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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • Dealer residualized my maintenance. Only $16 per month for 24 months. $400 bucks better than $1200 for the two services.
  • He is partially correct. You can not use a special rate in conjunction with MSDs. I actually had the dealer call MBFS and also saw a printout with a note confirming this. If a dealer does it, great, but that would be the exception. Now, having said that, once the dealer process your credit application MBFS will spit out a report with the tier they put you based on your credit history and the appropriate rate (money factor). I qualified on the A1 tier and my money factor was 0.00195 (slightly more than the promotional rate of 0.00192). The dealer called MBFS again and they confirmed that you can apply MSDs to your specific rate. Using 10 MSDs and automatic pay I was able to get my rate down to 0.00115. Long story short, I got my E350 Bluematic with P1, sports package and heated seats for $335 a month. Let me know if you have any questions.
    Good luck!
  • They let me include my 2 year maintenance on my lease and residualized it.

    Correct. No 0.00192 but make sure they start the calculations using whatever money factor MBFS gives you based on your credit application. If they say no, politely ask them to call MBFS while you are there to double check. My sales guy was amazed by the amount of information I had. He even joked about giving me a job
  • Car Man or Kyfdx, can you give the October 15k residuals for a 2012 E350W4 for 24 and 36 months, and are any variations such as 33 or 39 months available? As well as the actual buy rate money factor? And are the 12k and 10k residuals still 2 and 3% different?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,606
    That's a good point about the credit tiers.... The dealer with the diesel didn't run my credit, before quoting.... They were using the .00225 money factor..... So, they were either assuming 2nd tier, or marking up the rate.. Something I'll keep in mind for my next negotiation...

    They didn't residualize the two year maintenance on my 24 month quote... I was just going by the brochure that said you couldn't... that makes a huge difference on a 24 month lease ($30-$35/month savings if residualized)..

    It sounds like MBCC just about takes any contract they send in... and, doesn't worry about it... I once had a contract kicked back on a Honda lease... because they used .00239 as the MF, and the actual MF was .00236.. :surprise:


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  • rayoo1rayoo1 Posts: 1
    CAR MAN could you post the money factor and residual for E SEDAN 350 24 AND 36 months and 10k and 12k/year
  • I am moving from NYC to Colorado in early November and need a new car. The local Denver Mercedes dealer has a single 2011 E350 BlueTEC in stock at a MSRP of $58705. I have no problem putting down the multiple MSD. I have excellent credit and should qualify as A1 tier. I want to lease for 24 months at 10k miles per year. Sales tax in CO is 7.5% (I believe).

    Here are my questions...
    Q1. I currently own a 1996 Volvo 850, does that qualify me for Conquest? I also am insured on my bosses personal 2006 Volvo V70 so I should be able to get an insurance card for that if necessary.
    Q2. What is a is a fair selling price after Conquest?
    Q3. I see that the dealer I am looking at usually tries to charge acquisition fees of $1095, can I get this down to $795?
    Q4. Can you give me a rough breakdown of what my lease payment should be?
    Q5. Once armed with the knowledge from everyone here should I contact the dealer and tell what I am willing to pay or do I have to "negotiate"?
    Q6. In your opinion, is it more effective to email or call?
    Q7. Is it possible to do all this from NY and have it done before the end of October (want the Conquest) without going to to Colorado until November 5th?

    Thanks to everyone in advance for answering all my questions...
  • cfopvcfopv Posts: 6
    I am in a '09 Mercedes E350 lease that terminates in March of 2013. Yesterday, I checked the payoff of the lease and noticed it was less than the trade-in value as shown here on Edmunds. Would a dealer be interested in paying off the lease to obtain my vehicle as a used vehicle in order to sign me to a new lease?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    1) you just have to own a volvo
    2) somewhere between $7500 and $10K off MSRP
    3) depends on your negotiating skills as does "administration fee"
    5) Personally, I would get a quote from the dealer first...and then negotiate. Be clear that you want to put no money down on the car, but you want to take the maximum 10 MSDs...and that you want 24 mos of mercedes basic maintenance included in the lease
    6) phone with email backup to document what you said on the phone.
    7) should be no problem....overnight air works well.

