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Land Rover Range Rover Lease Questions



  • The lease is up in December and my monthly payments have been 1300. I have 2 questions:
    1) I have quite a bit of dings and scratches on the outside. The inside is fine.
    Should I try to have all the outside damage fixed myself before the inspection? Or do I leave it as it is and pay whatever they charge does it really work?
    2) I was presented with the option to continue to lease the vehicle. Given the current horrible rates and the economy, I don't want to pay more than $1300/month on ANY vehicle. So I was looking into maybe leasing sport but was quoted $1615/month! I wonder if I would do better with a different make (ie BMW?). What to do? Is it possible to pay less than $1300/mo on RR or RR Sport without having to come up with a lot of out of pocket?
  • Hi Malibugaga,

    Let’s see – I would guess that your leas is with LRCG as they had the best program in 06, regardless all the leasing companies use independent inspection companies to asses the damage v.s. normal wear and tear to your car. Most dealerships can give you a general idea of what is considered acceptable and what is not, but keep in mind they play no part in what the bank ultimately charge’s you for damage if any.

    I would recommend contacting the local dealer to see what they say – if you give me an idea of where you live I may be able to recommend the closest / best dealer to speak with.

    As for question #2 – Land Rover recently released extra money / incentives on the 2008 full sized rover – ie – with minimal drives (1st month payment tax and lic.) you should be at about 999+ tax for 39 months with about 10,500 miles per year. (keep in mind the banks are being very cautious who they lend money to theses days so it would be based on a very strong credit score). I believe this program nets the dealer about $1200 total gross, which is very fair. You may be able to negotiate this down a little bit – again depending on where you live I may be able to recommend a dealership who I have heard is very competitive.

    A sport for $1650 a month sounds very high.. Was your quote on a supercharged model?, Or with extra equipment? and was it a 2009 or 2008?

    If you give me the MSRP of the sport you were looking at I can give you a better idea of what the payment should be. That being said I know that you will get a better overall deal on a 2008 Range Rover HSE based on the incentives and programs available.

    Hope that helps a bit,

    Rover Guy
  • Looking to lease a 2008 Land Rover HSE. Dealer says $1650 per month. This includes luxury package, DVD, Tire/Wheel protection. 12,000 miles per month. He says discount and rebates of 13,000 give me a good deal. However, money factor seems high and residual seems very low. Anyone hear of what I should really be paying. Thanks!
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137
    Hi Rob,

    The lease seems high to me. The money factor is average and the residuals are horrible. I assume that you are leasing this vehicle in Las Vegas? How many months is the lease?

  • Hey NY -

    Glad you got the deal, and didn't get nailed by the mileage switch-a-roo..

    The Santorini Black is the new color, it is actually more metallic and brilliant then the Java, but you can only really see the flakes in direct sunlight. of course this is just my opinion … :)

    Rover Guy
  • Hi Blessedcrys,

    I calculated your deal using a Range Rover HSE $78,550 MSRP / $72,254 INV. Minimal drives 1st payment tax and lic, rolling your last payment..
    I came up with this:

    $2,125 due at signing

    $1,023 + tax per month $1,108 including tax @ 8.25%

    10,500 miles per year

    36 months

    Tier “0”

    37 % residual


    Take note that it is much harder to qualify for tier “0” more typically you will see tier “1” approvals, if this is the case it would bring your payment up to $1,048 + tax and up your drive off to about $2,155.

    Hope that helps..

    Rover Guy
  • Hi Rob Las Vegas,

    That deal seems very high – not taking credit score into consideration, and I am not familiar with the Tire and Wheel Protection.

    Roughly I come up with something like this: MSRP $85,550 / Inv $78,629, $5750 rebate

    $2,400 due at signing

    $1,400 a month including tax

    36 months

    12,000 miles per year

    .00351 (tier 0) or .oo380 (tier 1)

    36% Res.

