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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    What would the leases breakdown to without the prepaid maintenance?
    A good way to evaluate leases is to see how close the payment is to 1% of the msrp. Your fleet plans made that closer than most of us could get at this time. All in all seems like you did well above average since there is no support on the new E class. Hope to drive one next year -- sticking with the luxury pack -- like a softer ride that the sport suspension seems to have. Enjoy your mb's.
  • yes123yes123 Posts: 19
    My lease was supposed to be $625. I received a call from someone other than the salesman before I picked up the car to try to up sell me wheel and tire insurance and the maintenance. For the maintenance he wanted $10 extra per month. we settled on $8 extra per month.

    $8 x 39 mos = $312 for 3 maintenance services. I figured I could'nt beat that so I took it.

    Drive the no cost sport option before you buy or lease. the ride is not that stiff. I love it. Also the no cost sport option gives you the nice trapezoid exaust pipes integrated into the rear bumper. Look at the difference.

    Good luck
  • How did you achieve such a great deal. If you don't mind sharing, what was your cap cost, money factor and residual?

  • yes123yes123 Posts: 19
    Money factor .00259 or 6.22%
    residual 58%
    39 month lease
    12k miles per year
    MSRP $59795
    Invoice $55672
    starte at invoice $55672 less $2000 owner loyalty less $2000 fleet discount = 51672
    We agreed on $50400 after all discounts and negotiations. $623 per month.
    I paid tax tags first month payment and bank fee upfront. If you want dealer and salesman info give me your emal address. Dealer is in westchester NY. For $8 amonth more I got them to throw in the maintenance package (10 20 and 30k mile services.

    Hope this helps
  • Michael,

    Are they giving fleet discounts to anyone? I'm looking at the E550 coupe at an MSRP of $61,875 and would be happy to pay somewhere in the upper 600s per month. I am not going to qualify for owner loyalty since this would be my first MB.

  • Drew,

    Thanks for the information. Very helpful. I wasn't able to get quite as good a deal. I leased today locally from RAB in San Rafael, CA. $58,775 MSRP, $55,324 invoice, $53,200 cap cost, 10,000 miles per year, 39 month lease, $1,500 drive off, $704 per month including the 10, 20, 30k maintenance thrown in. One of the things added to the cap cost was a $1,095 lease origination fee that Mercedes Financial charges. But I was able to residualize this (included it in the cap cost rather than drive off) which means I'm only paying part of it during the term of the lease. I did get the $2,000 customer loyalty off the invoice. But with the $1,095 lease origination fee and the $1,069 maintenance fee (for 10/20/30k maintenance) added back to the cap cost - I basically bought the car for $1,500 under invoice. One nice thing is the dealer did waive about $1,800 of repairs for an engine leak and exhaust problem on my lease return (which was out of warranty because I extended the lease). So think before extending your lease! The dealer also paid $850 to have the car trucked from another dealer out of state. Seems there are not many 4Matics on the West Coast. Go figure. Snow time. Oh and one last bit, I bought a roof rack and some of those heavy winter mats for the trunk and passenger areas. Got them at dealer cost from the parts department (saved about 40%).

    Hope this is helpful for folks on the forum.
  • ny2cany2ca Posts: 9
    Hi - that is quite the deal. Would you mind proving the dealer and salesman info? mok212 (a) Thanks! not factoring loyalty and fleet, sounds like you're 1272 below invoice. Were there any other specials?
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    If you live in the LA area, one dealer will sell you one for about the same price (1270 below invoice), but you gotta pick one from their inventory.
  • Would you tell me which dealer in LA area has the same deal.. Thanks in advance
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    sure. Email me at rksk911(at)aoldotcom We are not supposed to put names up here,
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    I noticed that Mercedes hasnt changed its terms (MF and RV) for the E class since the car came out in 09. Is this typical?
  • Can someone tell me how to check if I qualify for the fleet discount?

    Also for those leasing at 39 months, doesn't it mean that you have to pay a full year's worth of DMV fees on the fourth year (37th month), but you have to return the vehicle after three months in the fourth year. DMV fees are $700+ for this vehicle so you're out a chunk of that. I don't think DMV refunds the difference, but correct me if I am wrong.
  • Can someone tell me if $2,100 under invoice a good sale price for the lease to be based on? This is without loyalty and any other discounts.
  • Yes it is? What dealer is quoting you this price?
  • I see other posters getting the same payments as me on cars with MSRP that is at least $5K greater. Are the MF/Residual worse now than before? I don't understand.

    Here is what I was quoted.

