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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • Hi Cali123. The best way to evaluate this deal is to take a look at the selling price that it is based upon. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Without this number, it is difficult to tell how much of a dealer discount you are getting. You already mentioned what this truck's MSRP is, just let us know what its selling price is and I am sure that either myself or another helpful community member will gladly share their thoughts on this deal with you.

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  • Congratulations on getting your new RX 350, larryj42. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your lease with everyone. If you'd like, you can share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience by heading on over to the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of Happy Holidays and enjoy your new ride :shades: !

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  • Congrats on getting your new RX, skops. At first glance, $489/month including tax for an EX 350 with nav sounds pretty good to me. I'm glad that you found this forum so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to give back and share information on your lease. If you're interested, you can share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience over in the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of as well. Enjoy your new truck!

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  • jgorejgore Posts: 1
    What Southern CA dealer did you get this from?

    Thanks in advance.
  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    In Northern VA, expect to pay 500+ if you roll in your inception fees. I wouldn't waste your time at dealers like Pohanka and Lindsay - they are some of the highest in the area in my opinion. Since it is almost the end of the month, you may be able to push them tough. If you have time, I would shop in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area A lot of them offer free delivery to the DC area. Good luck.
  • skylabskylab Posts: 37
    Got my wife an '09 RX350 AWD today with Premium Plus, navigation, heated seats, 18" wheels, tow prep, trunk mats and wheel locks (MSRP of $46,241) at $450 a month (incl. 5% MA tax) for 36 months and 12K a year. $1,600 total out of pocket for acq. fee, first month, TTL and docs.

    Happy with that, particularly since my local dealer (who I like) was able to do it, even though I thought the sales manager was going to cry at one point. There's probably a few more bucks to be squeezed out if you go to Herb Chambers in Sharon, as they seem to have truly epic overstock, but I didn't have the appetite for it. Thanks to everyone who has contributed here. Knowing where to dig in was extremely valuable.
  • Santa Monica. Ask for Danny.
  • ivar1ivar1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the input. are there not any issues with regard to service etc. if we get it from PA/NJ?
  • Do the $7-$9k off MSRP deals, I'm seeing in the posts, include the $2500 Lexus dealer cash currently offered?
  • 2009 RX350 (no navi)
    54% residual
    .00095 money factor
    2800.00 (total due at signing including taxes first month etc)
    395.00 a month
    If I would like to add XM/Sirius they will install for another 350 at anytime during the lease ( I am undecided about this)

    I do not have the exact MSRP with me at the moment but I believe it is 39k
  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    no issues at all. I'm assuming you are going to lease your vehicle. In three years on a Lexus SUV, you won't be doing much except changing the oil and rotating your tires. Maybe change the cabin filter as well.
  • Premium Plus, extra console wood paneling.
    I was quoted:
    msrp $46241
    selling - 40847
    out of pocket $2023(incl. taxes)
    monthly - $543
    dealer will pickup my last two lease payments on current car totaling $1290.
    I suspect it is still high cost and my current 2 leased payments are bundled in here as nothing is free in life.
  • Hello,

    I am going to finalize a deal on an RX350 tomorrow afternoon. I originally asked the salesmen on the phone if he can do $475/month with $2500 total cash down on a base model, he said yes. After reading these I don't think that is a good deal. I would like a unit with nav. Has anyone leased from cherry hill? If so what was your deal? If not can someone help me out with what I should be paying a month, and if I should put less money down, etc? Thanks for your help.
  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    you shoud try to lease a nav at cherry hill for about 450 per month (no money down except for inception fees).
  • Lex, Thanks, have you experienced leasing there? What would those fees be, for the down payment?
  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    actually, I checked out Cherry Hill and they seemed to be a bit on the high side. I ended up leasing in Northern Jersey. From what I have seen, the fees for a lexus should break down as follows:

    approx $250 for doc fee (depends on dealer)
    $700 bank fee (non-negotiable)
    $150 for title and registration (depends on dealer)
    first month lease (around $440 or $450 including sales tax for an AWD nav in NJ)
    there is no security deposit needed for Lexus, at lease during the December to Remember

    total out of pocket should be around 1500-1600. Anything more and you are paying extra to reduce your cap cost which is never advisable in a lease, because if you total your car, you will never recover that money. The goal of a lease is to reduce your monthy payment to the minimum amount possible, with paying as little out of the door (in my opinion). Most good salespeople will advise you of this.

    Try Lexus of Englewood or Prestige Lexus in Ramsey, or just ask Cherry Hill to match them. They might be inclined to since it is the end of the month.
  • MSRP is actually 41K sell price 36K
    buyout in the end 23,571 can anyone tell me if this is a good deal (see prior post for all details) I would really appreciate any input :-)

    Thanks so much!
  • skylabskylab Posts: 37
    The other numbers in your original post look right (54% residual. 0.00095 money factor) but you should be able to get the purchase price down quite a bit more. Several folks here have managed to get $8K or more off sticker on RX350s recently, which would take you down to around $33K. I would try and pay only fees out of pocket (aim for $1,500) and that gets you to a payment of about $355 a month (before taxes).

