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2013 and earlier Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Questions



  • Hi Carman,

    Can you let me know what the current money factor and residual should be for a 2008 Laredo lease for 36 mths and 15k miles in New York ?

  • Hey Car_man,

    Since Chrysler Financial is offering such big incentives on the JGC right now, I am looking into a lease on, if you wouldn't mind, please give me figures for

    2008 2WD Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd
    36 or 39 months
    w/Hemi and Nav

    Also, what is the difference in residuals/money factor if I go with the Laredo, 2WD. Does the engine choice (V6 vs V8) impact the figures at all?

    The GC Ltd I am looking at has an MSRP of 38,485....Incentives for me would be $4500, plus whatever I can negotiate. I am hoping to get them close to invoice, which, if I've estimated correctly, would put me in the low 400's for a payment (425-435), if I calculate the sales tax on the negotiated final price (which is what I've always had done in the past).

  • Car Man: Is Chrysler/Jeep currently offering an early lease termination (pull ahead) program? If so, how many months?
  • I just bought a 2008 JGC 2wd Laredo, from a local Brooklyn Dealership

    196 per month 27 months (payment includes the all taxes -high for NY)
    I paid in total drive out the door money of $3450
    10k miles per year
    The car was automatic but with nothing else other then sirius satellite.

    I really had to fight for this deal, so I don't think its common. MSRP was 28.5K think it was 8K off of MSRP and then the residual 15,500 after 27 months.

    Did I get a good deal? Love the car, I've had other trucks before but I like this ones authetic feel.
  • Car_man,

    Never mind.....I drove home in a new (2008) 2WD Grand Cherokee Overland on Saturday night....will post my figures soon. I got a great deal, love the vehicle, thanks to Edmunds for arming me with good info prior to negotiating!

  • mwagmwag Posts: 6
    Car Man

    2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
    28 W package
    4.7 L V8
    Trailer Tow Class IV
    P245 tires

    msrp $34,530
    sell to leasing company $30,550

    3500 lease cash

    I turned last lease in 6 months ago so no loyaly?

    36 months
    10,500 miles a year
    money factor .00041
    residual 52%

    Payment $326.00

    plus $600 out of pocket to me.

    is the $750 dealer cash good in Michigan?

    Is this an ok deal?

    Mark Wagner
  • Here's how my deal breaks down:

    2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2WD
    MSRP: $40,890 (OWL tires the only added option)
    Net Cap Cost: $31101
    Sales Tax: $1944 (6.25% in Texas)
    Total Cap Cost: $33045
    Residual: $17,173 (42%)
    Miles per year: 15K
    Money factor: .00135
    Monthly payment: $474.74/39 months

    Paid first payment and registration down. We think we got a great deal and love the vehicle! Hope this is helpful to anyone considering a Grand Cherokee.
  • I am currently leasing a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica Touring AWD which is about to run out. I have tried to lease a 2008 Pacifica (any trim level) to no avail. The monthly lease payments even with $2500 down are off the charts. Apparently Chrysler does not want these vehicles back. My long time dealer is trying to steer me into a JGC Laredo lease because of the current incentives for this vehicle, ($4,500) in my case.

    My question is this. Monthly lease payments with $2,500 down would be $325+/- for a V6 model vs $350 +/- for a V8 (4.7). I am leaning toward the V8. as the 210 HP V6 seems under powered for a 4,500 lb vehicle. Dealer currently has about 20 V6s in his inventory, but only two 4.7 V8s and two Hemi's at $40,000+. Can anyone out there convince me to spend the extra $25/ month for the 4.7 V8. Thanks in advance for your input.
  • I guess the questions I would ask you regarding engines would be:

    1) Do you haul (with trailer) things on a regular basis? If yes, go with the V-8.

    2) Do you like to hit the gas and feel the response? Get on expressways frequently? If yes, go with the V-8.

