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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • Here is the offer I got from one of LA Mercedes dealers:
    2007 E350 Sedan
    Obsidian Black with Black
    P1 Package
    333 Sports Package
    27 Months Lease
    10K miles per year
    $2,205.65 Total Driveoff
    $584 Including Tax per month

    the $2200 drive off includes 1st month, acquisition fee, license, doc fee, etc. That I suspect you have to pay. The lease is for about $540 a month plus tax = 584.

    The total cost of the lease is 26 months *584 +2200= $17,384

    You are paying 716 plus tax = 775 a month *27 = $20927. This is assuming you are not paying for any doc fee, acquisition fee, etc. So, you are payin $3542 more than the offer above. That is $131 more a month. I assumed you live in CA where tax is 8.25%. The two cars and the rest are identical.
  • Penske. I haven't followed up with the MF and RV. I figured the same as everybody else. I gotta wait two more months for my current lease expire. The dealers are offering to pay it off, but that comes off the deal.
  • Thanks for the info. It gives me something to work with. We live a little south of Denver. I think the tax is about 4.1%. I've got friends in LA, if the dealers here won't match the offer I can fly out there and drive it back. Can you tell me the name of the dealer in LA? Thanks for your input.
  • One more thing, just to clarify, the offer you received was for a 4Matic? Thanks
  • It was not 4Matic, but the payments for 4Matic is only $40 a month more. We are not supposed to post names, but the dealer is Downtown Mercedes. If you want the name of the guy, leave your eamil and I will send it to you.
  • poorprof, your offer looks like about $2000 under invoice as the capitalized cost. Is that about right?
  • Thats about right. They are pretty straight forward guys at Penske. Here is an excerpt from his email:

    This quote includes the following options. Our inventory changes daily/hourly, please call in advance for color/option availability.

    Model: 2007 Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan
    MSRP: $54,415

    1. Obsidian Black/Black MB Tex
    2. Premium 1 Package
    3. Sport Package

    Your Price: $49,261
    Your Savings: $5,154
  • petrie3petrie3 Posts: 47
    Just wondering if anyone has heard about October lease rates yet. Especially whether the great E350 program will be extended or if the E550 will have more attractive rates/residuals in October. Thanks!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Help! I need an answer before 3pm today! :surprise: My local dealer is trying to move its remaining 06 inventory. It has offered me an '06 E500 w/ Premium package for $54,725 w/ free Sirius equipment & installation if possible or $54,000 if Sirius is not possible. Is this a good deal? I checked Edmunds and it seems that's about what everybody else is paying. The dealership made it out like it was a phenomenal deal that no one else is getting. Do you all think I could get it down to $53,000 or below?

    Also, what should I be shooting for on a 36 or 39 month lease if the purchase price is $54,000?? :confuse:

    Please help A.S.A.P.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am in NC, if that matters.
  • petrie3petrie3 Posts: 47
    If that is what they are offering everywhere then you should be able to do a little better when you are ready to close the deal. On the other hand, if you are leasing, you should check out the deals on '07 E class as well. MB is offering GREAT lease deals (27 mos) on the E350 with a low money factor and supporting the residual value. If you lease an '06, the residual might already be so low that the lease payment might not even be as low as on an '07!

    If you are buying the car low sale prices on leftover '06 inventory can sometimes be a great deal. With a lease, often they are lousy deals since the car is already a year old (from a residual value standpoint). Good luck!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Well, I went to the dealership to finish the deal last night. The lease just wasn't feasible. The money factor was too high (.00395)and the residual was too low (47%). He did drop the price to $51,900. The purchase payment vs. the lease payment is very tempting. Add to that, the car is an absolute creampuff (almost literally because it's alabaster white with the light beige interior :P ) and only has 58 miles on it; ten of those by me.

    It was manufactured in Sep. '05. Isn't it abnormal for a Mercedes to sit unsold for over a year; especially one with so few miles? I could see a demo car sitting that long, but this car is literally a baby as far as miles go. It still has the plastic on the seatbelts in the back. And it's beautiful.

