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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137
    houston777 - That was the lease program at the beginning of the month. I recently heard about the $2,500 incentive, but have not confirmed it with any dealers. If BMW released an interim incentive, they could have altered the money factor and increased the incentive. Let me confirm with a friend tomorrow. If I don't get back to you, please feel free to email me.
  • jgavjgav Posts: 12
    I was looking into leasing a X5 3.0si , I was going to put down the tax and fees. I want the space gray, navigation, premium, cold weather and was going to ask what everyones thoughts were on the sport package. I was hoping to get the 36mos lease for around 700.00.month I am coming out of a BMW lease already. Does this price seem like it could happen? any insight would be greatly appreciated. The one dealer i spoke with said to wait till march that there may be a incentive deal....not sure. Thank you in advance. Jim
  • Hi All,

    I got My X5 3.0 Yesterday.
    Lease 36 month 15 K
    Color Ext : Silver
    Interior : Black
    Premium Pkg
    Tech Pkg
    Rear Climate Pkg
    3rd Row
    Satellite Radio

    Money factor .00295
    I got $1500 over Invoice And also I got $2500 BMW Incentive.
    What dealer told me is to get $2500 BMW Incentive the car should be delivered to dealership before Feb 15th.

    This forum was great ....i got lot of info I needed for this purchase ..Thank you guys
  • jgavjgav Posts: 12
    This blog has helped me in making my final decisions on a 2008 X5si so i wanted to share my experience. I live on Long Island NY.. leased a 2008 X5si. yesterday. premium, sport, technology package, rear climate, running boards. 12K miles a year. 36mos. When i first spoke to the salesman I explained i was just looking and it would take a real good deal to make me sign. His first monthly price with taxes title and acquisition was 769.00. I told him it was too high and started to leave, he said wait and came back with a price of 744.00. after I told him I still wanted to think about it I. actually left and he came out to the parking lot to get me and said he would give it to me for 725.00. I agreed and now take delivery thursday. I thought it was a great deal with the options. Some stipulations were: I am a previous bmw owner(owner loyalty) which only waives the 500 security deposit. BMW is also running a deal till the end of this month on in stock X5's with a reduction of 2,500. I couldn't have gotten this deal if i ordered one. ( i tried after the fact and he said he couldn't) I am about 4,100 out of pocket including the first payment. Hope this helps. any questions Jim
  • Apparently you missed a very important point on this forum....LRF mark up. You got hosed on the rate. Dealer marked up the LRF of .000255 by the allowable .00004 which probably added an additional $30 bucks to your monthly nut!
  • mannydommannydom Posts: 41
    Hi! How was the $2500 incentive factored in the cap cost? Does that mean your actual price was $1000 BELOW invoice? Please clear this up. Thanks.
  • Hi...Yes that's right I got $1000.00 below Invoice.

    Final price = $Invoice price + $1500 - $2500 + Tax
  • mannydommannydom Posts: 41
    My lease ends 4/23/08 for my 2005 X5 3.0. How can I tell if the vehicle is worth more than the stated residual value (58%) in the lease contract that it becomes "positve equity." If so, does it become a "trade in?" Thanks for any advice, please.

    Any info on money factor and residual value for March 2008 for 2008 X5 3.0?

    This is my first experience at the "end of lease" scenario. I know what option I want and that is to get a new 2008 X5 3.0. I am about to schedule the inspection at my bmw center. Should I apply now for financing a new lease with BMW FS which is my current leasing company? Will I get a break for being a returning customer?
  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    Chances are the residual is not going to be lower than what the car is worth; however, at lease end you are under no obligation to purchase the resdiual, you can just walk away from the lease. If you want to "trade-in" you would have to buy the car at the residual price from BMWFS and then trade the car in towards a new one.

    Residuals have not changed, but money factor for March is 0.00210.

