- the better your negotiating position. Later.
  • yatzeyatze Posts: 33
    Do you know if the CPO can be negotiated or is that set by BMW? I have gotten different quotes on this in the past. Thanks.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Your total price is very negotiable. If they negotiate a better price off the cpo/maintenance packs they could be negotiating off the selling price of the car. My guess is that auction price on your car could be in the low 20's now. If they are selling to you for 26k there may be up to 2k for them to give on a bottom line deal. The auction price in march will be lower so you may be able to get the car for a bit less than 26 or you can pay 29 for the cpo and try to weasel the maintenence pack. If it doesn't cover brakes, I would pass on that and go for a better deal. You have to project a predisposition to turn the car in unless they make the deal super. If they won't move the day you have to turn it in then you know you've don the best and can sign on theline. Also, if you feel comfortable with this dealer and have checked with others who are satisfied then that is worth something as well. Lots to consider but stay frosty with cold dead eyes --- tell them your wife is dead against it and you're going to buy a ford focus cause of economics --- make up your own bs. It can work.
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