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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • indus2indus2 Posts: 20
    hmmm, if I calculate standard lease payment based on your numbers, I come up with a ~$430, assuming 7% sales tax, not $455.80. Can you verify the residual and money factors they are quoting you? Also, how do you calculate $410.95 based on the one-time payment?

    As far saving $1,600, consider that $14,000 CD paying 4% yields ~$560/year. I realize there are tax implications, etc , but the point is that your real savings are much less than $1,600.
  • Hi again --

    The one-pay lease:

    410.95 X 36 = 14,794.20 plus the $700 Lexus lease acquisition fee plus license fee comes out to $15,944.16.

    As to the $430 -- add in the $700 Lexus lease fee plus license plus Los Angeles 8.25 tax and that gets me to the $455.

    Make sense?

    Oh, and forget 4% for the next three years. My guess is 2 to 3% if we're lucky!

    I don't have the residual or money factor on my paper work.

    Does this help? One-pay or not? And what do you think of the deal?

  • indus2indus2 Posts: 20
    I'm confused with the terms of your lease... If you go with the traditional lease, your up-front payment would include the $700 acquisition fee, doc fee, MV fee, and 1st month paymt, which should total approx. $1600. With that, based on the sticker price of $43,476, cap cost of $36,084, residual of 52% (3 yr/15k), money factor of 0.00095, cap cost reduction of $1,000 (lexus coupon), and 8.25% sales tax, your payment should be ~$438/month.

    Regarding the interest on your money, I wasnt predicting where the rates are going... All I'm saying is that you can open a 3 year CD tomorrow at GMAC bank with APY of 4.5%.
  • indus2

    The residual is $22,000 (and change). I will get the money factor tomorrow. And I will take your figures to the dealership.

    I also called my insurance agent for direction on the one-pay issue.

    Your input has been extremely helpful.

    Forget the few dollars difference in payments for a moment -- have you seen or heard of a better deal than this anywhere?
  • Hello Indus2,

    My lease is about to expire on my Lexus RX330 and have been looking to take advantage of the deals for the RX350. But I'm trying to understand how to get a dealer to provide a cap cost $2K below the invoice price, such as this deal being discussed, and then an the additional $1K Man. to Dealer coupon? I believe I'm missing something with the cap cost. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to get into an 09 RX350 NAV, thanks. :D
  • Gorodo025

    My salesman claims this is the cheapest deal they have ever done on an RX350 AWD (I bet they tell that to every buyer!). Having said that, I have not seen or heard of a better deal. All I can say is that Lexus - like the rest of the car dealerships - is really hurting. I take no joy in that.
  • indus2indus2 Posts: 20

    As I said, I think your deal is very competitive. I mentioned in my post from a couple of days ago, I just leased a 2009 non-nav, MSRP $43,591, 36month/15K. I negotiated a cap cost of $36,779, before the $1K lexus coupon, which esentially brings the net cap cost down to $35,779. My drive-off was ~$1700 (acquisition+1st month+doc fees+DMV). Payment is $450/month, including 7% sales tax.

    I'm glad you found my feedback helpful, afterall that's what this forum is for :-)
  • indus2

    When you factor in my $700 "black-out" kit and my paying $143 less on the drive-off, we got the same deal.

    Do you think we could have done even better at the end of December or January?
    Since we wanted a specific color combo and our current lease is up anyway, we didn't want to wait -- but it's fun to speculate.

  • Thanks. Unfortunately here in Miami I don't think they are having the same struggles. The RX and IS are VERY popular models here and are seen all over the roads. The two dealers I've been to recently, a couple of times to each, have both been busy with customers. This may be the difference in pricing. Thanks again. I will give it another shot in December right before New Years.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    "Do you think we could have done even better at the end of December or January?"

    Normally Lexus hold a December to remember events which they either bump up the residual or reduce the money factor. So chance are it is going to be a little bit better deal in December. The one pay lease that you were offer is a different animal than your regular lease. You have to look at your own situation in term of what you can do with the money. If you alternative is make 2-3% with the lease money then may be it is a worthwhile thing to do the one pay. If you can earn 7-8% then it may not be a good thing to do..
  • We (my wife and I) just picked up our RX350 AWD Black/Black with the chrome black-out kit plus a few extras,.

    The list price was just under $44,000 and our cap cost was a $35,008! Our drive off was $1,506 and the remaining 35 payments are $439.00. Plus free service (oil, etc, but no brakes) for two years.

    We could saved another $1,300 but decided not to go with the single-pay thanks to indus2.

    Oh, and we also opted to accept the offer from Lexus on their Visa deal. By accepting their new credit card (no annual fee) we got to put the drive-off on the card and receive 6 months interest free. We also get a credit of $175 on the Visa for any future Lexus service -- at any time. We're happy!

    How much lower can they possibly go? Not much, I think.

    Again, thank you indus2 you saved me several hundred dollars -- isn't the internet great?!
  • Hi, Thanks all for the infor here, what's the miles per year you got? I think they may add $20 a month if you add 2k miles a year.

