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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    This seems virtually impossible. You're talking about 80% residual and a 2.9% finance rate to get THIS price on a 50,000+ car.

    Now the 2006 has 5000.00 cash back incentive, so some deals ARE being made, but for the 2007?

    Something doesn't smell right here. Sorry.
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 179
    Sorry for not replying sooner I didn't get it yet. I live in claremont so didn't have time to go to buy the car after work. And this dealership is in South Bay. They have promised to give it at that price. So you think this price is not possible? Should I go and try my luck anyway?
  • Are you saying that there is $5000 incentive? Does this include the CDI? Also, does anyone have the current money factors for leases?
  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    This was e-mailed to me and I confirmed them when I went in to the dealership in Santa Monica, CA this evening.

    Also, I must take back what I wrote earlier. The dealer "claims" that the 5,000 dealer incentive is only for the R-350/500 (but a quick check on Edmunds shows 5K for the 2006 E-350) 3,000 applies to the ML -

    no dealer incentive on the 2007 or on any E-series. Hmmm.

    Residuals for the 2007 E-350

    24-27 months

    7,500 = 75%
    10k = 74%
    12k = 73%
    15k = 71%
    20k = 60%

    36-39 months

    7,500 = 63%
    10k = 61%
    12k = 60%
    15k = 58%
    20k = 53%

    Money Factors

    24-27 = .00245 (5.88)
    36-39 = .00210 (5.04)
  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    Okay, I've done the numbers a FEW times and there is no possible way this comes out to 699.00

    This is what YOU say:

    38,318 to buy the car at the end of the lease (71%)
    MF is 5.52%
    Tax (in California) is 8.25%

    If you SOMEHOW got the car for $50,000 then my calculation is $758.90

    Even at 49,000, which is is almost an unheard of 5,000 off of the sticker price, you STILL would be at 716.13

    Please tell us HOW you got this deal, because simple math just doesn't add up. I'll go lease one tomorrow.
  • mbbrooksmbbrooks Posts: 16
    I just got a 07 E350 with Sport and both Premium Packages for $632.00 a month with 15,000 miles a year for 39 months. I put down a total of $6,800 out which includes $1,800 in inception fees and the first month and $5,000 down.

    I'm told that this is a good deal but I only had quotes on BMW 530i's for comparison. Of course there really is no comparison which is why I went with the Merc. :)
  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    It's hard to say without some more detail. Two questions, and I can figure it out - one, did you get anything else besides the P2 package (which includes P1), such as metallic paint, leather seats, etc. In other words, what other options did you get if any? and two, does the $632 include tax, or no? Let me know and I'll tell you how good it was in my opinion.
  • this is the lease I got:

    07, E350 with Leather, matalic, Primium package 1 + sport package (free) for $54,155 (55,950 msrp)

    i put down $4500, about half goes to fees/1st month

    15k miles/yr, 27 months lease for $668+ tax.

    this is not a bad deal, what do you think?
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Probably this is a good deal for 2007, but I'm very happy with mine 2006 4Matic With no money down for 656 a month including tax.

    Good luck.
  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    Looks like you got a fair lease price using the current MB top tier credit residual and money factor. Based on the info you gave, I figured it should be around $654, and you got $668, that's pretty darn close. However, you did not get a huge discount from the sticker price, and you probably could have gotten more in my opinion.
  • I have met with dealer and they have offered a 2006 E 350 at 10K off of sticker which seems like a very good price. Of course, they are trying to give me nothing on a tradein, but I can handle that portion. The final sales price would be 44,275. Can someone tell me what a good lease would be for 39 mos. at 12K per year assuming Tier I credit? There is 6.25 percent sales tax in my state. (what is money factor and residual) THANKS! :D
  • atkinsaatkinsa Posts: 3
    I am also looking in the Houston area for a lease on the same car with the P1. Have you received any numbers or other information in regards to the residual or money factor?
  • atkinsaatkinsa Posts: 3
    I am looking to lease a 2007 E350 this month or next and the MSRP is $54,000. I plan to negotiate that number. Are the residuals I have seen on this page correct for Aug 06? 15K=58% (residual) and a money factor of .00210 for a 39 mos lease? Are they getting any dealer cash back on these leases this month? The sales tax rate in Houston is 6.25% and if I put no money down what would my payments be if I have excellent credit? Is it reasonable to think I can negotiate the price down to $50,000? Options added are the cashmere leather and the split folding rear seats Premium 1. I know these are a lot of questions, but any info would be helpful.
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 179
    You are right bgk. I finnally managed to go there today to see if this was a scam or not. Their total drive off (with down payment) changed to $4000 instead of $2000 as initially said and the payment remained at the same monthly payment for 27 months with 15k. Is this a good deal still?
  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    Are the residuals I have seen on this page correct for Aug 06? 15K=58% (residual) and a money factor of .00210 for a 39 mos lease? Yes.

