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Chevy Silverado - How Much Did You Pay? II



  • Where are you going to get the rear fender well liners? I didn't know they made them for the GM's

  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    DeNooyer Chevy just called..our 4 door truck is in..mighty purty says the salesman. We pick it up at 4 (need to bring hubby...he'll get to drive it first, because of the rush hour traffic we'll be in).
    Oh gosh..what to do first..order the cap, get the liner, mudflaps, busy day!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Thats great DMR. Hey dont sweat all the accesories right away enjoy the truck for a little bit too. Keep us updated.

  • dustyonedustyone Posts: 262
    I have not seen them yet. No one will probably
    make them. If I can find a set of sportside
    dealer, junk yard, etc) WW liners, I will add to
    my Z71 to keep the mud from the back of the cab and off of the tail lights.

    BTW, I painted my bed in the ww area with flat
    black paint to hide the summit white. I think it
    improves the looks. I never noticed how much it
    stood out until my wife mentioned it (Does it itch
    under your cast? Not until you mention it :) )
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208

    Factory molded mud flaps are dirt catchers I looked at a set for the front of mine yesterday did'nt like design, their to stiff, if you happen to go off road (ya know like thru a field for camping) and hit a low enough dip in could do some damage, would'nt go with them.
    Get the cap, you know you want/need it anyway.

    Ray T.
    Ray T.
  • The gm card I referred to in my post is the G.M. master card. It gives you a 5% rebate on any gm car purchase. I have had it for almost 10 years now(Igot it when they first came out) and on my first chevy blazer I got a 2700 dollar rebate and this one I got 2100 dollars. The aplications should be available at any dealers.
  • Yeah it does get cold here and this is really 4WD country. There is almost no snow this year at least till now. and it's been almost warm (above zero) all winter.
  • grizzly1grizzly1 Posts: 111
    Hard to imagine little snow in Jackson. Above zero is warm!... sweating just thinking about it. I would think most people there have block heaters or some sort of engine warmer. The summers must be absolutely beautiful! You do have summer don't you? LOL

  • Just order a 2000 extended cab 4 door 2WD for $75 over dealer invoice. You say it can't be done--it sure can. I contacted dealers through autoinvoice and got my best price. $175 over invoice--but dealer was 6 hours from my house. I put together what I wanted and my best price and faxed it to every dealer in my area whom I thought would be competetive--3 dealers. One wouldn't beat it--one came in at $100 over invoice---told that to the other dealer and fexed her a copy of the quote and they came in at $75 over invoice. The harder you work the more money you can save. They still get the 3% dealer holdback. Paul
  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    Walli wrote: $175 over invoice--but
    dealer was 6 hours from my house
    just be careful with the invoice plus...we did that with the truck we ordered in Sept (Northstar Chevy), and when it came in the advertising costs came with it..they said we bargained so much over invoice and here was the invoice (with the ad costs listed on it). We had a "contract" (they are never real contracts without the vin number)with a set price..never thinking that it would go up. Next go around (DeNooyer Chevy), we made sure when the bargained price was Invoice, it read no changes even if the invoice does. We worked very hard to get the first price (lots of bidding and cross bidding), but it meant nothing (even with a lawyer and attorney general) in the end.
  • skiddo1skiddo1 Posts: 9
    I called the Chevy 1-800 number to find out when my Silverado LS would be delivered. They said that it was shipped 2-15-00. It's been about 3 weeks and my dealer says that it hasn't arrived. Does anybody know what might be considered a reasonable time frame for delivery? As most of you have experienced, car dealers can not be trusted. An honest dealer is the exception. I wouldn't be surprised if it arrived and they sold it for a better price.

    Thanks, Skiddo
  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    your wrote: Does anybody know what might be considered a reasonable time frame for delivery? -------------------------------
    Mine was built on the 16th and arrived on the 29th..I never got to a ship date.
  • dustyonedustyone Posts: 262
    arrived Atlanta on 2/23
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Mine was built 2/9 in East Pontiac Plant, went to New Jersey holding yard for transporter truck scheduling then shipped to Dealer in Conneticut on 2/24. I took delivery 2/25.
    Hope this helps in time frame query.

