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Infiniti FX35 / FX50 Lease Questions



  • badadbadad Posts: 5
    Thanks for the response, Car_man. When I posted, I was given the RWD, not AWD numbers, despite what they said. A little bait and switch at the dealership door. Anyway, the new numbers (from a different dealer, no doubt) are MSRP: $42070. Sale Price: $38450. The quote on a 39 month was $505, including tax (SoCal @ 8.25%). Didn't get the MF. This is for an AWD w/sport and touring packages. How is this price? Thanks in advance for your follow-up since I'm hoping to close a deal by tomorrow.
  • badadbadad Posts: 5
    Oh yeah... $1000 drive off, no security deposit.
  • hey badad a few getting a 36 month lease with just bank fees down for $560 a month... see my previous post about 39 month leases just an absolute waste. I was a finance major in college and know all the tricks that these guys pull. A dollar now is worth more than a dollar later keep that in mind. Money in your pocket is better than money in their pocket upfront. So if you put down $1000 it saves you $1000 over the life of your lease in real money terms what will $1000 buy you 3 years from now? Not as much as $1000 could buy you right now. Best to have that extra $ in your pocket. If the dealer says he cant find the car you want he is lying. I know a black with graphite fx35 without the RES package is hard to find but shop around, the cars do exist. Once again it is your money, why let them have it instead of you? Like I said before, if the dealer says he cant find you that car, kindly reply, "That's ok, I'll start to make some phone calls here and search myself." He will either bust his [non-permissible content removed] and find you one or still say he cant find you one. In which case make calls on your own.
  • rocco you are paying entirely too much. I am paying $560 a month for 36 months. Car comes with touring, sport, and tech packages. Price also includes tax, only fee is the bank fee of $550. Just haggle the crap out of your car dealer ask to speak to the sales manager whatever it takes. Tell him that he is off on the lease numbers.. his number is too high. He isnt gonna shoot you his best deal righ toff the bat. It's always a game of high low. He wants you to pay high you wanna pay low. IT IS YOUR MONEY. And remember if you dont ask you dont get. If you want name your price, whats the worst he could say, no? If he does you could always counter-offer. Like I said, it's your money save as much of it as you can.
  • rocco50rocco50 Posts: 21
    Car man,

    The MSRP is $40,110, $3,128 due on delivery which includes $1,796 cap reduction, $33 tax, $349 license fees, $400 advance pmt, $550 bank fee at a rate (money factor?) of 1.500 for 39 months, 12K /year lease.

    I found a better deal, I think, advertized: - $0 down, $379 a month for 39 months for a 10K/year lease. So I approximate cash due on delivery will be $33 tax + $349 license fees, $379 first payment, $0 security deposit, $550 bank fee = $1311, but comparing this to the other poster's total due of a $1000, mine seems $311 too high.. This same ad that lists the lease also says that the msrp is 40,560 and that one can buy it for 35,999 or lease $379 zero down, so i am assuming that these are the same selling and MSRP prices that apply to the lease

    Do you think Infiniti will reinstate the security deposit next month? it will be sad to pay that extra $400 if I don't have to, but I don't think I will close the deal this month because I have yet to sell my audi first.

    The other option I am considering is to buy the 2004 fx used - seeing as they depreciate about $2000 a year? the way i look at it, if i sell it in 3 years I would have paid $2000 * 3 years = ~ $6000 for it, versus $380 * 36 (to make it three years) * 13680, so $7600 less over the time of three years. However I don't know if it makes sense because I still need to get financing for it..

    Thanks in advance,
  • rocco50rocco50 Posts: 21
    I think I didn't mention that the 3,128 was the total amount due on delivery, not the cap reduction?
  • rocco50rocco50 Posts: 21

    I am also checking out the murano sl awd, but the sl is nothing like the fx in terms of performance.. gas mileage, yes! :) i thought i had a good deal on the murano: $1000 total due on delivery, $365 / month, but then i found the infiniti deals for paractically the same cost.. maybe i should look for a better murano deal, but fx took my liking. the other choice is the Acura MDX.. One thing I don't like in the FX is that it doesn't sit as high as the murano or the MDX.
  • Can someone confirm whether exaudiowner is correct about 39 month leases being a waste. I was told by the salesman at Infiniti that going with 39 months absolutely saves you money -- and not just by stretching out your payments for another 3 months. I'm not sure what the salesman gains from lying about that -- maybe to make your car payments look lower. Any other opinions?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,561
    The 39 mo. vs. 36 mo. lease value is entirely dependent on the lease specifics...

    For some reason, Nissan and Infiniti seem to frequently offer lease specials based on 39 month terms. Usually, what makes the 39 month term more advantageous.. is the residual percentage is only 1% lower than the 36 month residual... A normal spread between the two terms would be 3%-4%, which would offer no advantage to the 39 mo. term..

    I don't have the specifics on the lease numbers for the FX35 (Car_man will), but I will guess that there are good residuals for the 39 month terms...