    Too many unknowns to give you a monthly cost.
  • Thank you for the insight. I've started the conversation via email and will hopefully be able to reach a good deal for both MB and especially for me.

    One more question. The car has 2800 miles on it, that seems higher than normal. Can I make this work to my favor in some way. I was told it never went into service so it is technically a new car.
  • Carman, can you post the 33 month lease rates for the e350. Thank you very much in advance.
  • Hi want2lease,
    If the car has 2800 miles on it, I recommend that you push for a figure closer to $10K (or more) off of MSRP. You have additional justification insofar as that I suspect RWD cars are not as prized as AWD cars in CO. But make sure that you are able to secure the discount while getting a reasonable MF as you don't want them to use a higher rate, such as 0.00240, for MSD calculation.

  • It looks like I have a lot of work to do, just got this email which is thin on details. I guess it is a starting point...

    This is how the lease calculates:

    With no down payment

    24 months

    10,000 miles per year

    1st payment up front and 23 additional of $541.78 plus sales tax

    When we add the prepaid maintenance the payment is $578.78 plus tax

    Please let me know what questions you may have. We have an online

    credit application that you can complete / be sure to put my name on it

    so it will come to me

  • I received the following on an offer for a lease of a 2010 Coupe.

    MSRP - $57,485 - includes SO1 Package (single disc CD), Wheel Locks ($140); rear spoiler ($300), Wood Trim Package ($780), Appearance Package 18" AMG Twin 5-S ($1,990),

    Preferred Discount - $3,525 (Includes $2,000 for current lease payments - Conquest?)

    Destination - $875
    Tax - $3,525
    Tag/Registration - $348
    Dealer Service Fee - $699

    Total Due - $58,326

    24 month Lease - 10K miles - $886 (MF .00200) with $2,000 cash at signing
    36 month lease - 10K miles - $803 (MF.00200) with $2,000 cash at signing

    With the 10 MSDs, the MF reduces to .00195. Payments still $855 and $795 respectively;

    I know I am missing something here but on first offer doesn't sound like much of a deal. ANy thoughts would be appreciated.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,606
    .. from one of the dealers that had a Bluetec, left...

    $488/mo., including tax.... not including maintenance..

    24mo/20K lease..

    Salesman suggested leaving off the maintenance... Said to just do the 10K service, as long as you don't hit 20K... (not sure about that advice)..

    Nice price, but the wife already decided on another car... :(


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  • Does anybody know if the $4000.00 conquest money (or any amount) is available for 2012 E or C class cars?
  • Hi Chalkie1,
    My dealer told me that one would get $2000 of Conquest cash towards any 2012 MB model.

  • Hi Gator5000e,
    There are two items that seem incorrect to me.
    1. You should receive $4000 of Conquest cash on any 2010 or 2011 E class in addition to the $ you negotiate.
    2. If you use 10 MSDs, you should receive a 0.0007 reduction. Therefore, the MF=0.00200-0.0007=0.00130. Based on your numbers above, the dealer is suggesting a 'highly marked up' MF (0.00195+0.0007=0.00265) for MSD.

  • escalade24escalade24 Posts: 27
    edited October 2011

    Do any of you guys know what the residual and money factor is this month for 24 or 33 months with 10k miles a month on a 2011 E350?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Sorry, I screwed up one important factor. It was a 2012 E 350 coupe not a 2010. Pretty important difference, huh. Anyway any thoughts now?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    That's a great deal.....for them. send them back a note...ask why with 10 MSD's the mf only drops to .00195...ask what the residual is that they are using.....and ask what they are charging for the loan origination fee.

    Are you eligible for conquest or are you currently leasing a mercedes?

    If you get all that, we'll be able to help....but there is no reason to even think about the deal proposed.
  • benz_eblackbenz_eblack Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    Hello guys

    Just leased 2011 E 350 sports 4 matic in the Chicago area, what do you think about the deal
    totsl MRSP 52,500, 15K miles, 33 months lease, no down payment, maintenance and taxes included in the monthly payment. 599/month.

