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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • fanatfanat Posts: 8
    I think MSRP is around that number.

    Do you think squeezing out 420 per month is reasonable?
  • njmdxnjmdx Posts: 17
    how's this for a great quote? NJ area. i'm going to jump on this today:

    - 2009 RX350 AWD
    - Premium pkg
    - Navigation
    - heated seats/rain sensor
    - towing hitch
    - trunk mat
    - all weather mats
    - 36 mo/12k miles
    - $475/mo including tax
    - $1000 out the door, including first month payment
  • fanatfanat Posts: 8
    That's a great quote! Which dealership was that?

    When I told my dealer on the phone that I want 420 per months it sounded like he had a stroke :)
  • $430 per month deal for a 09 RX350 with Nav+Premium is very good deal esp if you can try to get 12K will be even better.
  • I am actually about to start the same process of searching for the best deal to lease a 2009 Lexus RX350 and this post have educated me. However, I noticed you mentioned the dealer that produced the best quote was in NJ; can you let me know the name of that dealer and exact location in NJ? I reside on the outskirts of Philadelphia and, like you, are shopping for the best deal. I plan to purchase my car closer to December 30th, since the salesfolks will be more hungry to off load the cars to meet thier monthly quota. Also, I would really like to do most of my deal making online before I step foot inside the showroom. Do you (or anyone esle out there) have any advice for me?

    FYI - I currently own a 2002 Lexus ES300 (I brought it) and will be trading it in when I make my lease deal :) .
  • Lexus Girl : Actually I have been looking aggressively on a Lexus 09 R350 and Infiniti 09 FX35 with the help of the forum. Though, slightly different body stypes they are top rated SUVs in their class. The 35 is definitely more sporty looking whereas the 350 more reserve. I notice within the last 3 months in Los Angeles, the discount off a fully loaded 350 ie with Nav, PP, ipod etc., been increasing to 7-9K off MSRP whereas the 35 is discounting 4-7K off MSRP. The base MSRP of the 35 general starts3--4 higher than the 350. All said, I beleive for a fully loaded 09 350, the sel price is about 41-42K(without a 4K loyalty rebate included) and 36-38K for a comparable equipped 350.This is my observation. The Infiniti rebate does make a differece.
    All said, it is a matter of personal preferences and whether you are willing to shell out an extra 4-5K for a 350 and more if you are not. I am not an Infiniti owner, so for now, I am still focusing on the RX350 for now.
    Inventory in California is still adequate and dealers in general are willing to deal.
  • Thanks for the response Deal Maker...

    I am going to submit a quote online to start the process. You know once you put your name out there, they are all over you like Paronas and thats when my barging power will be initiated.

    In addtion, I am also concerned about being shafted on the trade. Any advice on that? I have never leased and always sold my cars privately, so I am completely green to the trade process as well as leasing, although i have heard horror stories about trading.

    Thanks again...LG
  • Hi, Regarding the trade- I tried to trade my vehicle in and all dealerships offered me way less than the KBB and my car has been taken to every service appt. and is in very nice condition... Good Luck to you. I am selling mine myself. Even on Ebay, Ive been seeing way more than what I was offered by these folks.
  • Present offer (in Phx). What say ye? This is just for the non-nav:

    - MSRP: $40,551
    - Present price: $33,771
    - Residual: 52%
    - Mileage: 15K/36 months
    - MF: .00095 (.0015 was the "standard Lexus offer" and i had to quote the deals on this page to lower it)
    - Monthly payment: $404 (before tax); $434 w/ tax
    - Up front fees. Dealer is presently asking for -- Doc fee ($489); Acquisition fee ($700); Registration ($663); first month's payment ($434) -- Total ~$2,300

    I think I can still negotiate on price, but was curious if others have had success waiving or lowering any of the up front fees. Any input is appreciated.
  • fanatfanat Posts: 8
    The only fees that are real is the 1st month payment, bank fee of $700, registration and plates (around or less then 200) and that's it!

    So, the document fee and registration fee that you posted are crazy!
  • fanat is right, the only thing he probably forget to mention is your Acquisition fee of $700. Crazy too. You should not pay a penny for this. As for the price, you might be able to push a bit lower, but not by too much.
  • Seems like there are lots of bogus fees for the uneducated customers. Buyers be aware.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    The acquisition fee is a LFS charge that is valid...I don't think it can be eliminated.
  • Present offer (in NJ). This is just for the non-nav:

    - MSRP: $43,591
    - Miles: 12K/36 months
    - Monthly payment: $419 w/ tax
    - Total out of pocket: $1,500

    Comes with the following:
    Premium Plus Package
    Liquid Graphite Finish 18" 7 Spoke Wheels with all season tires
    Multi Stage Heated Front Seats with Rain Sensing wipers and head lamp washers
    Cargo Mat
    Wheel Locks
    Any Color I want - Exterior and Interior (they have a lot of excess inventory I guess)

    I plan to pick the car up on Monday. Lets hope nothing changes. I will send an update.
  • Can you tell me what dealer you got your quote from in NJ. I am in NJ and plan on buying an RX350 tomorrow and your deal is about $50 cheaper.

