2013 Buick Enclave Scary freeze up w/ A/C Compressor

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I'm reading online that there are many people out there with similar problems with their Buick Enclave Evaporator Cooling Systems. I've had leaks and my freon has been emptied a couple of times. Didn't know this could create a dangerous situation! Yesterday, in the middle of rush hour traffic when I had my 3 kids in the car, 2 who are autistic, my car just stop working. The steering wheel wouldn't turn right, or left, and the car wouldn't break. Traffic was heavy so I wasn't going fast, and I was able to come to a stop thankfully. My mechanic says the A/C Condenser totally froze up, which cause the entire motor to stop and disengage. Clearly, a 4 year old car shouldn't have these issues and furthermore, as it seems as this is a problem with other owner's Enclaves as well, I am asking for assistance in having my vehicle repaired.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?


  • mommamia0603mommamia0603 Member Posts: 2
    In the message I wrote condenser where I meant Compressor. GMC wouldn't help.
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    How many miles on the car. This type of failure might be expected after 80,000 miles or so, especially in climates with heavy use. The loss of freon should not have caused this, but if the AC was not serviced correctly (if say, it was refilled using cans of freon from an Auto Parts store), that could lead to overcharging the system and hence compressor damage. If it was a low mileage truck, and the AC had been properly refilled by a repair shop, then I'd have to agree, that repair was premature.

    The big problem with this type of failure is that it can contaminate the entire system with metal debris, and that gets expensive.
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