Should I buy this XTS that was registered as a commercial vehicle?

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So I narrowed down a deal with a small local dealership to purchase a 2014 Cadillac XTS W20 Livery package with 91k miles for $14,400($16,200 out the door). Overall the condition is good, however the wheels might need to replaced because they are pretty rashed up.

Looking at the car, It came to my attention that the was registered as a commercial vehicle for the first 76,461 miles. I find the carfax really confusing because it says it was sold to the dealer and registered as a personal vehicle for 8 days. It was then listed for sale again at this local dealership

Can someone look into this and let me know how to approach this. Im not entirely sure what is going on with the carfax. I also don't know if I should buy the car. I have a refundable $500 deposit down and am supposed to pick up the car tomorrow.

I need help ASAP.

Please and Thank You


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