    I had a V6 JGC rental for a week, and it really wasn't bad in terms of response, but after driving the V8, I knew my "need for speed" would require the larger engine. We also occasionally have to haul things, and since I don't have a long commute, gas mileage is not as big a factor for me (please no bashing, environmentalists!).

    I personally would opt for the bigger engine for the extra $25 since the gas mileage really isn't that much worse, but I'm one of those who likes to feel the response when I am getting on the expressway. I didn't plan on ending up with the Hemi, but to get a vehicle with navigation, the only one in the area was an Overland, so now I am loving the growl of this big boy, and watching the fuel gauge drop almost before my very eyes....

    Either way, I think you'll enjoy the vehicle. Good luck with your decision!
  • Thanks for the response. I don't do any trailer haulin but I do like a quick and safe merge from an on ramp or pass a semi quickly on the interstate rather than hang there like some people. According to the window stickers, both engines are rated at 19 MPG highway so thats not an issue. Chalk one up for the V8.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I got an 07 closeout w/4.7 as well 6 weeks ago and am very satisfied, getting EPA mpg of 15/20 city/hiway. I need to haul a 3k lb fishing boat/trailer in summers so the new V6 was not quite enough torque. I sold my 01 with 4L I6 to my son and it was rated to tow 5k lbs although that is a stretch. The V8 really isn't much worse mpg and I can also use E85, currently $2.10/gal in MN vs 2.85 for gasoline. Enjoy!
  • Many thanks to you also. 15/20 city highway is exactly what I am getting with the Pacifica AWD. Overall MPG per computer is 17.7 MPG. E85 is not widely available here in western NYS, although two ethanol producing facilities are currently under construction within 25 miles of Buffalo. Current price of 87 octane locally is $3.19 to $3.29/ gal. and about $.20 per gallon less on the Indian Reservation.(no nys tax) I am also looking at the Saturn Outlook AWD which is very close to the Pacifica in overall size and performance. However, no lease quotes yet.
  • I drove an Outlook a few weeks ago, but the lease programs on those were not nearly as aggressive as on the JGC. Like you, I got the $4500 in incentives, a decent lease rate, plus the dealer was willing to negotiate much more than the Saturn guy. For the equivalent Saturn (with leather, nav, etc.), my payment would have been much higher than what I ended up with on the Jeep.

    I felt a little cramped in the Saturn (I'm 5'11, hubby is 6'3") and l prefer being higher up for visibility. The Saturn is smooth, no doubt, but I personally liked the trim/finish in the Jeep better. The wood trim in the Outlook looked fake and cheap, IMO, and I just couldn't get excited about it. I am loving the Jeep--the higher ride, the V8 power, the interior look....what can I say? I looked with an open mind, but just couldn't find anything I liked as much as the Jeep for the $$$.

    Let us know what you end up doing, and good luck!
  • Drove GCL's today, V6 and 4.7 V8. The V6 has decent power and acceleration, but I decided to lease the V8. The deal breaks down like this.

    MSRP: $34,195 (28E package)
    Annual Miles: 10,500
    Residual Value: $16,071.65 (47%)
    Lease Rate: .00062 (1.488%
    Selling Price: $32, 675.81
    Rebates: $5,000
    Cash Down: $3,000
    Adjusted Cap Cost after all fees, tax title, 1st. pmt. etc.: $27,435
    Monthly PMT. $340 (36 months)

    I don't think I could do much better than this. I was at the dealership over 4 hours between test driving various vehicles and haggeling with the sales manager. I think they glad to see me go.
  • Ditto here. Saturn dealer (same dealer group as Jeep) could not help me. Monthly payment for base AWD Outlook ($31,400 MSRP) was $471.00 per month for 36 months with $2,500 cash down. Although their residual was high (63%), the interest rate was a very high 6.95%. No rebates or incentives as the Outlooks are selling very well. Went next door to the Jeep/Chrysler and the rest is history. Please see my previous post. Set to pick up JGC (Red Rock Chrystal) next Wednesday. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.
  • Congrats on the new Jeep; I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I love that Red--you'll be getting lots of looks in that baby.

