Broken CRV engine mounts causing other major damage?

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Hi, I took my Honda CRV in for servicing a year or two ago ( I can't remember which time they told me this... I have been caring for my dying father who just passed away and a bit distracted) and they said I had oil all over the front of the engine, and a broken engine mount. I didn't add the two together and assumed the oil was from an engine leak somehow, as opposed to from a hydraulic engine mount breaking open

Anyway, they recommended replacing it, but I couldn't leave the car for a couple days to get the part, so never did it - now they need to replace all the engine mounts (which I deserve - it's my fault for not listening to their advice then and rescheduling, etc.) but my question is:

How probable is it that I did any other real major damage to anything else by driving my car for 1-2 years with at least one broken engine mount (and probably several failing ones due to the extra wear and tear on them from the broken one)? I am worried about it having some other major costs coming up - the price of replacing all the engine mounts (with original Honda parts) is about $1,000!



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    First, sorry for your loss. You had your attention exactly where it needed to be.

    As far as the car goes, potential issues would have to do with stress on wiring harnesses and hoses as the engine rocked further that it's really supposed to while driving. That doesn't mean that it has caused any issues and while the mounts are repaired a sharp eye should catch anything obvious. Replacing all of the mounts at the same time is easier and a little less expensive than doing them one at a time, so that's a plus but there is no real way to predict if anything else is going to be an issue. You will have to rely on any symptoms you observe or have been observing. One nice thing is you probably notice a lot of vibrating at idle with the mounts worn out. That will be much improved once they are replaced.
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    That is a problem I have never heard of on a CRV! Cardoc?
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    Yeah, it happens. It usually results in a report of vibration especially at low speed or idle.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    Interesting. Nothing I have ever heard of before.
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    He did mention an oil leak, so perhaps that helped to cause deterioration of the mount.
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    Try searching CRV engine mounts and don't be surprised when you find four piece kits like this.
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    I changed the mounts on mine and it resolved the loud idle and rough shifting.
    heres a great instructional video for DIY.
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    Glad I found you because I was looking for the actual placement of the mounts. Are any of these mounts hydraulic? I had my transmission rebuilt n now hear a flap noise and a growl if I hit the gas too fast. They replaced all of the mounts but still hearing this. Any suggestions
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