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Car Buying Advice - Numbers 2017 MB 400 coupe lease

zekezackzekezack Member Posts: 9
edited May 2017 in Mercedes-Benz
Please check the RV/MF for May For E400 coupe (AWD AND RWD) 36/10K ATLANTA THANK YOU

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  • zekezackzekezack Member Posts: 9
    Talked to local dealer today
    marked up lease acquisition fee to 1095 from 795....MR 0.0160 with autopay
    Residual 54%
    Doc fees up from 599 to 699
    Just RUN away now?

  • zekezackzekezack Member Posts: 9
    Our ad valoreum tax is 7% of MSRP. My thoughts are to roll that 3000 plus tax into the Adjusted Cap Cost because if the vehicle gets stolen/totaled, the state will not refund a penny to you...No matter What!
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