    Ray T.
  • pin2000pin2000 Posts: 2
    ordered 12/14,built 2/14 and still waiting.
  • I'm getting ready to buy a '00 Silverado pickup. This one is pretty much loaded, though I don't have the exact options at hand. My dealer located this one for me at another location (same dealer). 4x4, reg. cab, 5.3L, Z71, (those were the only specifications I provided, being i'm not to picky), but i'm going there saturday to begin the dealing process. I know that basically, the invoice is approx. +/- $3000 lower than MSRP. I would offer $500 over invoice, but have a little problem. I have a trade in and don't know how much to offer him since I have the trade. Should I demand $500 over invoice minus (-) the trade in value for mine???? Dealers get me confused in the trade in matter. The sticker is $27,xxx, and my trade in value for my truck is $8500. WHAT SHOULD I DO???
  • jacksbbqjacksbbq Posts: 1
    I have been on an extensive search for either a 2000 Silverado 2500 4wd ext cab LB or a 2000 GMC Sierra 2500 Classic SL 4WD ext cab LB - Needless to say my search has been in vain - however, I did locate, at the same dealership, a 99 Silverado,2500 standard cab 4wd LB,(loaded, never driven) and a 99 Siverado ext cab 4wd LB,(semi-loaded with large v8 and 4.10 rears) They are offering $24,400 and $26,900 respectively - I forgot to mention that the 3/4 ton ext cab has 6,600 miles. Either truck would work for my business - the ext cab would work a little better - any opinions on either of these as a value? BBQMAN
  • Negotiate the best deal you can (check older posts to see how well others have done)....but DON'T mention anything about a trade to the dealer until you've got a price. THEN, at that point, toss in your trade...otherwise you'll be giving them opportunity to make excuses why they aren't "able" to go any lower. You may want to check with other dealers to see how your trade stacks up. Also, check to get some reference (if you haven't already).
  • chevy00chevy00 Posts: 21
    I share the same sentement -- Make the very best deal on the truck without any hint of a trade-in. If the salesperson tries to get a conversation going about trade-in, then just tell him you're thinking of keeping it or selling it out right. A good salesperson WILL mention that selling it yourself will get you the best $$$ in return.

    Remember in negotiating a price that the salesperson might fail to mention a processing fee or advertising fee when initially bargaining from the invoice. ALWAYS start at the invoice price and work upward. KNOW your facts about invoice prices for truck and options--MAKE the salesperson KNOW you are prepared for a long process of negotiating. Advertising is usually 1% of MSRP, and I've seen processing range from $49 - $289 depending on location & model. Factor that in when you start thinking final price. Sales tax? any other fees? Get ALL the prices in writing, including Ad and Processing fees. I personally would start at 1% over invoice AT MOST, and go from there. If ordering the truck (for a four door Ext CAB), start AT INVOICE The dealer makes 3% of MSRP for ordering right off the bat. Then, once a price is negotiated and written down by the salesperson (if possible get sales manager signature to confirm committment), tell him you're going home to think it over. Also, ask about their sevice department rating. See if they have anything in writing that ranks their service. That also lets them know you're factoring that in as well. If you like the price, come back the next day and then say you want to trade in the other vehicle. BUT UNDERSTAND, they will offer much less than you could get on the outside, and probably even less than what the NADA trade-in value is. WHY? Because you dealt from invoice, profit is much less (MSRP runs about 10-13% above invoice on Silverados), and they are in it for the profit. Seriously think about selling it on the outside if possible--it really makes it easier---That's what I did. If dealers know up front about a trade-in, they usually won't even discuss sales near an invoice price---just my observation. Shop around...driving 100 miles is worth it if you save lots-o-$$$$! Good Luck.

    (Truck due in by March 20th)

    Fred S.
  • skiddo1skiddo1 Posts: 9
    Mine finally arrived on 3-07-00. It took about 3 weeks to deliver. I paid $200 over invoice in Southern California.