    PS: The $23,571 buyout doesn't square with the 54% residual. Not sure what's going on there.
  • DaniZDaniZ Posts: 2
    I am getting the following deal. Need to validate if it is worth it?

    2009 RX350 AWD with Premium pkg, 18" wheels, multi stage heated front seats, rain sensing wipers, headlamp washers, towing prep pckg, cargo mat and wheel locks. MSRP $42776

    Getting it for $470 pm. Lease for 36 months 12K miles a year. Absolutely NO money down not even first month lease payment.
  • fanatfanat Posts: 8
    I've picked up my car yesterday,

    RX350, AWD, Premium + navigation.
    $435 per months excluding taxes
    About 2,600 at signing - taxes are around 1300 + 700 bank fee and 1st month payment.

    I gave up on 435 because arguing further was really starting to get on my nerves and I gave up :)
  • thanks skylab for the you know what the residual should be? I don't know how to calculate it
  • skylabskylab Posts: 37
    The residual should be 54% of the MSRP, which you said was $41K. So -- $22,140. Unless the residuals have now changed in January.
  • Hi skylab you are absolutely on the money (guess my memory isn't so good) the actual MSRP is 43,591 and sell cost is 36,074 so about 7500 off.

    and the buyout is 23,539

    they will not budge anymore on price, its 2800 down and 395 a month including taxes from what I hear this is still a good deal in NY at least.
  • Thank you to all of you who have posted your lease deal info on this forum. It has been very helpful thus far. After going in to my local Lexus dealer last week and test driving an RX350, I emailed the sales consultant who helped me with some of the deal details that folks have been posting on this forum (specifically AWD RX350, prem +, nav, heated seats, 18" liquid graphite wheels, tow pkg, etc.) for 36 months/12K year. I let him know that folks have been getting in the $450/month range with taxes with about $1600 out of pocket at inception.

    Before he even called me back, he had taken this info to his manager and the finance manager. To sum things up, they are no where near the ballpark at all. Only discounting the car $4500 (and they made this sound generous). The finance guy had no idea about the .00095 MF (they quoted .00195). Payments well over $600 (ouch!).

    To their credit, everyone I have spoken to has been quite professional and nice, but we are just not on the same page numbers wise. They suggested that if I could verify that folks are getting this sort of deal in this area (not NY/NJ/MA or CA), they would take another look at it.

    Has anyone had any recent experience with dealers in Texas? Otherwise buying a plane ticket to CA or NJ would be cheaper than leasing from here!

    Thanks in advance!
  • jkenleyjkenley Posts: 64
    It's the same thing here in NC. No one here can touch the deals that are reported on this board. It's frustrating knowing people are getting this car at deals that I can't come close to.

    I did call down to the largest Lexus dealership in the country, JM Lexus in Miami. They were able to come very close and I am thinking of doing business with them. The only hiccup is that you would have to have the car shipped to you but for the savings, it's worth it.

    JM Lexus is the same dealership uses for those in the SE but they were able to come in lower than BTW, Fleetrates is a legit business, they are brokers but I feel better dealing direct with a dealer.
  • I just got a new 2009 RX350 lease with Premium Package, Navigation, Heated Seats, iPod Hookup in Dash and Sirius Hookup for about $450 down (which included all tax, title and license fees) and my monthly, including tax, is $490. It's a 3 year lease with 10k miles annually. The MSRP was around $43k. I got this deal in Southern California.

    Is this a good deal???
  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    sweet deal. I picked up my car yesterday as well. I ended up paying exactly the same ($435/month for AWD (MSRP 46181) + $2600 out of pocket which included my state sales tax.
  • joshd1joshd1 Posts: 7
    Hi All - Just letting you know that on 12/31 I locked down the following:

    2009 RX350 WITH Navigation
    36 mo.
    MSRP $44,026
    My Price $36,807 (includes a $700 fee from the leasing co.)
    Money factor 0.00095
    Residual 54%
    Monthly payment $454.19 including taxes (8.25%)

    No money down. I only paid $812 for the first monthly pymt plus TTL.
  • dean27dean27 Posts: 4
    Can I improve on this?
    '09 RX350 MSRP $40,551.00 I'm not sure which options are on this model as the price doesn't appear on any of the Lexus MSRP.
    sale price 34,000
    tax 1229.92
    official Fees=362.75
    money factor =00105
    residual 54% $21897.54
    cap cost =32,622.33
    $3,000 DP
    Mo payment $384.46 including tax
  • dean27dean27 Posts: 4
    What dealer did you use. the money beats my quote.
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