Windstar starts/runs rough after rain

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I have a 2002 Ford Windstar that has been running and starting rough for awhile after a heavy rain/car wash sometimes causing the check engine light to come on briefly. It's always started up though until yesterday when it wouldn't start up at all-only clicked once when key was turned. Tried to jumpstart but wouldn't start. Had it towed to a shop where they said it had dumped all the antifreeze and that the engine was covered in oil. They said it wasn't worth putting money into but turned the engine over until the antifreeze was out and then it started and ran fine on the way home. I find it hard to believe it didn't have anything to do with the fact we had three straight days of heavy rain but they said it was just a coincidence. There was a little plastic cap towards the front left side of the engine that was askew but not sure that might be related. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Would love to save this van if possible. Thanks


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    Your first problem is finding out why the engine is dumping antifreeze and oil. With that mess all over the engine, I'm not surprised it might not start sometimes.
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    Something very similar just happened to my 2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L - I shut the vehicle OFF and checked my fluid levels since there was no warning shown on the dash. Needed a little oil, then low and behold there isn't ANYTHING visible in the Coolant Reservoir!! Shortly after adding the 2nd Gallon of water, I heard all of the fluid leaving the van. Upon further investigation, I found a hose disconnected behind, below and to the left of the air filter housing. Shaped like a soft 7 (no points, only curves). I think there's a metal hose connector on the end of the hose HOW DO I REMOVE THE METAL HOSE CONNECTOR without damaging the hose? Once THAT happens, it's getting a hose clamp and if all goes well, a bath inside and out! A FOR SALE sign may be in Vanna's future. Sorry old girl. 😘
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