  • Ok, that information has helped me a lot fellas. I hear all the time of people paying a couple hundred over invoice, but I have a question. Are you paying cash for that vehicle? (borrowing from bank?) I am seriously thinking about financing through GM. Their interest rates are quite a bit lower. Does this affect the final price on a vehicle? Some dealers have told me that since I would be financing that they can't come down as much as if I was paying cash. If this is true, how much difference should I expect? If not, tell me so I can let the dealer have it! thanx
  • Looking for 2500 HD(8600 GVWR)ext cab, shortbed,4dr, 4wd, LS with manual transmission. Very hard to find, have a dealer that says he'll look but may have to order. Been looking since Sept '99 haven't seen one on a lot yet. Added locking diff, tinted glass, rearview w/temp and compass, engine oil cooler (not standard w/mantran) and skid plates. Dealer quote 27815, invoice 26582, MSRP 30303. 500 over invoice would be ~27100. Should I go for the 27100 if they are so rare? Maybe let dealer know I'm still looking at other dealerships will encourage him to come down an extra 700 or so. Think?

    No trade in, have a '89 Z71 Silverado reg cab, shortbed w/350 and manual tran.with custom wheels and Bridgestone Duelers 31X10 and 207000mi. They sure do last if you treat them right. Looks good for 11yrs old. Have buyer for it at 6000, kbb is ~3300, will see if dealer will do an in and out.

    Sounds like I could wait a while if I order. Oh well, just more time to save up for my big purchase.

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • toxictomtoxictom Posts: 1
    First to darealpuck, I suggest reading a book by Remar Sutton called How Not To Get Taken Everytime. It will tell you everything you want to know about the buying process. Also check credit unions first for loan rates. I got 6.5% APR for 36 mos. but they offered it for up to 66. No fees at all, just a membership.

    I ordered my truck this past week. Extended cab, four door, long bed 1500 2wd. Added cloth (no charge), auto, air, power locks, deep glass, locking diff, carpet. My calculated invoice was 21,301. Dealer added 440 "adjustment" which they claimed would be added on to invoice by GM for advertising making their invoice 21,741. Final price negotiated to 21,750. I did not trade in my current truck. I had been willing to go to 1.5% over invoice so I think I did ok. Would appreciate any comments positive or negative. Thanks!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I asked the guy i ordered my truck from if he could give me the number gor gm so i can call and bugg them to know if my truck is being built or has been built (not yet but in the next couple months) he told me not to call gm because gm gets mad at the dealerships. The dealership told me to call them and they will keep me updated. I know the salesman will keep me up to date very well so you think i shouldnt bother calling gm at all and let the dealership let me know about the order?

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Thanks lion im sure ill call when i get an order/build number

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Well it is no longer considered "babble" Ryan to all your "well wishers" & nay sayers. You finally made the grade & placed the order, I knew all along you would. Wait a couple of weeks then get that order# from dealer & call GM anyway!

    On those Westin Nerf Bars, I installed one this past Friday, it rained the rest of the weekend so I put driver side on first. The fit is not as I thought it would be when they say "no drilling uses existing frame holes". Brackets don't line up as they should. I don't know if that is because the 1/2 ton & 3/4 ton unit frames are different. But with a little know how I made it work and they are solid. The package arrived UPS & it was all beat to hell, it shipped from Ohio so who knows how many tranfers were involved enroute to New York, some paint had been warn off one end of each on inside curve but I'll touch it up & not worry about it since they'll get their wear soon enough! What a difference with getting in & out of this truck though, glad I bought them.

    Borla Cat Back due in today/tomorrow so that will be next project, tint the windows and I'm done with accessorizing my truck. 700 trouble free miles (26hrs.) no problems & luv'in it. Pictures to come soon if I figure out how to post them, maybe I'll ask my 15 year old daughter, she seems to know more about computers than I do! She's a BIG Hanson freak & has a newsletter she does about them on the web!

    Well congratulations again on your order, now the WAIT!

    Ray T.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Hey Ray are you gonna let ur daughter drive your truck? My little brother (14 tomorrow) is already making plans with mine. This scares me.