    Are they getting any dealer cash back on these leases this month? Not for 2007s. The 2006s have $5000 back.

    The sales tax rate in Houston is 6.25% and if I put no money down what would my payments be if I have excellent credit? Assuming the $50,000 sales price you say you want to negotiate to, the payments would be $702. This assumes you pay nothing down but you do pay upfront a $795 acquisition fee and the registration costs for the car. (You'll also be asked to pay the first month's rent up front.)

    Is it reasonable to think I can negotiate the price down to $50,000? If the MSRP is really $54,000, you should probably be able to negotiate down to about $51,500, in my opinion. Based on that your payments would go up to $746.

    Options added are the cashmere leather and the split folding rear seats Premium 1. If that's what you are adding, I don't see how you get a MSRP of $54,000. It's probably about $55,500, and therefore all of the above payment numbers would go up.
  • I found a 2006 equipped with all I want but Sport, retail $55,495, sale price $47,095, 15% off. I do not have a lease price yet and am curious where that should be for 27 months, with no cap reduction.

    I can easily find a 2007 with Sport, Pano, Sirius and Premium 1 with a discoount of appx $2-2,500.

    Which direction should I take? Where are the MF and Residuals for the 2006 vs the 2007?

    Any help appreciated.


    Franklin in NJ
  • Franklin,

    I was quoted 10 K off sticker on a 2006 E 350. The numbers quoted to me on a 39 month lease @ 12K per year were a money factor of .0045 (10.8 %) and a residual value of 54%.

    If anyone has more knowledge on the topic, I would appreciate any input. thanks~
  • I called a local dealer today here is what I got on a 27 month E350 lease with Premium package 1. Please let me know if this is good.

    Mileage: 12k a year
    27 month lease
    Fees: 795.00
    Taxes: 1575.30
    Payment: $639 a month

    Is this a good deal?
  • Pls let me know the retail and sell price of this car as well, all out of pocket costs (CAP REDUCTION $$?)

  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    Read the posts in this topic from the past month or so. Those money factors and residuals are insanely high.
  • lanewbie, I certainly agree on the money factor being high. If lessor inflates the residual, should I really care? You know a lot on this topic, so your additional input is greatly appreciated.
  • Please let me know if this is a good deal:

    MSRP: $53,715.- w/ Premium 1 pkg.
    Mileage: 12k a year
    27 month lease
    Fees: 795.00
    Taxes: 1575.30
    Payment: $639 a month
  • nickb81nickb81 Posts: 36 has some great deals on 2007 E Class cars currently. I am looking at an 07 E350 with MSRP of $60,825 and they are quoting the same vehicle for $56,522. This is the best deal I have found! Hope it helps anyone interested! I have also used the above numbers to calculate a lease and I got the following paymeny with NOTHING out of pocket: $730.55 + tax. Happy Shopping!
  • cezcez Posts: 5
    Hi. I frequent this forum occasionally. I just leased a 2007 E350 with the sports package, silver.
    negotiated sales price: 50,300
    $1000 for cap cost red
    + fees
    39 mo lease.
    MF: 0.0021
    residual : 58%
    I am happy with this. what do the experts think. I got this car from Flethcer jOnes MB, newport Beach.
  • Hi,
    Just leased the 2007 E350 With P1 package and mettalic paint for $530 a month including tax for 15K miles for 27 months. The total drive off was $4100.00.

    selling price was $48010.17. I hope this is a good deal?
  • What is a reasonable percentage discount for a 2006 E350AWD with Premium Package 1- 526?

    I thought I had a deal but the dealer is hedging now. I live in Detroit and thought I had the DCX deal.
  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    Is it safe to assume this was WITHOUT the Nav package? Fletcher Jones is without a doubt one of the best MB dealers in SoCal - Hard to beat them

    I did buy an Acura TL at a phenomenal dal, but need another car for the me. Will let everyone know how it turns out

  • No it's with the P1 package. Nav is included in that package. Color is Pewter. It's from downtown. They had over 80 E class cars to choose from only colors they did not have was the Capri blue and the Red
  • No way they had all the other colors. No one does.
  • All the colors listed on the MB website for the E class they had except the red and Capri Blue. They took me to their car park (wherehouse). They had over 80 E class cars with every color except the red and blue in August. Trust me I saw every colors they had. Yeah you are right I have not see other dealers having more than 2 or 4 colors but this dealership has a big inventory.
  • Got a call from Beverly Hills MB and they are offering a E 350 with Premium package and suroof with a $3000 drive off for $549 a month for 27 months. They say this is their version of the MBs national offer. Any thoughts?
  • your deal looks good. Santa Monica - internet dept -- is quoting same car -27 months with P1 pkg + metallic paint at 549/mo with 2191 drive-off, 2007 E350. seems a bit better.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    The BH deal is for 10k miles a year and they will payoff my last 2 payments on my E320 (2*350=700). IS the SM deal for 10K?

