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Car Buying Advice - Audi lease incentives & seasonal trends

jjd5006jjd5006 Member Posts: 30
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I'm currently evaluating A3 lease quotes, and conducting research on pricing options in an effort to best position myself before my current lease ends in July. ('14 mazda 6)
I've gotten a few quotes from Audi dealers in March/April and have noticed that there are no incentives or rebates for potential new Audi customers that I'd be eligible for. Given that residuals, and MFs are subject to some monthly fluctuation, it doesnt seem like any monthly change would make a drastic difference in a monthly lease payment in a given month unless there were additional incentives to apply to new lessees to entice new customers.
I've been weighing whether it would be best served for me to continue to wait to see if Audi sweetens lease incentives as summer approaches, and just turn in my expiring car lease, paid off, and with no excessive miles or wear in July. Or if getting an Audi dealer to buy the car at the residual value, and potentially jumping on a new A3 sooner if the deal is sound since the potential for dramatic difference in offers from now until July is unlikely.

Is there any historical data, trends, or expert opinions on whether manufacturers(audi) are likely to offer better incentives in May, or June, as opposed to anything thats offered now? Are residuals or MF likely to rise or fall in the spring/summer months generally speaking?

Interested in any thoughts or experience one may have to offer.



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    MichaellMichaell Moderator Posts: 241,315
    Like they say in the investing world - past results are no predictor of future performance.

    It's possible there may be incentives as the year goes on. Audi would add them if they felt that inventory was getting too high.

    If you have a current lease, ride it out until the end - that way, you can start fresh with no carryover charges to worry about.

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    jjd5006jjd5006 Member Posts: 30
    Thanks for your feedback Michaell. I am starting to lean towards waiting till the end of my current lease - but the dealerships are tempting if they say they can buy it off me a little early, clean!
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