    Tomorrow i find out for sure if its accepted or not. I have my fingers crossed

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Hey ray the nerf bars u installed were they black? For a 4 door or 3 door? Sorry i forgot. Also if they are black and for a 4 door how much did u get em for where and whats the part number if you dont mind sharing. Thanks alot i appreciate the info very much

  • Hey my truck Saturday!!!! I love it. My salesman just made me an offer I couldn't resist. I told him I wasn't going to trade in my truck, (just to see what he'd come down to on the price) and he offered me $2000 more for my pickup truck than trade in value and/or any other dealer's price. After I calculated everything, I ended up paying around $500 over invoice, and I was happy with that because this dealership is one of the best in the country for customer satisfaction (they once replaced a $500 part for me 10,000 miles after warranty ran out). I love my new Z71, and wouldn't take anything for it. Thanx guys for the advice!
  • billemacbillemac Posts: 4
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, gather
    around for a tale of "You gotta be kiddin me!".
    On January 17th I ordered:
    1500 LT ext cab sb fleetside 4x4 Z71, 5.3 V-8 ,
    auto trans, autotrac, locking rear, Alum wheels,
    P265 tires, tinted windows, 3.73 axle, flares
    and the trailering pkg. I tracked the vehicle to
    the point where is was in transit last week. Today
    I called the dealer and He said, Your truck came in
    on Friday 03/10, unfortunately, we sold it to
    someone else on Saturday 03/11.
    I am not sure what course of action I can take,
    but I am very interested in hearing from anyone
    that can site a similar situation and what the
    dealer or GM did to rectify the situation.
    thanks in advance. bmc..
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Oh man DMR had that happen too. If you had a deposit down id get a lawyer. I hope you had some paperwork too


  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    Billemac wroteI am not sure what course of action I can take,but I am very interested in hearing from anyone that can site a similar situation and what the dealer or GM did to rectify the situation.thanks in advance.
    When our first truck came in, and the dealer tried to raise the price, and we wouldn't pay more, I got a lesson in what is a contract. Because they had taken a down payment, that made a contract..but surprise! Not for any one vehicle..since there was no VIN number, there was no contract for that particular truck. Tried to work with GM..and all we got was that they are independently owned..the more we fought, the more they tried to talk to the dealer (with me on hold). We think they had a better offer (but it must have fallen through since the truck sat there for a while). We finally decided that we didn't even want to buy from Northstar Chevy in Upstate NY,at this point, so we went elsewhere. Attorney General sent papers for us to fill out, but we didn't bother, since we wanted nothing more to do with this place.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Did you have a signed agreement??? Go to the General Manager/Owner & let them know what went on, if they don't seem to care pursue it thru GM.
    Don't hold your breath for them to do anything though. I can't believe this dealer did this to you. WHO is the dealer & where are they located? If you get no where with GM chaulk it up to experience write a scathing letter to the editor in local paper & find another dealer to buy from, let them know what this dealership did to you, they may be sympathetic & want to do right by you to get your business.


    Good Luck & keep the faith there are MANY unscrupulous dealers out there obviously & you found one of them! The worst kind of advertising they can have is NEGATIVE so you can do some damage by spreading the word & letting them know about it.

    Ray T.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    With Ray. Dont sit back and be quiet. They did u wrong. Go after them and get some right out of this situation. Whether its a verbal agreement or written it still should be good and they should have stuck with it. I would not stop till i had my truck. You waited a few months its yours no one elses even if they are gonna pay more. F THAT
    Remember one saying (Paybacks are a [non-permissible content removed])

    Bill go pay them back (in a nonviolent way of course)

    Please dont just sit back and let it happen to others too take a STAND!!!

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    My order was accepted today!!!!!!!!!

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
  • boyhwdyboyhwdy Posts: 2
    So I ordered this truck back in December... 2000 Silverado/ Indigo Blue/ Z-71/ LT/ Every option but the Cellular phone jack. I waited patiently it was built on 22 Feb then shipped out. Called dealer a week later and they have been saying it will be here tomorrow for the past two weeks. I finally said put a tracer on it. Looks like the rail car that was carring mine and 50 other trucks had the axle lock up on it. They can't budge the car nor get a truck in to unload it :) Son of AAAAAAAAA!! My dealer has been good though, he gave me his 2000 Silverado to drive since I have already sold my truck and need transportation.

    Moral of Story: Don't wait on anyone to check on the status of your truck for you. Track it from beginning to end. That is what they get paid for.

    also: Uncle Bob (my dealer :) ) stated that when keys in your VIN number it is initially built as SOLD. I saw this on the confirmation order too. SO when the dealer pulled that truck up to sell to someone he knew it was already sold and opted to make a better profit on it.

    I made sure that I had Uncle Bob draw up a contract with my VIN on it and my deposit. Let'um sell my truck on me!!

