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Transmission axle seal leaking after repair, shifter also moves itself when put in 1st gear

klee131313klee131313 Posts: 1
edited April 2017 in Toyota
Had a rebuilt transmission for a 2003 Toyota Matrix 5 speed put in, had the drivetrain (or was it the flywheel?) 'sanded down?' (i know nothing about cars... but am going to pass any answers on to someone that does). Also had the clutch replaced.

Immediately starts to leak, so they replace the seal (for some reason the new seal on the rebuilt tranny was broken).

This seal now begins to leak (turns out it wasn't the same fit on this last seal), they take it out and replace it with the same size seal that came on the still leaks (but takes me a week or two to notice--the other times it was immediate). I haven't had them 'fix' it yet, as I want to find answers first.

Ever since the new transmission and the new clutch, the shifter now makes a clicking noise when I put it in first gear. It clicks back a good amount of space, it still feels in gear, but it doesn't feel normal. The angle of putting it in first just seems different then it did with the old transmission and the old clutch as well.

What could it be, are these issues related?
For the shifter problem---at first they said something about the clutch cables needing to be adjusted but when he went to do so, he said there are no cables...he doesn't usually work on this type of stuff it seems...

Thank you!


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 63,027
    edited April 2017
    Hard to say what's going on here. Do you know which seal is leaking? In any event, you must insist that the mechanic get it right. If he's in over his head, then he should take it to someone who can deal with it. Perhaps he's the victim of a bad part, that's always possible, but a good repair shop always makes it right---they can't just shrug their shoulders and give up. No mechanic likes "come backs" and it makes them grumpy, but that just happens sometimes.

    What I'm saying is give the mechanic every opportunity to make it right and give him the benefit of the doubt as to what's going on, and be cooperative, but don't let anything slide. The transmission should not leak and the car should shift properly.

    Here's a picture of a 2003 Matrix shifter mechanism. Do you see cables? I do....

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