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Help nissan sentra 2002 automatic trans problem?

ivanfig39ivanfig39 Member Posts: 5
edited April 2017 in Nissan
Hello, i buy a used nissan sentra 2002 1.8L it seems that the car was in a garage doing nothing for a pair ir years then fixed and conditioned for sale , the car runs fine and aceleration is perfect, but sometimes when driving slow or at normal speed around 30mph to 40 when the transmition shift 2nd to 3rd for a second hesitate like the car confuse the shift , the car dont do this all the time and sometimes when idle in park engine stalls ..any help be apreciated


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    It's hard to know if your car actually has a fuel delivery problem rather than a tranmission problem. If the car doesn't accelerate smoothly, then it might feel like a shifting issue. I would get a code reader and scan the car for trouble codes, to see if anything turns up that could point to a reason for the stalling problem.

    Stalling has many many causes, from a tune-up being needed, to a vacuum leak, or EGR problems or throttle body issues.
  • ivanfig39ivanfig39 Member Posts: 5
    I know is the transmition because when i push the pedal to the floor runs fine and shift perfectly like a rece car...but when i drive normaly when the car need to shift 2nd to 3rd gear its like go blank like neutral or try to change to 1rst just for a sec then take the 3rd the thing is that the car dont do that when driving fast or aceleraron continiously or up a hill
  • ivanfig39ivanfig39 Member Posts: 5
    edited April 2017
    New problem !! Now jerks when driving normaly when shift 1rst to 2nd gear and make a sound like a chirp but still dont do nothing when i acelerate fast
  • ivanfig39ivanfig39 Member Posts: 5
    I take it to have a check engine scan and appear to have a code PO 0340 " camshaft position sensor" i replace it and now dosent stall anymore
  • ivanfig39ivanfig39 Member Posts: 5
    Now i check and fue car have all mounts bad.. Could it be that??
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