Car Buying Advice - I need smoothest riding crossover

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Any advice for which crossover has the smoothest ride based on how it is built with you know suspension and such? I ask bc i have been recovering from a head injury and i hate every bump in the road. I cant afford a luxury vehicle so if you can keep your suggestions to vehicles under $30,000 that be great. Btw the least expensive the better but i know you get what you pay for. Thanks in advance P.s. I need to get a new lease this week. I currently drive 2014 honda crv and a its very bumpy ride. I know the new crv is supposedly smoother.
I put this in the honda category bc i had to pick one


  • sparky112sparky112 NJMember Posts: 16
    Think i did this wrong. It was my first post sorry. Think its in the wrong spot. But i do think the new crv is supposed to be smooth
  • ChaseBellowsChaseBellows Member Posts: 76
    Hi @sparky112, thanks for reaching out to Edmunds! I can definitely understand what you're looking for. We have to work quickly if you're looking to buy this week (If you haven't bought already). First off, did you already make a purchase? If you didn't, were you looking for new or open to used? I'll give you options on whichever you choose! Let me know and I'll make some recommendations. Thanks!
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    One tip-off is the vehicle's wheelbase...the longer the wheelbase, generally speaking the better the ride. Also consider the profile of the tires. Lower profile, harder ride (as a rule). While you can't change the wheelbase of the car you buy you can soften the ride by your choice of tires.
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