    There are advantages to applying for a new lease with BMWFS, because as a returning customer they waive the Disposition fee on your current vehicle and also waive the security deposit on your next BMW.
    There are owner loyalty programs on select BMWs (not X5, but 3 series and 5 series and 7 series) so you would also get a break there
  • mannydommannydom Posts: 41
    Rezf...thank you for the comments and suggestions. Do you think the money factor will be even less for April when I'm ready to get another lease? I'm looking to lease a 2008 X5 3.0. Anyone have comments on the optional packages?
  • 3rdgin3rdgin Posts: 22
    rezf...thanks for the heads up on the money factor. Told my salesman about it and lowered my lease payments by about 30+/mo.

    manny...I ordered my X5 last month with the factor of .00255. I told the salesman that if they had a pull ahead program and/or any other incentive/rebate/factor that was better then I wanted it (they were buying my lease out 3 mos. early). They agreed. Picking up the car today.
  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    You can put an application for the lease. This will lock you the rate and is good for 30 days, maybe even 60 days so check with dealer. If by April, the rates are lowered, the dealer should honor you the newer rate if it is lower.
    I got mine FULLY loaded with every option possible, except 3rd row seats and rear entertainment. The only option that I feel you should NOT overlook is Active Steering. I never would have considered Active Steering, had it not been on my car already as I had the impression it made the drive feel artificial. FAR FROM IT! It is a must for this veicle. A breeze to navigate in tight spots and parking lots and at highway speeds, it becomes linear like a conventional steering feel.
  • drmydrmy Posts: 8
    I am returning my leased 2005 x3 at the end of this month. I am looking at a 2008 x5: dk green, tobacco interior, cold weather package, ipod adapter, rear entertainment system, mats, msrp 51125, invoice price 47500, quoted sale price 48994, acq fee 625, mf .00210, zero down- I was told for all fees and 1st mo I would have to pay 1745.25, monthly payments $710 for 12k, 36 months.The residual is 60%

    Also, as an aside, I think I might buy this car at the end of the lease. Does this make sense to do?

    Is that a good deal?

    We live in Mass.

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi jgav. I'm glad that you have found this forum so helpful. Congratulations on getting your new X5. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your new lease with everyone. Don't forget to stop by the new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience with others. Enjoy your new ride :shades: .

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi drmy. The selling price that you were quoted is $1,500 over invoice. That's not bad, but there might be a couple hundred more dollars to play with there. The money factor that you were quoted is right in line with BMW Financial Services' current buy rate for this model. This looks like a very fair deal to me. Whether it makes sense to purchase this X5 at the end of your lease will depend upon what its purchase option price is compared to its real world value at that time.

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  • Hi.
    I am kind of new to leasing and this forum has been great. I have a x5 lease that expires on 5-31 and I am now looking at leasing a 2008 x5 . I saw in the paper an advertised special 24 mos. 10k $3800 down and payment of $468month. I assume it is for the base model (which I don't mind). Is this sound like a good deal ? Or a good point to start from in regards to negotiating? Before I go meet with the sales dept. I would like to have an idea of what to expect

    Thank you for your help and beaing with me on what some may think is a simple question.... I just hate the car buying process
  • mannydommannydom Posts: 41
    Hi! I know how you feel. I'm in the same boat...finishing up my lease 4/23/08. This site is helpful so if you have not checked out the prior entries, do so. Also check out The hosts of this thread are cool.

    I'm also looking to lease an X5 3.0 monaco blue with sports package. Anyone out there know or may anticipate the residual and money factor for April, 2008?
  • topgun26topgun26 Posts: 16
    Hey these are 2 offers i have received on x5 3.0 and 4.8:
    X5 3.0- msrp 61,075
    36month/12k, $0 down, taxes in payment(nassau county, NY)= $899
    X5 4.8i- msrp 68,675
    36month/12k, $0 down, taxes in payment(nassau county, ny)= $1,023
    -Any thoughts? thanx!
  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    not much of a deal on either one. I'd say they are discounting the car maybe $1000 tops. You should be able to get at leat $3000 off MSRP and work the lease that way
  • Hi:
    After offering to sell me the car for dealer cost (08 X5 4.8 with tech, sport, 20" whls, rear climate pkg, cold weather pkg, premium pkg, prem sound, i pod interface, $64k, money factor .27) I see a "bank aquisition fee" of $825 added on to the lease as an addition to cap cost. Is this common for Calif. dealers or are they trying to sweeten their end of the deal?

    Thank you!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,831
    All BMWFS leases have an acquisition fee..

    The base fee is $625, and BMWFS allows dealers to mark it up by $200 for extra profit.


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  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    They have raised your Acq fee by $200. also your money factor should be .0025 not .0027 (so they are raising this value too). With the options you have listed, the invoice price is 62800. what is the MSRP of the car you are considering? Also, need to know the terms of the lease:
    1) how much TOTAL up front
    2) months and annual mileage of the lease
  • lviv35lviv35 Posts: 5
    How can I score great new lease ending lease with low mileage?
    My lease ends in May on 2005 X5 3.0. My mileage is aprox 20K. 10K less than allowed 30K. I bet that’s a steal for a dealer.