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  • lol man 39 month lease is waste i love how no one listens to me... they pitch it for a reason guys. Use your common sense. If it's too good to be true it is.
  • I am in the market for leasing the FX 35 as well and I've done my research and read these posts (which have been very helpful) but I'm hoping someone could offer advice to me about getting into a lease with negative equity.

    Unfortunately, I'm about $2500 in negative equity with my current car so I'm not sure how to approach leasing this vehicle considering all the info on this board. How do I not put any money down (which is frowned upon in leasing) knowing that I have negative equity? Can I even do that? How do I get rid of the neg. equity without putting down a substantial amount of money? I was told to look for leases that offer rebates and incentives to knock out my equity but I'm finding this rarely ever happens!

    Help! Any suggestions? Car_Man what do you recommend?

  • hey kprice.... negative equity... so your about $2500 upsidedown right now. Are you currently financing or leasing? Best way without rebates to lower that $2500 is to try and sell the car for more than it is residualized for (if u are leasing it.) How do I not put any money down (which is frowned upon in leasing) knowing that I have negative equity you ask? Well first off not putting any money down IS NOT frowned upon. Tell the dealer you don't want to put any money down... just inception fees (i.e. acquisition fee, doc fees, first months payment etc etc). In most cases putting money down turns out to be a waste. Roughly every $1000 you put down you lower your lease payment $30/mo. Thats $360 a year $1080 over the life of the lease. Well that $1000 now is worth more than $1080 in 3 years... my suggestion, unless its really really worth it dont put extra money down. All you are doing is fudging the numbers of your monthly payment by throwing $ at it.... hope this helps!
  • Thanks for your help exaudiowner! I am actually currently financing not leasing so with that in mind, what do you suggest? (the other recommendation you gave was for leasing...)

    I'm dying to lease a GX or FX 35 but I don't want a $450 plus monthly payment because of my negative equity. I would love to utilize the current deal they have right now but don't know how the negative equity would affect those numbers.
  • Car_man, I wonder if you can see if this deal is good or bad.

    Touring pkg.

    24 months
    cap cost $38,100
    residual 70%
    money factor .00205
    acq fee $550 cannot waive

    36 months
    cap cost $38,100
    residual 60%
    money factor .00155
    acq fee $550 cannot waive

    Does this sounds like a little too much?
  • kprice you are saying after you sell your car you will be $2500 out of pocket i.e. you owe on $12500 on your car and you sell it for $10000 (fair market value)? Are you looking to purchase or lease the fx35? My best piece of advice is if you already own your home and other assets and you don't like to hold on to your cars for long I would lease. Almost all cars are depreciating assets... there are a few exceptions. Infiniti is running some great lease deals on the fx35. I just bought a condo and own a home elsewhere... I would rather sink my $ in to those properties and get better return out of them than take a huge chance on perhaps getting my equity back on a purchase of a vehicle. Buy land cause god isnt making any more of it! :)
  • good residiuals... money factor on the 36 month is too high they can lower it to .0011 I just got a lease with a money factor of .0011 through IFS so if you have a 700+ credit score you can too... Whats the msrp on that vehicle, $38,100? If so, haggle the dealer for a few extra thousand off the price of the car. MSRP is just that.. suggested. It even says on Infiniti's web page that prices are set by your dealer.
  • The msrp is 40,400 but it's too high for me. I do have score above 700. Does that matter much?

    I'm working with another dealership for another quote. So far, I got a quote for FX-35, RWD, touring & technology package for $39,364, MSRP is $43260. If I want to lease for 24 months, what do you think will be a good payment? I want to put nothing down.
  • rocco50rocco50 Posts: 21
    Guys, please let me know if my lease pmt calculation is correct. I used a selling price of 35,500 (is it unrealistic?) with zero down. Also, i live in the state of New Jersey, and I included the tax in the net cap cost caluclation, is this right? Did I miss / over-include any fees?

    Money Factor 0.0015
    Residual Percentage 0.6
    Term 39

    MSRP 40110
    Selling Price 35500
    Cap Reduction 0
    Add-on Fees 55 Doc Fee
    Tax 790 5% * Pmts over Term
    Net Cap Cost 36345
    Residual 24066 MSRP * Residual %
    Total Depreciation 12279

    Depreciation Fee 314.84 Total Depreciation / Term
    Finance Fee 90.61 (Net Cap Cost + Residual) * MF
    Monthly Pmt 405.46 Sum of Depreciation and Finance

    License Fee 349
    Bank Fee 550
    First Pmt 405.46
    Cash on Delivery 1304.46

    Thank you in advance,
  • as long as your credit score is above 700 they cant say you have bad or average credit and try to increase your money factor. Someone with a 700+ is considered to have good credit. I am paying 550 something a month for an AWD not RWD, has tech touring and sport packages. This is for a 36 month lease, tax an all of that wonderful stuff included. I put down $1000 which was my first months lease payment and the rest i let them figure out how they wanted to shift the money around to cover the acquisition fee etc. Im guessing it shouldnt be too much more than $550 a month. It would be like $640-670, however it is RWD not AWD and it doesnt have the sport package. Money factor for my 36 month was .0011. Yours shouldn't be too much diff. Read my previous posts on how to get the best deal on price from a car dealer. Learn how to play their games!
  • exaudiowner

    I'm really close to a deal. This is what I'm getting from the dealer. Tell me what you think would be a good payment. I live in texas, so I have to pay the entire tax on the vehicle. Let's just assume the payment without tax.