    I'm also looking at the RX350 AWD, but I buddies in the gym told me I should go with the FX35 or Murano, since the RX350 is for soccer mom or star bucks lady,,, I'm not sure about that, maybe I should get black color for a young guy? please advise.. -Dave
  • 36/15 miles per year.

    Forgot to add one more thing -- free car washes!
  • Hey INDUS
    im trying to get into a RX350 Navi. i livein central jersey and i cant find anyone to get me into one even close to that price on a non nav one. i searched thru the forum and everyone mentions this 1kcoupon and i can tfind it. help.
  • Timelocked - can I ask you what state you purchased your car? Thanks!
  • Los Angeles, California
  • I just closed a deal from a dealer in NJ for the following. I hope this helps:

    Base Cap Cost=$36,779
    Cost out of pocket for drive off fee= $950
    Cap Cost Reduction= $1,000 dealer coupon
    Adjusted Cap Cost= $36,729
    Residual Value =$ 23,539 54% on 36k/3 yr lease
    Money Factor/Int Rate= .00095 or 2.28%
    Term= 36 months
    Sales Tax= 9% (live in PA)
    Monthly payment=$461.77

    I hope this helps all of you! I basically called the 3 boardering states for the deal.

    I feel this was a good deal!!!!!!
  • Congrats!

    You've got the 3rd best deal I've seen!

    Did you get the Lexus Visa credit card bonus deal (no interest in you down for 6 months plus $175.00 credit towrad any future Lexus service?
  • Thanks,

    Lexus Visa credit card bonus deal- I didn't do it for strictly not wanting to have another credit card open but I was offered that as well.

    Thanks for the lookout though. This forum really helped out in the whole negotiation process. For those who didn't not purchase yet, just make sure you educated yourself about leasing and use the data in this forum as a benchmark for getting the deal closed.
  • Hey scott that looks like a great deal. i have couple of questions for you.
    how many miles did you get a year?
    how did you get the dealer coupon?
    and finally
    what dealer did you use?
    becasue everyone calling me back is around 589 with a nav but i can deal without nav at your price!
  • Hi Blessendc,

    I got 12k/36k miles at a Residual at 54% which equates to $23,539.

    Let the dealer know that you are aware of the $1,000 cash to dealer coupon and have them apply it to the cap reduction cost. If I were you I would use the terms I got or timelock or indus2 as a bargining tool. You might need to adjust bc you want a nav but if you can live w/o nav use or terms posted earlier.

    I used a dealer in NJ but to be honest, once I got the terms I wanted it most but not all of the dealerships where pretty close. So, i would call around.

    Hope this helps!
  • I agree. The bottom line for the more aggressive dealerships is pretty clear. $7,000 to $9,000 off list for a non-nav!!
  • Trying to decide whether to close this deal on a 2009 RX 350 with Navi, XM and trailer hitch installed. My problem is can this thing tow my 3500 lb boat without issue? Anyone out there towing? PLEASE HELP!!!

    MSRP: $46241
    Cap cost: $40000 (includes XM and trailer hitch $860)
    Residual: $23954 or 52% (36 months and 15k miles/yr)
    Money factor: .001 or 2.4% interest
    Looking at $550 month with $1700 out of pocket

    I would rather have another 4runner or a Highlander but this kind of deal can't be had at the Toyota dealer.
  • rjohnson1987

    With more pushing you might be able to get a deal at a better cap cost... $38,000 or so and a better money rate .0095 which could put you at an approx $500 a month lease. (That's the deal my friend got with close to the same equipment)
  • Bought the Lexus RX 350 for 38k flat +TTL. The MSRP is $46,241.
    its the one with the NAV package and everything else.

    good deal these days?
  • Tuckerman2:

    $8,000 off list -- you're right on the mark!

    I got 9 off list (non-nav)...

    Anyone out there getting 10 off list?
  • Hey Guys
    this is the deal a local nj dealer is trying to sell me.
    2009 RX350 Pebble Beach Edition with Nav
    under 500 a month with no money down but taxes, sec dep, first month payment, fees and registration upfront totalling $3000
    36 months
    15k a year
    they tell me the $1000 coupon that people are talking about is for people with lexus lease returns only, not for people with no lease returns. Even though i own a lexus now they cant honor the coupon.
    the monthly payment is ok with me but the upfront cost of $3000 without the coupon is what's got me on the fence.
    what do you guys think?
    any more info to verify the use of the coupon?
  • I got the $1,000 coupon without a lease return... and so have others. Also, the $3,000 doesn't add up. It should be around $1700.

    I suggest you hold firm... sales are continuing to decline so you're in the driver's seat. Let us know how this turns out.
  • The $3000 consisted of the following
    700 bank fee
    first month payment
    600 security deposit
    385 motor vehicle fees
    taxes of the monthly payment over the 36 months
  • I did not have to pay any "security fee" and paying all the taxes up front means you're actually paying $522 a month on your lease . You can do better - get rid of that $600 "security fee", get that $1,000 coupon, and reduce your lease to 500 a month (taxes included). Remember timing is everything so you might want to hold out until the last two days of the month.

    Good luck!
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