    I am not sure how much the tire and wheel protection is, but I can’t imagine is worth $250 a month…

    Hope that helps! :)

    Rover Guy
  • jbratxjbratx Posts: 40
    Hey Rover Guy,
    Thanks for all the help on the forum. I live in Los Angeles can you recommend a dealership who you have heard is very competitive as stated in the post for Malibugaga? Thanks.
  • Hi Rover Guy -
    my zip code is 90265.
    I was looking at non-supercharged model sport but with DVDs in the back. It seems now that full sized HSE model offers better deals?
    What is the best deal you know of on 2008 or 2009 RR HSE? All I need is again the DVDs in the back (2 kids!) - the rest I don't care as much about. Meaning I don't need to have all wood dashboard or such things...
    What is usually the lowest down payment? (On the 2006 model we paid 10k up front and I don't want to do that again...) I would like the monthly payment to be as close to 1k as possible.....Also - is it better to wait until January to get better deal on 2008? Or do you think I could get similar deal now?
  • Hi Jbratx,

    Depending on where in LA you live for best overall buying experience I would recommend the following, one of them should be relatively close.

    Land Rover Thousand Oaks (Silver Star)– ask for the fleet manager (be sure you get the one who is actually in the land rover building, younger fellow very knowledgeable, and got our last 2 Rovers from him, and he had them delivered to our home contracts, and all.)

    Land Rover LA, (Hornburg)– ask for the internet sales manager… several happy people have got good deals there, but be careful some of the sales managers / sales people get a bit atypical and play the game.

    Land Rover Mission Viejo – ask to speak with the sales manager, there are two, you want to speak with the young man with a bit of an atypical California surfer accent… also a low stress buying experiance.

    All three of the above listed dealerships have been referred on more then one occasion, and we have either worked directly with or had friends or family had excellent buying experiences with very competitive pricing, and more importantly with out hassle or games you would find at other dealerships.

    That being said, I would also recommend you stay away from 2 particular dealerships, both are under the same ownership, and both have the worst reputations for a highline dealer that I have ever come across. I won’t mention them by name simply say, to save mild brain trauma, stay away from the valley and the airport area…

    Hope that helps,

  • Hi Malibugaga,

    90265 - Malibu-gaga.. Now I get it! Guess I am a little slow some times.

    Currently there are no good deals on the 09 sports, and most dealers are out of, or almost out of the 08’s (some ugly colors still exist). I agree you should get a full size Range Rover… The program is pretty good; much better then the program on the 09 sports. A Ranger Rover HSE with factory DVD has an MSRP $81,050

    If your credit is above average a lease with12,000 miles per year should look like this:

    36 months,
    $2,500 due at signing (approx)
    $1150 including tax (Malibu / LA County)


    48 months,
    $2,500 due at signing (approx)
    $1075 including tax (Malibu / LA County)

    The residual is super low in both cases 36% and 21% – but I with all of the dealer cash and rebates the numbers still add up.

    I wouldn’t wait till January I doubt the program will get better. As a matter of fact I am willing to bet the programs will get worse. With the sale of Land Rover finalizing, come the 30th of December, Land Rover Capital will be no more, and Chase will be stepping in as Land Rover’s captive lender (Chases programs are no where near as good as the current LRCG programs).

    Furthermore next to a brief spurt towards the end of 2006 this is the cheapest payments I have ever seen on a Full Sized Range Rover …

  • jbratxjbratx Posts: 40
    Thank you very much Rover-Guy... I really appreciate it. :)
  • Gald I could help, please let me know how it goes.
  • Thanks Rover Guy. I will get right to it then and lease ASAP.
  • Glad I could help :shades:
  • When the dealer adds the running boards, it brings the MSRP close to $90,000. Lease is for 36 months, 12,000 miles, no cap cost reduction. He did mention something about a 0.0038 money factor.

    Kept saying it's a good deal because of the rebates.

    I know $1670/month seems high, but I called dealers in California/Pasadena and they wanted $1800+.

    Getting frustrated. Thanks for everyone's help!!!!

    Rob in Las Vegas
  • Ok – let’s break this down for ya – see if we can give you some piece of mind.

    MSRP $85,550
    Invoice $76,354

    Running Boards: $1,400 (installed)
    Carpet Mats: $300

    Rebate: $5750

    Buy Rate: .00351

    Minimal drives: $2,486 (California fees and taxes 8.25%)

    Monthly payment: $1,205 + tax $1,305 including

    Now – if we change it up and put the retractable running boards on …

    MSRP $85,550
    Invoice $76,354

    Running Boards: $4,000 (installed)
    Carpet Mats: $300

    Rebate: $5750

    Buy Rate: .00351

    Minimal drives: $2,486 (California fees and taxes 8.25%)

    Monthly payment: $1,287 + tax $1,393 including

    Both scenarios give the dealer about a net 1500 profit which is more then fair.

