2006 Ford F250 super duty Gasoline engine, Lack of power, no RPM higher than 3000

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Hello everyone. hope some of you can help me. I have a 2006 Ford F250 Super duty (gasoline), 5.4 engine, it starts with no problem but when I put it in gear, the throttle body acts up and wont give me any power. it will move the truck but very slow after I leave the truck on idle for 10-15 min. I replaced the coils, the spark plugs, change the injectors, the mass air flow, the camshaft position sensors, the fuel pump, an the fuel press regulator along with the fuel filter and nothing has change. The engine wont accelerate more than 3000rpms. it has 245k miles


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Have you attempted to extract trouble codes with a scanner? Is there a check engine light? You're working blind otherwise.

    Your trucks' condition could be caused by lots of things you haven't replaced yet, and throwing parts at it can end up being more expensive than taking it to a good technician who can use his professional scanner to capture data as the condition is happening. Once he sees some problem with a certain module, sensor or circuit, he can drill down to the issue.
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