Heard a big bang and the engine died.

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I have a 91 Wrangler with about 180k on it. Twice in the last 6 months i've heard a loud bang from under the car, but everything seemed to keep working normally. Last night it happened again except this time the engine died and it was like the transmission ( 5 spd stick ) was put into neutral. After being towed home, found that the engine will start and run fine as long as the clutch pedal is down; if i begin to release the clutch the car does not move and the engine pulls down. Can't see anything obvious when looking under the car. Read many pages on this forum and haven't anything that seems to relate. Any ideas?


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    Hmmm.I wonder if you broke a rear axle. Would be interesting to know if the driveshaft turns when you lift up on the clutch. If you busted the u-joint on the driveshaft you'd certainly see something.
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