    The biggest downfall? To get the purchase payment to where I'm semi-comfortable, I have to dump a wad of cash for the downpayment. Whereas, if I'm reading things correctly, at the current MF on the 2007 BMW 550i, I could lease it for a slightly less payment and no money out of my pocket.
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    WI Simonson in Santa Monica CA has this special:

    New Redesigned 2007 E350
    (2 available / No substitutions)
    (Premium Package 1)
    MSRP = $53,715
    Drive-off Total = $5,399
    10k miles per year

    27 months = $399 + tax

    so the deal is really for $2639 down and $499 a month and you get Nav too.
  • In the next week, I'm looking to Lease

    2007 E350
    Flint Gray with Ash MB Tex
    Premium 1
    Sport Package
    Wood Wheel

    Car List out for $54,955.00

    Any thoughts on what I should be lookin to spend on a 27 Month 10k lease would be appreciated.
  • Also in NY area and looking to lease an '07 e350 4matic. Does anyone know the residual and money factor for this car? Thanks for the help.
  • I am considering a lease on an '07 E-350. The lease appears to be a good deal, but I am disappointed with not having the total maintenance that MB used to include.

    Can anyone tell me the maintenance costs I will have to pay? The lease is for 27 months and I want to know how often the oil has to be changed, approx.cost, and any other expenses; tire rotations, etc. that I might not know about.

    Thanks in advance for your replys.
  • acucuacucu Posts: 4
    i saw this on

    I got a great deal on an 07' E350.
    Here are the numbers.........
    Black on Black with Premium 1 pkg + no cost sport.
    Approx 54,000 paid just over 50,000.
    15 miles per year, 27 mos lease...NO MONEY DOWN!. I repeat NO MONEY DOWN - NOT EVEN FIRST, TAX, FEES, etc.
    71% Residual -- .00280 Lease Rate.... Payments 699.52 per month.
    Yes you can get the same deal on the 07' just work for it...
  • acucuacucu Posts: 4
    crazy expense- average 90-100/hr

    you can call your dealers service department and ask how much an A service is and a B service and how many you will need- for the term you are leasing

    hell- negioate for it with your sales rep....for them to include it like bmw.

    you can also look at and see what is included in a A service vs B.

    A= Oil change and kick the tires-
    B= all filters , and some other stuff
  • I did better than that.
  • dpeck1dpeck1 Posts: 51
    What dealer in what state. Thanks.

  • dpeck1dpeck1 Posts: 51
    What deal did you get? What dealer? Thanks.

  • acucuacucu Posts: 4
    great please share details i have'nt taken any deals yet-

    somewhere like 8 grand off msrp is what i have heard

    then zero down 15k/year 39 month $67 0ish a month

    there is was an employee assumumptio for 4500 down 452 plus tax 12k/year 27 month - but i need 15k miles
  • poorprofpoorprof Posts: 112
    WI Simonson in Santa Monica CA has this special:

    New Redesigned 2007 E350
    (2 available / No substitutions)
    (Premium Package 1)
    MSRP = $53,715
    Drive-off Total = $5,399
    10k miles per year

    27 months = $399 + tax

    This is the same deal as ZERO down and $599 a month.
  • First time posting a message. I went to Greenway Mercedes in Houston. If you live in Houston, you know that this is the dealership in the center of the city. Long story short, We agreed on a lease price for an 07E350P1. The manager came out to congratulate me on the deal. I go back to the financial department, and they tell me they have "made a mistake" and did not calculate in some "taxes", which now, should be paid by me, the consumer, after we agreed on a price. CERTAINLY this may have been on HONEST mistake, certainly this could have been a used car lot ploy, but whatever it may be, they did not honor the agreed price initially decided by me, the salesman, manager and financial "person", and they tried to get me to agree to another deal, i.e, more money down, longer lease, etc..
  • Car_man, I will be leasing a 2007 E350 P1 Sport tomorrow. My question is concerning "Drive Off". Assuming I am coming to the table with zero down (no cap cost reductions) what is usual and customary to be paid in the drive off cost? There will be no security dep and I assume first month lease payment is in there. But, after that I have little idea.