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    if i was you id find the train. Hunt it down and unlock the axle.

    GOOD LUCK to u

  • Congrats ryan.

    Boyhwdy go get your truck, take tools to cut it out if you have to.

    As for the dealer that sold an ordered truck, if he did that to me every news paper, tv station, consumer rights organization would hear my story. The squeeky wheel usually always gets greased---Start squeeking Bill.

    Placed my order Tuesday for my new truck. 2500HD extcab, 4dr, 4wd, LS added rearview with temp/compass, manual tran with deep low and OD, CD player, tinted glass, on/off road tires, fog lights and skid plate pkg. Grand total invoice 26800 got it for 27300. When will it get here, who knows but I'll be keeping tabs and getting numbers along the way.

    Thanks to ya'll, this page has been a big help to me.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Anyone hear about a $25 increase to $690 for destination? I heard they might increase it but i hope its for the 2001 model. Just curious if any salesmen told you about this increase

  • abberaabbera Posts: 24
    Well folks, BMC and I ordered from the same dealer. As it happens, my old friend is in charge of the New Vehicle Prep department. When BMC told me about getting his sold out from under him, I immediately called (mine was due shortly) and made sure they knew this was NOT going to happen to me. They handled me with kids gloves and I got mine today! The story my friend told me was that the fleet dealer was hospitalized and a new person was handling mine and BMC truck orders. I confirmed this with both the involved fleet dealers. When BMC truck came in they made 2 mistakes; 1) They misfiled BMC order and it was under first instead of last name AND the new fleet guy (filling in) did not get the inventory sheets to the Prep department daily, as had the other. Thus when it came in, no status saying it was sold and they sold it. Sounds like the dealer is trying to work with BMC, especially since BMC and I both have dealt with them before. Best of luck BMC!
  • gtb1gtb1 Posts: 2
    Has anyone bargained for less than $500 over invoice? I am trying to decide between Chevy and Ford (equivalent). The Ford is about $900 less than Chevy and they have a $500 rebate. Trying to get a great deal on Chevy. Sure would like to hear from those that did better than $500 over and where they bought. I live in Tucson, AZ.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    About $500 under for me. A gm supplier deal helped a little bit. Only way u will truely get one under invoice is with the supplier or gm employee deals

  • 87lion87lion Posts: 166
    I'm getting mine for $350 over invoice through Costco's buying program.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Go to

    A photographer I'm not so..........bare with me.

    Ray T
  • rdve80rdve80 Posts: 139
    The dealers story doesn't sound that convincing. Having an order filed under first name instead of last name means nothing. No salesman ever looks through a stack of other customer's orders before deciding if he can sell a vehicle to someone. So having it filed incorrectly makes no difference.

    Regarding the second point, the vehicle prep team does not sell vehicles, the salesmen do. And when the salesman entered the VIN number up on the computer, it should have shown the Vehicle Order Number that the dealer used to order it from GM and tied to that order was BMC's name. Otherwise, the dealer was playing loose with BMC's order in the first place. In any case, it doesn't sound like a solid dealership to work with.

    Hopefully BMC will be able to post later on what this dealership was really able TO DO FOR HIM.
  • skiddo1skiddo1 Posts: 9
    I got my 1500 LS 4x4 with fourth door for $100 over invoice. That did not include the $300 advertising fee. You have to get a firm price from the dealer or make sure that they disclose exactly what the hidden (non-Edmunds)fees are. Prices should be dropping now that the fourth door model is on the dealer lots.

  • larracedlarraced Posts: 1
    Was told by salesman that the fourth door is an adjustment of 312.00. Truck is 2000 Silverado 4X4 Ext. Cab Z71. The option sheet with invoice prices showed NC. I noticed The base invoice price has gone up on this vehicle from 23009 to 23297. Anyone know if this fourth door has now been factored in or if the 312.00 is legitimate charge. The option sheet used to show the door at its NC.???
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Posts: 200
    That is one fantastic looking Silverado. How long did it take your wife to get you out of it, and back into the house. (haha)

    Have a nice day :)

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    As both the women in my life have told me I'm obsessed w/my truck! Ya know how it goes new toy etc...... I must have been in it for 3 hours first night home.........Now have a little over 1000 miles (37 hrs.) and it's flawless!

    Ray T. :-)
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