    Merry Christmas to you and all forum posters/lurkers!
  • Picked up my 2008 JGC on Wednesday 12/26. Very smooth and powerfull with the 4.7 V8. Question, Can anyone tell me how to activate the DRL's or is this a dealer function? or perhaps someone could direct me to the proper forum. Thanks for all your help to date.
  • Hello,

    I recently leased a JGC via Chrysler Leasing.... They are using a $425.00 disposition fee... ? Is this standard across all Chrysler Leases ... ? is it negotiable... ? I am fully aware they will waive the fee if you purchase another Chrysler / Jeep product and curious how to avoid it all together... My current JGC lease is expiring from 2005 and it has a $300 disposition.

    Thanks in advance....
  • It must be standard. My lease dated 12/26/07 also includes a $425 amount under Item 3 (other charges). The upper left corner of the document states "NEW YORK" and "Motor Vehicle Lease Agreement"
  • My 2005 Aviator lease is up next month :( and I have to find a new car,

    Below is the deal I have been offered.

    08 Limited
    package 25H

    MSRP $42,585
    36 mo term
    12,000 per year
    0 dollars down
    507 a month
    MF .00038


    Also will these deals go away in 2008?
  • What is the adjusted cap capitalized cost amount which includes all fees and taxes? The .00038 MF equates to a less than 1% interest rate which is very good. Current Jeep incentives and rebates are scheduled to expire on 1/2/08. After that who knows. They could be reduced or disappear entirely. $507/mo. x 36 mo. = $18,252 total pay out.
  • They were dropping the price by about $8,070 and the residual was about $19.500
  • This would seem like a pretty good deal. I ran a payment estimate on a dealers webb site for a similarly priced Jeep with zero dollars down for 3 years. The resulting payment estimate was $555/mo. for 36 mo. Since you would not appear to be eligible for the lease loyalty incentive, $507/mo seems reasonable. See posts #369 and #376 to get a ballpark figure. If you push the Sales Manager a little, you might even get a better deal. End of the month and calender year, etc.
  • Buckeye,

    You might be able to get a bit more off, if you're a patient and firm negotiator. We were ready to walk a couple of times, but got the deal we wanted by holding firm on what we wanted to pay. I don't think these SUVs with large engines (ie not great gas mileage) are not selling that great, so hold your might be surprised!

    Good luck!
  • I was set to take delivery today at $495 a month and called and backed out. I guess I am not ready just yet. Thanks for the replies. :)
  • joejeepjoejeep Posts: 12
    08 Jeep GC V6, 26X, Nav
    MSRP 36,910
    Inv: 33,729
    GCC: 32,972
    CCR: 5,000 (3K, 1K, 1K)
    ACC: 27,972
    Res Val: 16,978
    3yr. / 36K
    $325/mo (not incl tax)
    $100 toop

    Any thoughts... ?

    Thank You.
  • That's too bad. You missed out on a great vehicle at a great price.
  • Hard to judge. Here in NYS auto leases include NYS sales tax (8.75%) in my county. You can pay it separately, but most people do not. (No sales tax receipt no registration). Overall seems like a fair deal.
  • Hi,

    Can someone give me the current money factor and residual for a 2008 Grand Cherokee Laredo 2x4, 10k miles, 36 months?

    Also, a question about that money factor. Is that the absolute lowest possible at a given time, or something else? One of my credit scores is 705 (I just found out there's a mistake on this one), and the other two are in the high 760's. I know what kind of loan rates I can get approved for, but the leasing money factor is still kind of confusing to me. Should I assume the lowest money factor when negotiating?

    I see the $3500 lease cash & $500 bonus cash on the Jeep site, are there any other offers to be aware of in the Los Angeles area?

  • I think the MF varies depending on your zip code and credit rating. Mine was .00062 or 1.488%. (divide MF by 2400) The residual was 47% of MSRP on my 4x4. There may be lease loyalty cash if you qualify.
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