Will a replacement transmission run for six weeks without having been reprogramed to the computer?

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My transmission went out at 163,000. I took it to my mechanic and purchased a used transmission from LKQ with an extended warranty. I drove my car for six weeks. It drove beautifully. It had so much power. Than one day there was a dropping noise and the computer zeros out I lost power, and the transmission would no longer engage. Tried to reboot everything by disconnecting battery for 30 mins. Now the car will only start in neutral. I've spoken to another transmission shop and was told that there is an internal problem with transmission. Long story short LKQ blames mechanic, mechanic blames LKQ...LKQ will not honor there warranty they are saying mechanic should of had the car reprogrammed. Who right? Who is responsible for replacing this transmission?


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    What year and model is your car? Which engine?
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    I'm sorry 2012 Chevy Malibu V6 
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    Well it's difficult to sort this out without knowing all the facts. Did LKQ provide instructions to your mechanic? Did he follow them?

    Find out from LKQ what your mechanic SHOULD have done (or not done) and then ask your mechanic if he did that.

    If you get a third party involved in working on your transmission then you take everyone else off the hook, so be careful about that.

    What error codes have been extracted?
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    LKQ did NOT provide instructions. They are stating that he should have taken the car to the Chevy dealership to be reprogrammed to my computer AFTER the transmission failed. They are saying he should of known this already. I'll have to ask my boyfriend the error codes. 
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    And thank you letting another mechanic work behind this one. 
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    I'll ask around for you. Stay tuned.
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    I need the vehicle identification number, and the software calibration ID numbers out of the PCM and the TCM.  It would also help if you could give me the part number of the TCM .  

    Fwiw,  a generic look at software levels didn't reveal any updates. 
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    Well it sounds like, from all that I can gather here, that it has to be determined if an update was necessary, and if so, applied. If no programming update was required, then it's LKQs baby--if one was required, that may or may not have created a problem, but LKQ has an out to not honor the warranty.

    Basically you have a mess here that requires a good deal more research on your part in order to support your warranty claim.
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    @Mr_Shiftright do you suggest me contacting Chevrolet? Or would purchasing a manual be of assistance? 
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    @thecardoc3 My mechanic will give me that information tomorrow. 
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