  • geocgeoc Posts: 15
    I'm unsure if I'm being offered a good deal on 27mo/10,000mi/yr. $760/mo with $5K upfront on E350W4, leather, P2 pkg, Pano roof, trunk closer. Residual $36K
    They also suggested one payment and save $2-3K. MSRP $61K
    Thanks for any help
  • fushifushi Posts: 1
    Im about to lease a E350 4-matic which has an MSRP of $59,665, Invoice of $56,442 and the dealer is letting it go for $56,942 (500 above invoice). The lease 15K miles a year, 39months with 2396 down (1st month, cap, title, tags, bank fee, etc) comes to $835 a month. Is this a good deal? Are there any dealer discounts running around (I know there is $5K for 06 models)? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The dealer is in the NY/NJ area.
  • glfanglfan Posts: 17
    Yup, got the E350 deal with sport and P1 package with a sticker price of $53,715. I got it for $4600 under the invoice. The dealer marked up the invoice with a $600 IRG advertising cost. I guess I got a $4k off invoice in reality.

    The leasing factor on a 39 month lease is lower at 220. However, the residue is lower at 59% on a 12k mile/year for 39 months.

    Paid $4300 drive off and $470 + tax a month. I think it's pretty good.
  • Hi spotenator. At lease signing, you will have to pay your car's first month's payment, Mercedes-Benz Finance's $795 acquisition fee, a security deposit - which you aren't paying, and any required state taxes or fees.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • den110den110 Posts: 7
    Just leased a E350 P1, sport package, panarama roof. 27 months 7500/yr(my wife doesn't drive much). $2064.70 out of pocket (for 1st month, bank fee, mv doc etc.) zero cap cost. payment is $588.76 (includes tax). Any thoughts?
  • Hello Car_man!
    from your experience, do you think the new program that is supposed to come out in february will be better to lease an 07 e350? I am undecided whether to go and get it now, or to wait till new program comes out, supposably the residual has already chnged as of the january first, and that february first it should stay the same,because they dont change residuals every month, but there might be some lease cash available, what do you think? should i go get a deal now or should i just wait 10 days?

  • I almost had a wreck this past weekend. I was trying to turn around on an incline. I put the car in reverse and when I took my foot off the break to give it gas, the car started rolling forward. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I have 07 E350. Now my wife is affraid to drive the car.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    Just checked out the latest lease deal at MBUSA - they charge a $795 acquisition fee plus a $595 vehicle turn-in fee. Almost $1400 just for the privelage of leasing seems like robbery. Am I reading it wrong???
  • When I was much more actively seeking to lease a 2007 E, I simply couldn't find a 'deal" anything like the promotions for the sedan models. Inconsistent logic prevailed -- e.g. more people want them, they are rare, so the MSRP rules; but they have a significantly lower residual value, so the rates are higher. Anyone know why there is such a problem?????
  • Car Man: I'm looking at leasing an E-Class with a $2100 Gas Guzzler tax. Do you know if MB Credit residualizes this tax; i.e. do they calculate residual on the MSRP WITH the tax included or without? It makes about a $30/month difference or $1000 over the life of the lease.

  • When we were in the market for a E350 Wagon 4Matic last year we ran into difficulties finding a car. We ended up purchasing a certified pre-owned that was a dealer demo. It was an 06 with 2K miles on it. I was able to get them to come down 7K off sticker, but I did not receive a good lease offer, therefore I purchased it outright. FWIW, my wife loves the car.
  • hey carman,

    looking at purchasing 07 E350. Dealer quoted MSRP of $54,415 same as on the mbusa web site. Lease offer as follows

    6,000 drive-off
    12K mi/yr
    39 mo. lease
    $622+ tax.