  • Here are the answers to the questions you posed:

    1. Q - Why with 10 MSD's does the mf only drop to .00195?
    A - Since we started with .00200, each MSD lowers the buy rate for the money factor by only .00007 to reach .00195;

    2. Q - could you clarify what the residual is you are using for the 0ffers - A - 70% for the 24 month lease and 60% for the 36 month lease

    3. Q - what are the loan origination fees? A - Our lease acquisition fee through Mercedes Benz Financial is $1095 and their disposition fee should you elect to not lease or finance another vehicle at the end of your lease is $595

    4. Q - Does the total selling price of $53,960 include the Conquest promotion and if so, how much is that? Yes it does and it is $2,000 since you are in a Cadillac presently.

    Any additional thoughts, ghstudio or anyone else are appreciated. Since I suck at negotiating car deals, any ideas for the next step would also be appreciated.

  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited October 2011
    1) If the starting mf is .0020, then 10 MSD's would reduce it to .00193 (not .00195). However, I don't think .0020 is the mercedes tier 1 credit rate..I think it's a little lower so the dealer may be marking it up.

    2) sounds right

    3) mercedes actually charges $795 and dealers mark it up (pure profit) to $1095. This is negotiable.

    4) So they aren't giving you much of a discount on the car, are they. They don't pay the conquest...they get that back from negotiate the selling price and then add the $2000 additional discount. Don't let them try to tell you that the total is a great discount.

    a) why $2000 up should pay the first months lease payment plus the title/registration fee only (plus leave a check for the MSD's). what's the rest of the money for???

    b) My calculator says that the monthly payment on the 24 mo lease with the MSD's should be about $840 including tax (that assumes that you don't pay that $2000 up pay the first payment plus license fees). Not sure why their number is higher.

    You should be able to negotiate a better cash price for the car....and you should be able to get the $1095 reduced to $795 (although that will be harder). Finally we need to find out the tier 1 mf this month for your car...and hopefully someone here will tell us.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,606
    If you start at .00200, then 10 X .00007 = .0007 reduction, which would take you to .0013

    Somebody is having trouble with how to multiply numbers less than 1.. or, they are taking a big markup before applying the MSDs..


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  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    My head is hung in shame.....I should never post before I wake up.

    You are, of course, correct (and my leasing program calculated it correctly).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,606
    I didn't really mean that for you... .more for the OP..

    It's possible they are starting at .00265......


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  • Carman;

    Do you know the residual and money factor on 24 and 33 months for the 2011 E350 with 10k miles.

  • Does anyone know the current 24, 33, and 36 month residuals, incentives, and money factors for the 2012 E350W4? Car_man, kyfdx, anyone?
  • This is the latest i received on the 2012 coupe deal from the salesman concerning the MF adn the reduction for the MSDs as well as the Conquest:

    Thank you for your email. The promotional money factor that we have from MB Financial is .00200. However, if you elect to purchase MSD's they do not allow us to use the promotional rate. They require that we start at their standard money factor (which my finance department told me was .00265) and then subtract the MSD discounted basis points. In this particular case since the .00070 reduction resulted in you saving only .00005 (.00195) from the promotional rate it was not appealing. The multiple security deposit leases are generally more appealing when we do not already have a special rate available, which in this case we do.

    Regarding the conquest incentive...we do have $2000 back from MB but we were discounting the car $3,525 before the cost of shipping the car in for you (usually $450) so we are at just about $4,000 off of MSRP or $2,000 from us and $2,000 from MB.

    I checked with my Finance Director and she will go ahead and write the loan using the $795 acquisition fee rather than the $1,095.

    I wanted to answer as many of your questions as possible prior to working up the figures again.

    I will go ahead and recalculate the numbers and get them over to you.

    Here are the numbers he ran:

    Vehicle: 2012 MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS E350C 2dr Cpe E350
    Stock #:
    Miles: 0

    Vehicle Price: $54,275.00
    Preferred Customer Discount: - $3,525.00
    Total Selling Price: $50,750.00

    Sales Tax (estimate): + $3,118.31
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $348.75
    Tire/Battery/MVWEA: + $8.50
    Dealer Service Fee: + $699.95
    Balance Due (estimate): $54,925.51
    No Trade-In


    With $2,000 Cash down 24 months = $804; 30 month = $784; 36 months = $736;

    Sounds fishy to me but any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
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