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How does the Ford Edge 2.0L AWD perform when towing?

deaclandeaclan Sunnyvale, CAPosts: 2
edited April 2017 in Ford
I'm looking for AWD Ford Edge 2.0L ecoboost towing information such as towing mpg and performance on a fairly steep grade and at altitude over 9000'.

What weight trailer are you towing?

Any information would be much appreciated. I have a small 2000# trailer and would like decent performance with pretty good mpg.

much thanks, -deac ...


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,293
    The Edge is rated at 3,500 towing capacity with the Class II tow package option. So if you don't pile too much into/onto the trailer you should easily be within limits. I'd imagine on a steep grade at over 9,000 feet you aren't going to be leaping over any mountains. This is where torque becomes a factor and your 4 cylinder turbo has only a modest amount of it at 275 ft. lbs whereas the V-6 ecoboost in the F-150s offer well over 400 ft. lbs and even 500 ft lbs. in the HO version. Not saying you need all that for your requirements, just offering a comparison.

    Turbocharging helps a lot with power loss at altitude but it can't compensate completely, because the air is less dense no matter how much you ram into the engine.

    You might want to visit EDGE FANATICS and ask in their forums--I'm sure you'll find someone who has done some towing and could give you a real world answer.

    When you find out, come back and tell us what you learned from Edge owners who are towing!

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