    I would appreciate it.

  • njmdxnjmdx Posts: 17
    that's a great deal, attitudediver...

    is that $419 including tax or plus tax?
    is the dealer in Ramsey NJ? i hear they are having some great deals!
  • Does this car have NAV?
  • I have collected a number of offers on RX350 in the Bay Area. About 8k below MSRP is the typical offer I get. So I am sure that 9k under MSRP is possible. Lexus in Oakland, Fremont and Pleasanton appear to be the most aggressive in their pricing.
  • Lexus Girl, think you should sell it on the side. Think you can get a better deal on your own but might take some time. Good luck.
  • Rain man: 9K off MSRP is sell price for finance? What is your experience for sell price for lease?
  • I need somebody to critque these 2 quotes I received:
    Quote 1 09 RX 350 FWD Nav, Luxury Edition, (includes Premium), Mark Livingston System, Rear Entertainiment, very loaded vehicles but with 5K miles on it. Claimed to be a factory demo. MSRP $48,476;
    $3000 TDO, 12K/36 Resid $24,804 and $489 incl tax per month;
    Quote 1 09 RX 350 FWD Nav, Luxury Edition, (includes Premium) MSRP $43,256 Residue $23,679 RSO $3,000; 12K/36 $482/month;

    Offered Quote 1 for $482/month and $23,679 Residual but not taker by the dealer. Offered OK on $482 but not on residual but willing to increase mileage.

    What do you think about these deals ? What do you think I should offer if I were to finance? Would 8-9K off MSRP appropiate? confuse:
  • Have the following lease offer. Would like to sanity check with this group.

    RX 350
    No Navigation
    MSRP: 42,171
    Miles per year: 15,000
    36 months
    $1,489 down (no cash, just fees and first payment)

    $439 per month, plus tax (no cash down)

    It seems like an excellent deal based on the national deals I've seen.

    Let me know thoughts.
  • First, does anyone know the current residual and money factor. I am seeing 54% on 12,000 miles and .00095 or 0.00085 which is correct? Also, what is the average discount in the NorthEast NJ.

    I am getting around $6200 off in NJ is that good or bad on an RX350 AWD No Nav?

  • Dan Miller, the deal sounds right comparing to the national December to Remember deal $429, 12K/36 month. Esp. withAWD and $1489 down, which means you have no capital reduction in TDO. Consider putting a refunable security deposit say 1K to get another $10/down per monthly. Thats means you save $360 per month by putting in $1000 (you get it back at end of lease) which is good return. Can you get information about this dealer?
  • Asking for comment on the following lease offer:

    09 RX 400h - FWD
    36 mo, 12k/yr lease,
    Navi (No Levinson) Premium package, leather/wood trim,
    $895 drive off, $520 mo., + Tax/fees
    $24400 residual.

    Thank you.
  • Please comment on this lease offer for NJ

    36 months
    12,000 miles
    No Nav
    list $42770
    $500 a month tax included
    No money out of pocket sign and drive

    Let me know if this is a good deal
  • The discount does not appear to depend on whether you purchase and lease. Is that your experience?
  • Rainman;
    My experience is that discount does matter. You get more for lease or cash. Pulled the plug on a 09 FWD RX 350 with Keyes Lexus in Van Nuys. Over-whelmed with their service. In and out the door in 3 hours or less.
    The deal
    12K/36 months, TDO $3,000; Monthly$450.89 included tax;
    Vehicle MSRP $46,500; marked up by dealer to about $48,500 for dealer preparation.
    Smokey Granite (difficult to find with Mark Livinston) Chrome wheel, Mark Livinston, PP, the work; even get first 2 years service free,
    Happy with the deal as the sales people are extremely courteous for the duration and not try to pull a penny more from me which is important.
    Hands up to Keyes
  • Hello All...

    I am anticipating going to the Cherry Hill, NJ dealer on Tuesday or Wednesday. Has anyone had any experience at this dealer?

    Also, I am trading in my used ES300 2002 (I know I am going to get slaughtered on the trade), but I do not want to haggle with outsiders at this point. Plus, I do not want to miss the great opp for the D2R speacials at the end of the year.

    Can anyone tell me exactly what is feasible to put on the table at the NJ dealer? I know depending on the area will dictate the deals.

    Thanks in advance folks!
  • Lexus Girl: There is a haggle factor that is sometimes more important than what you paid as the process can be painful. Go to a reliable dealership is important. They sold us the display vehicle with the red bow on it in the show room and waxed it for us. Try to avoid buying after options after lease is done such as life time tire replacement, low jacks and so forth. They add more to your payment and do not add any percevied values. This is first time we deal with a Lexus dealer and both myself and wife are very happy. Good luck and happy holidays.
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