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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • jkang1jkang1 Posts: 7
    marzsh1, no, I didn't get the selling price. just got msrp, $2000 out of pocket at the reception, and 39 month deal with $479/month.
  • Carman:
    Looking to pull the trigger on the C300 in question #773-your thoughts???
  • bcvc71_libcvc71_li NYPosts: 36
    mattbogden's post above shows he was able to take advantage of the $4100 marketing support on his lease deal. That's great. Can anyone else confirm that the marketing support is available when negotiating the sales price on a lease transaction. Thanks in advance for your reply!

  • Yes, cash incentive available when negotiating lease deal.
    My dealer in So. Cal is offering this deal.

    2010 C300 w/sport, ipod, burlwood, automatic.
    MSRP $36,660
    Selling price $27,556
    One lease option priceis $12661.81.

    Price also includes 3 year maintenace service.
  • junk344junk344 Posts: 1
    I hope someone can steer me in the right direction for what is a deal worth taking on a lease for a 2010 C300. I live in WI, and have been offered the following:

    C300, Premium package, automatic, AWD - MSRP $40,275
    Cash Price - $33,065
    Residual Value - $23,762 (58%)
    0 Money Down
    $475 (includes Tax & 3yr maintenance program)
    $639 due at signing to cover title and license

    Any thoughts as to a better deal I can negotiate, or does this seem okay?

    Thanks in advance for any input.
  • What is the term/mi per year??
  • 36 months/12k yr.
  • mattbogdanmattbogdan Posts: 8
    edited August 2010
    Here are the deatils of my deal:
    2010 CS300 Sport w/ Navi
    Appearance proction-$399
    dor guard -$100
    Disct ($3345)
    MB Disct. ($4100)
    1923 tax
    $ 548 tag
    $8 _battery
    $599Dlr fee
    Include 3 yr maint & tint
    One Pay $17401

    This is way out from your deal of $12661. Where is the difference????
    Am I that far off $4740???
    The only difference in the car is the Navigation??
    Your thoughts.
  • bcvc71_libcvc71_li NYPosts: 36
    mattbogden - the difference appears to be the (1) fourizonly007's deal was a C300 Sport (base) with automatic while yours was likely a C300 Sport 4Matic; and (2) fourizonly007's lease was for 36mo/12K (with a likely residual of 57%) and yours was for 36mo/15K (with a likely residual of 55%. When I ran the numbers it accounted for approx a $4,000 difference (I couldn't figure it exactly because I'm not sure what the MF is for a One Pay deal).

  • ">link titleCar Guy :
    Here's the car:

    Vehicle: 2010 MERCEDESBENZ C CLASS C300W 4dr No Trade-In
    Sdn C300 Sport
    Stock #: AR130813
    VIN: WDDGF5EBXAR130813
    Miles: 9
    Vehicle Price: $39,064.00
    Appearance Protection: + $399.00
    Door Edge Cup Guard: + - $100.00
    Preferred Customer Discount: $3,345.00
    MB CASH Discount: $4,100.00
    Maintenance: $769
    Selling Price: $31,349.00
    Sales Tax (estimate): + $1,923.25
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $548.75
    Tire/Battery/MVWEA: + $8.S0
    Dealer Service Fee: + 599.95
    Balance Due (estimate): $34,429.45
    Lease Options
    Cash Due 36 months
    15 000 Miles
    One Pay $17401 .


    The residual is 55%, MF = .150
    Let mae know - Thaks again!!
  • bcvc71_libcvc71_li NYPosts: 36
    With a selling price of $31,349, it looks like a great deal to me even with a dealer "service fee". I'm not sure what your sales tax rate is (I'm assuming an 8.625% tax rate), but with an MSRP of $39,064, a Capitalized Cost of $34,429, a residual of 55% for a 36mo/15K mile lease, and a Money Factor of 0.0015 (I assume due to the One Pay deal), my calculation is within $100 of your One Pay price.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 606
    edited August 2010

    You need to find out what's going on with this deal because it doesn't make any sense. You provided a money factor of 0.15 which is impossible. Do you mean 0.00150?

    Usually, the money factor is discounted from the standard money factor for single pay options so that your lump sum payment equals the monthly payment computed at the discounted multiplied by the term of the lease.

    Based on the info you provided, I arrived at a monthly discounted payment of 353.25. This is based on the following...

    Money Factor = 0.00150 (has this been discounted?)
    Adjusted Cap = 31,349.00 (this should be the same as the sell price)
    Residual Value = 21,485.20 = 55% X 39,064 (assume MSRP = 39,064)
    Term = 36

    Assuming the above is correct and that 0.00150 has been discounted, your discounted payment is 353.25 so that your lump sum payment amounts to...

