Car Buying Advice - 2014 honda crv lease trade in value

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What do you suggest i take no less then for my honda Crv awd lx? In NJ Has appearance pkg which is pinstripe and smokey headlights extended side view mirrors as far as i know thats all. White diamond w gray interior. Kept it sparkling clean all 3 yrs
Its a lease w resudual value $15265 and has 18,135 miles on it
Oh and im not being lazy i looked at KBB too and its close to my residual value so thats why im confused with the process that value was based on 15000 miles per year so shouldnt i have some value to use toward a new lease. 

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  • sparky112sparky112 NJMember Posts: 16
    Thank you i tried but i did it wrong.i still cant findctgat post unless i click on the link but thank u.
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