Brake Rotors

robertnaylorrobertnaylor Member Posts: 9
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Hey I bought some Brake rotors of and the came with some kind of sticky residue on them and im not sure if I can take some water and clean it off or if I should just buy some brake cleaner to clean it off.

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  • robertnaylorrobertnaylor Member Posts: 9
    thank you sir
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,559
    To clean that stuff off, brake cleaner first, then you have to wash away any solvents left over from the brake cleaner with soap and water. If you don't get all of the solvents off of the rotors then you risk contaminating the brake pads with them as material transfers between the pads and the rotors during burnishing.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    That's being thorough, and probably a good idea with spankin' new pads.
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