    36 x 353.25 + 1,923.25 + 548.75 + 8.50 + 599.95 + 749.00 = 16,546.45

    Yet, you claim the lump sum payment is $17,401.

    You need to find out what's going on and confirm the dealer's calculations as well as account for every penny in the deal. Some of these fees seem very excessive (e.g., dealer service fee 599.95). So, here is what I suggest...

    Ask the dealer for a copy of their LEASE WORKSHEET. This is a computer generated document that shows all of the details of the deal. The beauty of this document is that it doesn't lie. If you like, you can email it to me at

    and I'll be happy to analyze it. There is absolutely no reason for the dealer not to give you a copy unless, of course, they have something to hide. Don't let them give you numbers over the phone because that's a piss poor way to do business. INSIST on getting the lease worksheet. If they look stupified or claim they don't know what that is, RUN; DON'T WALK! Every dealer must provide the fund provider with their lease worksheet as well as the lease agreement after the lease is consumated.

    Good luck!

  • John:
    Thanks for the info.
    I apologize, I when I gave you the .0015 I was looking at another deal. The One Pay money factor from MB is .0018, discounted from .0026 for 36mo pay. I will also call for the lease worksheet and fwd to you for review.
    Thanks again for all your help,
  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Posts: 910
    I don't see the acquisiton fee charged by MB listed anywhere. This could make up some of the difference.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 606
    Matt and jwilliams,

    The only way to reconcile these issues is to examine the dealer's lease worksheet. That will speak volumes. The following also doesn't make sense...

    Vehicle Price: $39,064.00
    Appearance Protection: + $399.00
    Door Edge Cup Guard: + - $100.00
    Preferred Customer Discount: $3,345.00
    MB CASH Discount: $4,100.00
    Maintenance: $769
    Selling Price: $31,349.00 .... where did this come from?

    And yes, jw, the acquisition fee is indeed missing... good eye!

  • John:
    Your e-mail address is partially blocked (I think it blocks the ampere sign) is it: -or diffeq ampersign
    I have the lease worksheet.
  • mssurreymssurrey Posts: 44
    Hi Car_Man

    What are the August MF and residuals on a C300 Sport 4matic for 36 with 15K and 39 months with 15 K?

  • bt97bt97 Posts: 4
    I am curious to whether the 39 month lease changes the residual? One dealer told me that some models can do 39 months on the 36 month residual. The E coupe could not. Does anyone know if the C can?
  • mssurreymssurrey Posts: 44

    Where are U - I need your help ! (see post 792 above) !

  • Just picked up the car. I negotiated for my mother so I don't have all the details, but I will share as much info as I can, and if there are any questions, I will try to get the answers.

    C300 Sport

    Metallic Steel Grey
    Multimedia Package (with Sirius)
    Heated Front Seats

    Total MSRP $43,320
    Selling Price: Don't know exactly but somewhere around $34k

    Lease Terms:
    $2K down (bank fee, DMV charges, 1st month payment - no cap cost reduction)
    36 Months
    10K miles/year
    Total monthly price including NYS tax: $499.81
  • Carman:
    Just leased a C300 Sport 4MATC
    Metallic Blue
    Heated Front Seat
    3 year service
    10K/ year with autopay

    $2833 out if pocket (inlcuding $795 bank, 285 DMV 1st payment and tax)
    monthly payment $399.99

    good deal?
  • MSRP $42,040.00
    Sale Price $33,701.00
    Fees $1,502.66
    (LEASE AQUASITION 795.00+DOC FEE 249.00+458.66 1ST PAYMENT)
    Term 36
    Residual Value 57%
    Money Factor 0.0025
    Sales Tax 7.000%
    Miles per Year 7,500

    Monthly payment - $458.66

    Panoramic roof
    IPOD integration
    Premium Package #1
    Burl Wood Trim
    Sport package

    Is this a good deal? Do you guys think I can get a better deal? I am pretty sure this already includes the MB CASH Discount. In addition, is this the correct money factor?
  • Hi Car_man,
    What is the Money Factor for the 2011 C300 Sport for the 27 month lease offer?
    Could you also please post the residual for 12K and 15K.

    Are the values same for C300 and C350?

  • If you look at the national offer on mbusa website, you can see that the residual value for C300 sport is 71% for 27 month lease, 10K per year and apparently the money factor is zero.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 606
    edited September 2010
    Yup, the residual factor is 71% (28,656/40,360). However, the money factor is not zero. The money factor is about...

    (369 - 37,149 / 27 + 28,656 / 27) / (37,149 + 28,656) = 0.00082736...

    Because dollar amounts are likely rounded, it's a fairly safe bet that the actual money factor is 0.00083 (same for the sport sedan). Also, note the following from the Ad...

