GMC Yukon died suddenly and didn't start back up

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My 2002 GMC Yukon died all of a sudden today when I was backing out of a parking spot. There were no odd noises, no sputtering, no rough or high idle, no smells or leaks, no CE or other lights. Literally no sign that I can think of that would make me think anything was wrong with it. When I tried to start it back up the engine would turn over but not completely engage. I ended up having it towed. It has 150,000 miles on it but seemed to run just fine. Ave it's not the XL package. Abby ideas where I should start looking to figure out what's wrong?


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    You'd have to start a methodical diagnosis, and it could be anything from a long list of things:

    You might consider investing a little time in watching this video:

    Diagnosing No Starts Without Guessing

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    Thank you, I'll take a look and see if I can narrow it down. I appreciate the tip...very much!
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    Did you ever get this figured out ? Mine over heated yesterday for no reason I have a brand new radiator and hoses so probably a thermostat issue , but then after it cooled off it wouldn’t start ??? I let it get pretty low on gas for the first time so maybe the fuel filter got clogged but it’s weird that it over heated and then died ?? The engine was like REALLY hot . I was blasting my AC for my son while I was in the post office for about 20 minutes and it was about 100 degrees outside but still I have a new coolant system . It just didn’t seem like it kicked on. And now it won’t re start even though I put more gas in and it’s extremely cool . I had it towed to the mechanic shop but I’m just freaked out . I have so much money into my Denali . It runs so good . I have only owned it 5 months but it’s had zero issues and had so many things replaced in the last year even before I owned it . Brand new transmission two weeks before I bought it with receipt , new coolant system (radiator and hoses , new belts , I added a second battery and bought a new primary to match it both battery’s are odyssey and were $450 each with an upgraded 350amp alternator , all 0 gauge oxygen free copper wiring every where in the engine . $10,000 into my very professionally installed stereo system . Engine is powerful 6.0 and purrs . It doesn’t like my AC unit at all but my AC unit blows the coldest air ever . It just won’t start !! And I’m so broke right now I’m terrified . Please any help at least to make me feel better . Just knowing what it is is a huge help or if someone has had this happen and had it fixed . Thanks in advance !!

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