    Doesn't seem like I'm getting that great a deal after reading some of the deals other people have posted. What do you think?

  • Hi Carman:
    Am I doing well on this figures?

    07 E350 MSRP $56,615 with Pkg 2 (sport pkg)
    $4500.00 down
    $ 579.00 + tax for 27 month lease
    $ 795.00 acquisition fee
    15,000 miles/year

    Need help
    Thank You
  • In the market for a E350 lease. COuld you let me knw the dealer details at [email protected]?


  • 27 Month Lease, 10,000 miles, 2,165.00 Driveoffs, $521+tax.
  • Hi carman,
    what are the lease rate and residuals for an E350 and E550 for 27 months with 10k miles for March?
  • vrefvref Posts: 3
    you may try Interstate Auto Leasing in Houston. A friend of mine leased an E class from them not too long ago and said that no one could touch their Mercedes deal. let us know what you come up with.

  • df4801df4801 Posts: 10
    I know this is only 1 experience, but I will never waste my time with auto leasing companies again.
    I dealt with SouthBank Leasing for 2 weeks before I actually got the paperwork. Although I had confirmed the specifcs twice....

    The lease was over $100/mth more than quoted. The term was 39mths instead of 27, the down payment was $1000 more, and the car wasnt even equiped as they quoted me.

    What gets me is why did they even waste their time? Did they think I wouldnt even read the paperwork and just sign?
  • osorawosoraw Posts: 1
    Can anyone help me determine what payment I may be looking at if I want to lease an E350 2007 with a 607 Fico?

  • ed4040ed4040 Posts: 17
    Hi All,

    I'm looking at leasing a E350 4matic with the P1 package, sport package in Flint grey with ash interior. A dealer in the NY area quoted me the following two options:

    27 month lease 15K miles
    $820/month including tax
    $2,000 out of pocket Includes first payment, acquisition fees, drive off, etc.


    27 month lease 15K miles
    $3,400 out of pocket Includes first payment, acquisition fees, drive off and taxes paid in advance(that's the additional $1,400 at drive off)

    The purchase price is $54,400 and their telling me the money factor is .00175 and the residual is 67%.

    Do either of these sound like a good deal? Thanks in advance for your insight!
  • df4801df4801 Posts: 10
    I just got almost the same car. But also with voice activation. MSRP $54,915

    27mth/ 12K miles
    $1800 out of pocket (includes 1st payment,tax, tags/title, acq. fee)
    $725/mth + Tax = $775/month.

    Going from 12K to 15K miles increases monthly payment by about $20/month. But without voice, it decreases by $10/month. So my deal with 15K for your car would be $785/ month.
    It seems that on your 27 mth rate, they have about $1000 more they can take off.

    The best way to negotiate is to agree on a sales price. These are now going for about $600-1000 over invoice.
    That still leaves over $2000 in profit for the dealer with holdback.
  • Dealer lease rates on this car are .00175 for 24-35 months and the dealer can mark that up an additional .00150. (no one works for free, do they?) .00175 is based on a fico score of 700. So if the dealer marks the rate up .0005 to .00225 thats a fair deal. But you must score.
  • ed4040ed4040 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the feedback. Can you let me know who your dealer was and where they are located? Thanks again!
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    Does anyone know what the MB FS lease rates (MF, Resid)f or the E63 are in April for 24-36 months leases.

    Are there any factory discounts on the car?

    Thanks for your help!
  • thedorkthedork Posts: 10
    Residual Value %
    Money Factor

    I would prefer 36m 12K miles but if there is any deal for 24 or 27 months is OK too.

  • thedorkthedork Posts: 10
    I got a quote today:

    2007 E350
    Sport pkg
    MSRP 54,415.00, price 48,988.00
    39 month lease with minimum drive off $1,622.00 and
    12000 miles
    $691 including tax
    Money factor 0.0030 - isn't that too high? How much should be the residual value? Thanks!
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