    MSRP = 40,360
    Selling price = 38,626
    Gross Cap = 38,626
    Cap reduction = 1,477
    Adjusted Cap = 37,149
    Residual Value = 71% x 40,360 = 28,656
    Term = 27
    Money Factor = 0.00083
    Payment = 369
    Annual Mileage Allowance = 10K

    Amounts Due at Signing...

    1st Month's Pasyment = 369
    Cap Reduction = 1,477
    Acq Fee = 795
    TOTAL DUE = 2,641

    Amounts Due at Lease End....

    Disposition Fee = 595
    Also, excess/wear tear + applicable taxes apply.

    Here's the Ad...

    C300 4MATIC Sport Sedan
    LEASE$369/mo for 27 months

    Lease Details
    Available only to qualified customers through Mercedes-Benz Financial at participating dealers through September 30, 2010. Not everyone will qualify. Advertised 27 months lease payment based on MSRP of $40,360 less the suggested dealer contribution resulting in a total gross capitalized cost of $38,626. Dealer contribution may vary and could affect your actual lease payment. Includes Destination Charge and Premium 1 Package. Excludes title, taxes, registration, license fees, insurance, dealer prep and additional options. Total monthly payments equal $9,963. Cash due at signing includes $1,477 capitalized cost reduction, $795 acquisition fee and first month´s lease payment of $369. No security deposit required. Total payments equal $12,235. At lease end, lessee pays for any amounts due under the lease, any official fees and taxes related to the scheduled termination, excess wear and use plus $0.25/mile over 22,500 miles, and $595 vehicle turn-in fee. Purchase option at lease end for $28,656 plus taxes (and any other fees and charges due under the applicable lease agreement) in example shown. Subject to credit approval.

    Everyone should realize that the sell price of 38,626 is negotiable. In addition, a cap reduction is not mandatory.


    I do not advise making a cash down payment (i.e., cash cap reduction). A car is a depreciating asset and is purchased for consumption; and so, it's an expense and not an investment. No savvy investor would ever invest in stock that they know will depreciate or lose value over time. Also, if the vehicle is lost or stolen and never recovered, the insurance carrier will only pay ACV (actual cash value or est. market value). If your lease balance exceeds the ACV (called the GAP), your GAP protection will cover the difference. This GAP narrows the larger the down payment. Large down payments can cause the ACV to exceed the lease balance (negative GAP). In such cases, you necessarily risk losing part or all of your cap reduction if your car is totaled or stolen but never recovered.

    If the GAP equals or exceeds 0, then you owe nothing and receive nothing. However, you've lost your entire cap reduction or dp (down payment). The insurance company will pay the fund provider the ACV and the GAP carrier
    will pay the fund provider the difference between the amount owed (lease or loan balance) and the ACV. And so, the fund provider doesn't lose; you do!

    If GAP < 0, then you'll receive, from the fund provider, the difference between the ACV and the lease balance or loan balance less any transaction costs incurred by the fund provider. However, this may not be sufficient to cover your cap reduction or dp. In which case, you would lose the difference. The only thing the fund provider wants is the outstanding balance owed plus any transaction costs. You, of course, get whatever remains (the scraps so to speak).

    One other thing... never buy GAP insurance from a dealer if the fund provider doesn't offer it in their lease contract, or provides it at additional charge, because the cost is inflated by about 1000%! Check with your insurance carrier and, whether you buy or lease, your carrier can attach a GAP rider to your existing insurance policy. The annual cost, as a rule of thumb, is roughly 0.10% of the vehicle's MSRP. So, if the MSRP is $49,590, then your annual GAP premium is roughly... 0.10% x $49,590 or about $50 annually.

  • Car Man:

    Could you please advise of the September lease rates and residuals for a 36 month / 15,000 miles lease for a 2010 C300 Sport 4Matic and a 2010 C300 Luxury 4Matic? I'm looking to do a deal this month.

    Thanks so much in advance!!
  • I'd like to know this rate as well. Any idea what the rate on the 27 month advertised lease would be for 15k miles per year?
  • How are you getting the sales price so low? Isn't there only $4300 in marketing support. If you took the invoice price of this car less the 4300 you would still end up at a higher price. Is there another discount I don't know about?
  • I know I don't have all the details but I have a quote on a 2011 C300 Sport 4Matic that has the premium package, navigation/command, and AMG wheels. The MSRP is 44,425. They have quoted me a lease of $486.23 including 7% sales tax on the payment each month. This is the 27 month lease with 15K miles and they are including the 3 year service plan. They are giving me $1K more for my trade-in than I owe and I have to pay the first month's payment and two state mandated fees at inception. Does this sound like a good deal?
  • I think you are getting a very good deal. Do you know the selling price of the car?
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