    I want to lease 2008 X5 3.0. How can I benefit from it? What price range should I get on 3 yr 10K/yr lease with 0 down in NY/NJ?

    Also, for how long can I extend my current lease?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Alex
  • My lease for my current X5 expires in April 28 2008. This was a no money down 36 mo/12 mile per year lease on a $51,900 car. I called my dealer ship and asked what price would it be for the exact same car with the same options. I am currently paying 635.00 including taxes.

    This is what was quoted from a dealership in New Jersey.

    2008 3.0 X5 $51,600.00 includes, premium pkg, cold weather pkg, rear climate pkg, heated rear seat, navigation and freight.

    inception cost are 2000.00 which includes: 799.00 1st payment, 375.46 cap cost reduction,825.64 motor vehicle term, doc fee, lux tax.

    The price he quoted was 799.00 including taxes. Why Do i have to pay over 150.00 more for the exact same car. Is this fair our he is trying to pull one over on me. It is the same car salesman that I purchased the first X5 from.

    I thought because it was the same sales person and dealership and car I wouldn't have to go through the haggling this time. Any Info or advice you can give will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hey Alex I am in the same boat as you in the same area. I only put 20K miles on my lease X5 as well. I have learned that you cannot extend you lease from BMW for more than 20 days without purchasing a new BMW vehicle.

    My question is below yours and I would want to know about the milage issue as well.

    Hope this helps
  • I lease a BMW X5 in 2005. My lease ends in May 2008. It was for a 36/12, no money down lease, at 630.00 per month including taxes. The prices I am getting for the same lease for the exact same car at the same dealership and salesperson is now 799.00

    The sales price of the 2005 X5 vehicle was 50035.10. Using the Edmunds lease calculators, I cannot get my lease payments of 630.00. Please reassure that this works. So I can negociate with confidence. If I can't get the exact same lease price using the exact same numbers that was documented on the 2005 lease agreement and quoted to me by the salesperson in 2008 what use is it?

    So my question is: How was my 2005 lease price calculated and why is the lease price for the same car now 799.00 instead of 630.00? And if he is taking advantage how is he doing it?

    If it helps both cars have Xenon lights, premium pkg, 6cd changer,rear climate pkg, cold weather pkg, Navigation, heated rear seats.

    Also if anyone else is leasing a BMW in the NYC NJ area contact me and we could unite our efforts
  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    leases do NOT work the way yo think they do. You are not merely spending money on the same piece of automobile.

    The 2005 X5 was 5 years into its development and sales had started to slow down. what manufacturers do in these situation is to increase the residual rate in the lease (one of the major determinants of your lease payments) This way the payments drop and they hope to be able to maintain consistent sales numbers.
    We are not at that point yet with the new X5. The car is selling like hotcake and BMW has no incentive to take a financial hit by increasing residuals, The payments of 799 vs. 630 reflect the differences in the residuals between the two cars.
    If you want to know whether you have the best deal proposed to you, you need to look for these:
    1) The selling price of the vehicle
    2) the money factor used to govern your lease
    3) make sure you do not put any extra money down towards the lease

    Then, if you calculate your lease, you will know whether in fact you have a good deal or not
  • topgun26topgun26 Posts: 16
    let me know what anyone thinks of this offer:
    2008 X5 3.0, msrp 61,075
    - $0 down, taxes in payments, $809.50 per month for 12k/36months
    - security of 749, bank fee of 625 and dmv for NY
    ---any thoughts if this is a good deal? thanx!
  • fishjillfishjill Posts: 4
    So the 2008 X5 we want has a msrp of $49, 575 with a $2,164 adjustment/discount to make it $47,411. We have a trade in that will net us $3500 to apply to the $47,411. We are then being charged $1,660 in tag/title/tax, first month's lease payment and a $809 security deposit (totaling $3,097). With no money down, other than the $3,097 and the $3,500 trade in, our monthly payment is $628. We want to lease the X5 for 36 months and 15k a year. We have previously owned a BMW so we are wondering why the large security deposit. Can anyone help two novices that don't want to get taken to the cleaners? What are we missing and does the monthly payment seem fair?
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