    I hope that helps!

  • Hey Rover Guy and all,

    I was offered the following 2 leases:

    2008 HSE Luxury Package 39 month lease $1075+tax (LA County)
    $0 down (only pay registration and first payment)

    2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged
    $0 down (same scenario)
    48 month lease $899/mo +tax

    Are these fair prices and or do I have any wiggle room here?

    I am tryig to decide between the two. I like both vehicles a lot and almost equally for the interior. I love the exterior on the full body but the sport is a little more fun to drive.
  • Hi Themrc,

    Both deals are “Steals” either way you can not go wrong,.. I doubt highly that you would have any room to negotiate from the price you were quoted. I would jump either deal, based on calculations they are net “0” deals. Just be careful about them trying to bump you on the rate etc.

    Personally I like our full-sized Range Rover better then our Supercharged Sport. Although it lacks a bit in pickup – in the long run the ride and overall comfort is more desirable. Not to mention we average almost 17mpg in the big rover!

    Happy hunting!

  • thanks for the help!
  • drpokdrpok Posts: 1
    I just got offered this lease and was wondering if I might be able to do better

    2008 Range Rover HSE (FFRR) brand new
    48 months/ 15,000 miles
    $950/ month + TTL

    Any thoughts, there seem to be alot of these on the lot

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi drpok. The best way to evaluate a lease is to look at the selling price that it is based upon. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Without this number, it is difficult to tell how much of a dealer discount you are being given. Let us know what this Range Rover's MSRP and selling price are and I am sure that either myself or another knowledgeable community member will be happy to give you their opinion on it.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi Drpok,

    if you can tell me what your total due at signing is, and what tax rate your county has, I can revers the deal and see how it comes out - BUT based on what you said it sound very very good.

  • I got offered the following on a 2008 HSE with the luxury interior:

    $65,950 (car is new but has storm damage that was repaired).

    10k miles, 36 months $1,415 a month with $5k down.

    They are using 36% residual with a .00048 money factor. Also throwing in a new set of tires for my RR sport and a few other perks. Thougths on this deal?
  • alexkoperalexkoper Posts: 23
    Does anyone know the current residual and buy-rate MF on the RR sport HSE and/or supercharged? I'm considering both, and I know that there is a pretty strong residual and low MF. I'm also curious what you all have been able to negotiate in the way of cap-cost - will any RR dealers go below invoice or close to it?

    Thanks so much. I'm in So Cal by the way.
  • I think you should try a couple more dealers before you give it the ok. What state are you located? I'm in NY state. In November I got a 2008 HSE with no out of pocket money at all, only taxes for DMV and other taxes thats mandatory, and that came up to $1,200. The dealer also paid my last month car not of $753.38. I have a 36 month 10,000 miles and I pay $1,015.00 a month. Hope this helps. ;)
  • competiecompetie Posts: 3
    Dear Rover-Guy,

    I don't have detailed information as many of the other posts, but it would be great to get your opinion.

    The current Sport lease program at $799/mo, $0 security deposit and $1500 due at signing for a 36 month/30k miles is appealing (vs what the lease program was 3 years ago when I look at them).

    I'm being offered $835/mo - 36 months with $0 out of pocket for a Luxury Package Sport.

    Thanks for your feedback and time.
  • rover_guyrover_guy Posts: 17
    Hi Competie,

    The lease program on the Range Rover sport is great, I worked up two scenarios for you,
    1) 0 “out of pocket”
    Due at signing = $0
    Payment before tax = $818 + tax
    36 months 12k

    2) 0 “Down, 1st month’s payment tax and license due at signing”
    Due at signing = $1370
    Payment before tax = $778 +tax
    36 months 12k

    Sooo… based on these numbers I would say you got a good deal but not quite a steal. UNLESS your quote included tax..

    If you let me know what city and state you are in a can re-calculate it exactly for you.


  • competiecompetie Posts: 3
    Hi Rover-Guy,

    Thank you for taking your time to respond. I greatly appreciate it. I'm in Boston.

    Yes the quote that I received of $835/mo for 36 months with 12k miles per year included Massachusetts sales tax of 5%. This was for a RR Sport with the Lux package. I would like to get below $800.
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