    By the way, I really appreciate your help. It is very kind and generous of you to take time for this.
  • the santa monica deal is for 12k miles/yr at
    BTW, it seems that the deals are pretty close except that BH added the 2 payments on your E320 to the drive-off. in that case, the only difference seems to be the mileage. i am waiting for their internet guy to re-confirm the deal but i think it is legit. let me know what you find out as i intend to lease mid-oct.
  • I called BH back and she said they will be very aggressive in beating any legit quotes from any So Cal dealer. The deal is only good through Oct 2 and expires thereafter. The 10k to 12K is worth a good $30 a month. Seems like SMs deal is about $20 a month cheaper.

    I havent liked the service at SM so far, A couple of service managers there are rip offs. I have no experience with BH though.
  • keep in mind - you can service your vehicle at any dealership. it need not be the same place you bought it at. btw, did you consider a bmw or any other competitive vehicle to an E350?
  • I had a BMW 5 series before my E320. The Benz is so much better and lower maintenance. The other car on my list is an Infiniti M35. With that car you get cutting edge technology and many options that you actually use for 7K less. The decision for me is between classical luxury, or contemporary high tech.

    Did the SM guy confirm the deal? The Guy from Torrance MB says he will beat any deal, as long as you do the deal he offers.
  • No confirmation from SM MB -- i'll give him the benefit of the doubt for day off or something. funny, i too am considering a Infinit but thinking about M45 Sport which with Tech pkg lists for 56650. Dealer will lease for 21 months at cap cost of 51780 with .00219 money factor + 76% residual. Drive-off is 700 (which is essentially first month payment which is really 689/month. no security, no bank fee (technically 550 but that is already factored into the lease payment of 689/mo). not a bad deal for a pretty load car. what do you think?
  • Wow! Is that 689 including tax?

    From South Bay infiniti, I got a quote for an M35 with Journey and Tech (MSRP 47000) for 660 a month including tax and $1500 drive off. Yours is a much better deal!!! May I ask what dealer so I can bug them for an M35?
  • How much do you have to put down to get $549 payment? Is this for a 12k miles?
  • the 689 is w/o tax (i am not in CA but nearby state). check out and you will see the M programs (money factors, residuals etc) and also I think you'll be a bit surprised as to the dealer. have you driven an M -- how does it ride compared to an E class or 5 series or Lexus GS?
  • I have an E now and had a 5 series before that. The M has a better ride and far more technology than both. It feels spacier, unless you get the panaromic roof on the E. It has by far more kick and power. The E has more classical luxury feel to it and is more schick!

    The deal SM MB offered you (2192 plus 549 a month 12k Miles). was it 549 with tax or tax included?
  • I called the guy in the link this morning. He offers me a 21 month lease with $1500 for 660 a month including tax. Also, he sayd Infiniti wont do the multiple security bit anymore.
  • 549 + Tax
  • That is one of the better deals here. What dealership in what state?
  • Got a quote for an E350 with P1 and Sports + metallic for $49660. Thats below invoice! I hope we can work the MF and RVs...
  • Carman,

    We are looking at Jaguar and MB E350 & E550. There is a special promotion right now on the E350, but requires cap reduction money up front. What are the current residual and MF rates for MB on the E350 & the E550 and is there anything really special about the "special deal"? I have read about the MSD program and have the ability to to the maximum. We are looking to do a 24 month lease and likely 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

    Thanks for your help.
  • what dealer gave you that deal? and did they provide the mf, rv, + good monthly with low driveoff?
  • some dealers are "contributing" to the cap reduction so that you can get a better deal than is show in MB ads or their website.
  • Could someone give input regarding a lease offer my wife received today. No money down, except first payment. 27 month lease, 10k per year, $716 + tax. 39 month was $695.
    MSRP $56,915. (P1 package, Sport package, Obsidian Black Metallic, Cashmere interior) Okay? Can she do much better?

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