    2010 E350 Sport
    MSRP $49,475
    invoice $46,673
    price $44,573
    MF: .00280 (is this right?)
    Residual: 58%
    39 mo. 12K/yr.

    $1,500 drive off which includes 1st month's payment and DMV fee.
    $640 monthly payment before tax

    Unfortunately I do not qualify for loyalty or fleet discount. But the numbers still seem high. Please help.

  • The MF should be .00270. Look at earlier posting. i think i have heard of people getting better deals. but if your getting the car for $2000 under invoice, that is really good.
  • gs451gs451 Posts: 19
    I'm in Orange County, CA and I'm looking to lease an E350 with the following options:
    Premium Package 1
    Driver Assistance Package
    Panorama Roof
    Multicontour Seats
    Rear Airbags (why is this even an option on this car :confuse: )

    MSRP: $59,405
    Invoice: $55,308

    On a side note, it is very difficult to find a car with Driver Assistance we get closer to the middle of the year, will MB Start allocating more vehicles equipped with Driver Assistance Package as this is a newer package?

  • gs451gs451 Posts: 19
    Oops totally forgot the terms...
    $3500 drive off
    15K miles/year
    Okay leasing 24-39 months (whichever is ideal).

    Thanks! :)
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    you will need the P2 to get all the electronics. Also, cant get the free sports package upgrade with those options. Thats why its hard to find one with all the extras. I ordered mine in December to be ready in April. payment is TBD, but upward of $850 with $3,500 DO.
  • Could you put me in touch with a dealer in the LA area that would be able to match these numbers?
  • hecarahecara Posts: 36
    Hi All,
    My title says it all...I am clueless on how the leasing process works. I live in Texas and would like to lease an E350 coupe with the P1 package, 12 or 15K miles per year. I have NO idea where to start. The residual, money factor, maintenance plan, etc all look like greek to me. Would anyone mind breaking the process down for me? What should I expect to pay in regard to a note? Which time frame is better 36 or 48 months? I went to the dealership and of course they quoted me a $1000/month note. I'm clueless, but not THAT clueless!

    Please help!
  • A $1000 per month is crazy. 39 months is what you want to get. Check previous post. People are getting payments in the high $600 a month Low $700 per month
  • awd250awd250 Posts: 43
    edited February 2010
    i'm getting a different amount before taxes

    capitalized costs 44,576.00
    msrp 49,475.00
    residual 58%
    money factor 0.0028
    term 39 39

    f=b*c) residual 28,695.50
    g=(a-f)/e) depreciation / month 407.19
    h=d*(a+f)) financing cost / month 205.1602
    i=g+h) Total Monthly Payment 612.35
  • What kind of car? is it a eclass 4-matic? Is it a coupe or sedan? thats a good payment. but the money factor isnt right.
  • letsgo1letsgo1 Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    Hi Carman and/or others-

    I am considering leasing an 2010 ES350 2010 AWD Luxury 4MATIC 4dr Sedan AWD (in Northeast) with the following options:
    Premium Package 2
    Wood wheel

    MSRP: $59,855
    Invoice (from Edmunds): $55,727
    Negotiated (sort of) Price: $55,227
    Residual is $33,500 (56%)
    Term is 39 Months
    MF is .00259
    15K Miles/yr

    Dealer is asking for 4K down and quoting a monthly price of $805/month which amount includes tax (9% sales tax). For 3K down the monthly price quoted is $835/month.

    Don't believe I'm eligible for owner loyalty (this would be my 1st MB) or fleet discount, but please advise on whether this is completely out of bounds. Seems like other posts have better numbers, but any help would be greatly appreciated as I will be moving fast on some vehicle...
  • outieoutie Posts: 42
    Am I correct to assume that the negotiated price is somewhere between $1k to $1.5k UNDER invoice these days?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    That seems like a reasonable lease for the E class. Having said that these are poor times for leases and that one is bad like all the rest. The A4 has decent leases if you don't load them up. An A4 quattro premium with an msrp of 36k will lease for half that. A nice bmw 528xi might be cheaper. If you want MB then you have to pay the price. If you can afford it --why not? If you have to cut back on the groceries you may want to reconsider.
  • hecarahecara Posts: 36
    Thanks dannye350. I have a start now with the 39 months info. I see the payments people are getting in previous posts. I just don't know how they are coming up with the payment. What is it based on? I wish I just had someone to go in there and negotiate for me...LOL. Its so intimidating.
  • I paid $650 under invoice ($52000 less $1000 fleet discount)
    for E350 AWD, P1, non metallic, wood steering wheel... could have done better in NYC but i was happy..
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