    MSRP is $43,260
    FX-35 RWD
    Touring pkg
    Tech pkg
    Destination charge
    Cargo protection
    Roof rail
    Selling PRICE: $39,364

    What should be my:
    Cap Reduction?
    Net Cap Cost?
    Residual %?
    MF ?
    24months lease
    15k/per year
    zero down

    Anything else you might think I should look at once the finalized the numbers. I have until tomorrow to pull the trigger or the price is no longer valid. Thanks!!!!!
  • looks like a good deal... You are asking me what the cap reduction net cap costs etc residual and MF should be... to be honest I don't know what they should be but if you give me the #'s that the dealer is giving you I can surely tell you if they are fair or not. As for the deal expiring thats a crock of [non-permissible content removed] they are just trying to pressure you in to buying the car believe me they need to sell the car they aren't going to put a time limit on a sale especially on a leftover 2005 when they need to make room for the new 2k6 hitting the lots in Jan
  • exaudiowner, I was thinking the same thing. I got a rookie salesman and he didn't know much about the fx. he made a mistake and said we are having a VERY bad month :) Now, I just need to get the lease info. and see where it goes from here.
  • let me know what kinda numbers they give you... I'll compare them to the deal I got, and put my finance degree to work for you :) It's not just them thats having a bad month... business in general sucks everywhere and gas prices are partly to blame. Let me know what they offer you... remember like I said before if you don't ask you don't get... whats the worst the dealer could say, no?
  • This is what they are telling.

    On a 24 month lease,with 15k per year,and selling the vehicle for $39364,your payments would be
    $696.28.The residual is 69%,and the rate is 2.29.

    I don't know if this includes tax and anything else. I have to ask them.
  • Here are all the fees.

    Sales Price $39364
    Tax $2460.88
    Documentary Fee $50.00
    Bank Fee $550.00
    License Fees $144.59
    Total Cap Cost $42579.47
    Residual 69% $29848.40
    Total Depreciation $12730.07
    Rate 2.290
    Term 24 months
    Payment $696.28
  • Not bad not bad at all... do you really need the 15k miles per year? If you drop it to 12k it'll lower your lease payment by about $30 a month. If you do need it keep it. Otherwise I only have two complaints. One, the money factor. I had a 3 year lease and I know the money factor is less for a 3 year but, my rate was .0011 I know they can do better on that. My lease is for 12k miles a AWD fx35 with the tech package as well and I am paying $560/mo... I know your lease is one year less so that will cause it to be a lot more however, I added a $4200 package and being the fact that it is AWD makes it more expensive as well. You figure for every $1000 its roughly $30/mo increase in price, so they can do a little bit better, they can if they want to sell you the car! Call the guy ask him what he can do to lower your money factor.... also ideally what would you like to pay maybe $650 a month? If you have a real good idea what you wanna pay (lets use $650 for example) I would call the salesman or his manager and say listen if you can give me the same deal but with the payments at $640 a month I'll come down and sign the paperwork right now... see what he says. Worst case he says no and you can come up from there. Like I said, you don't ask you dont get :) I said to my car dealer if you can get me in the 5's and im not talking $599 I'll come down today to sign the papers. He called me back 15 min later and said how does $560.32 a month sound I said ok see you tonight.
  • These are the figures I have been given for a 39 month lease on an Infiniti FX 35 with the touring package. I am new to leasing and not at all sure of what questions I should be asking. Any advice would be appreciated:
    Capitalized cost: $37,923
    Doc fee: $35
    Bank fee: $550
    Net residual: $22,962
    Depreciation: $15,545
    License fee: 148.50
    Advance payment $535.75
    Rate: 1.530
    Tax at 8.75%
    I have been quoted a monthly payment of $535.75
  • wow... they are ripping you off by about $100+ a month... My Tax is 10% I have touring tech and sport package black with graphite fx35 AWD. I pay $560 a month for a 36 month lease... nothing more than the first month down. If you see I am paying $25 more a month for a car but I have a 3 month less lease term and a car that has another $9000 or so in packages. I also have a higher tax rate. Keep shopping, thats an awful deal.
  • You're welcome badad. The selling price that you were quoted for this truck, $38,450 for an '05 FX35 AWD that has an MSRP of $42,070, is very attractive. Using these prices, if you were to lease this vehicle through Infiniti Financial Services right now for 39 months with 15,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $474. As I mentioned, this payment is before tax so the one that you were quoted is not that far from the one that I came up with.

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  • I have searched all Infiniti dealers within 3 hours of my home (New Orleans) looking for a 3-year lease on the FX35 with sports/touring package for no more than $500 per month, tax(8.75%)included. By the responses I have received, you would think I was asking for the vehicle free of charge.
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