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So when im driving down the freeway and I have my car in overdrive (its a manual) and im coasting at about 65MPH my RPMS are around 3K and I feel like that's a little high considering that I only have an aftermarket exhaust. So im hoping that that's an ok thing, rather than something I have to replace within the transmission. so if somebody could help me shed some light on this subject.


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    That sounds about right for your car. If you suspect some slippage from the clutch, try to accelerate fairly abruptly while in overdrive---normally you don't drive like that, you downshift, but in this case we are putting a little stress on the clutch to see if it will slip. If your car "pulls" just fine while accelerating in overdrive, then the clutch is probably fine. Doing this while going slightly uphill is an even better test for the clutch.

    If the clutch is slipping your RPM will jump instantly to a much higher reading. Then you know it's clutch time.

    A manual transmission really can't "slip" internally---the gears are pretty much locked together when you are in gear.
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    ok thank you. I was a little concerned because the car as well over 220,000 miles on it. and I know its aged i was hoping that it was nothing too worry about.
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