01 Camry turns over no start

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Hi I own a 2001 Toyota Camry ce 2.2 4cyl i accidently put the battery backwards and now my car turns over but won't start . I changed the car battery alternator fuse 100 , crank position sensor and both ignition coils with no luck . I also took apart the ecm computer and it dose not smell nor looks burned . I tested the spark plugs and ingnition coils with no spark . What's the problem ? Where can I look for no spark in the ignition ? I'm all out of options and need pro help. Thanks


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    You should try to pull some codes and see if anything turns up. Then if I were you, I'd test the coil for a voltage input (12V).

    If that's okay and there's no spark from the coil, then you have to work back to crank and cam sensors--I'm not sure on your car which one of those sensors controls spark.
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    Thanks @mr_shiftright yes I used the code obd11  reader and shows no codes witch I find wired .  Yes my car has a ( Crank position sensor switch) That i changed and still turns over .  So I already changed the crank position sensor , both ignition coils and ignition fuse. Someone suggested that I should change the ( neutral safety switch )  which  allows you to start your engine when the automatic transmission is in either Park or Neutral . Can have your take on this option ? Thank you in advance 
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    If it cranks then it's not the neutral safety switch, so stop taking advice from THAT person-- :p . Without a wiring diagram, it's tough to diagnose this kind of problem. Worst case, a bad PCM, but that's rare--however if you have a disappearing ground in the ignition system, that's a possibility. Again, I don't know if your CKP or your Cam sensor controls the spark on your car.

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