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Chevy Silverado - How Much Did You Pay? II



  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240

  • skiddo1skiddo1 Posts: 9
    I just received my truck two weeks ago. I looked at the actual invoice sheet and it matched Edmunds exactly. That means that the fourth-door pricing is now included in the base price for that model.

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    You can probably expect delivery of your truck the week of the 4/24.

    Ray T.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Exactly what my salesman just told (apr 24) me it should be in IF and a bif IF its made in the US if its being made n canada itll be a bit longer.

    Its gonna be kinda a long wait though i wont be able to pick it up till beginning of June :(

  • scrambolscrambol Posts: 8
    My truck was built on 3/20 according to my salesman. He gave me an order number. Who do I call to track my truck? How long does it usually take to transit the truck once it's built to the dealer? My salesman told me that it usually takes a couple of weeks for delivery after the build date. He also said that trucks built on a Monday are usually higher quality. I think he's blowing smoke up my @$$.

    By the way, I paid $300 over invoice not including the ad fee.
  • al2al2 Posts: 73
    Hope your truck is made in Oshawa . . . Canadians are not slow workers, they just take the time to do it right.

    Now that should start a little cross-border war!

    Cheers, Al
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I hope so too.

  • rcoosrcoos Posts: 167
    I have had my truck for just over a week. 4WD X/C Silverado. It was made in Fort Wayne, Indiana & so far has been great! My brother's Silverado was also made in Fort Wayne, he has about 20,000 miles on it & has been problem free.

    I'm sure that the workers in Canada do a good job but my wife hade a Trans Am that was made in Quebec. This car always had problems with it. One time the drivers window fell into the door when we were on the freeway. The dealer told us that the power window unit was installed correct at the factory.

    Just my two cents worth!
  • rcoosrcoos Posts: 167
    I ment to say the power window unit was installed incorrectly at the factory!
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    two weeks from build date. Monday vehicles better???? that's when Tim is hungover, he ain't workin on my truck no way no how. LOL

    Good Morning Tim!

    Ray T.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Yea most people dont want to be at work on mondays i think wednesday would be a better day.

  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    Ryan wrote: i think wednesday would be a better day.
    Mine was built on a Wednesday..and so far (where the heck is there any wood in this office..ah, the desk!) so good.
  • boyhwdyboyhwdy Posts: 2
    Ok. After two weeks of geeting the rail car fixed, my truck came in this afternoon. Some prep work and then spray in the Rino liner then it's mine. Tried to cut a deal to wave the destination charge, GM wouldn't budge and I won't place that on the dealer since it wan't there fault. I guess things just move slow in Mississippi :) I'm just glad to have it. I good way to celebrate my promotion to Captain. I guess things just work out the way they are supposed to huh?

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Congratulations are in order on two counts...
    Enjoy the Truck & your promotion.

    Ray T.
  • On your post you said you just got promoted to captain. I guess you mean the military. I'm getting commissioned in May and am in the market for a truck. I have no idea what's out there, but I like the looks of the Silverado and the Dodge Ram. I'm getting a loan from USAA in order to get the truck and I need to buy it before i leave for Ft. Benning in May. Any suggestions?
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Silverado over Dodge hands down, there is no comparison. Pick up latest copy of consumer reports and look over Dodge pick-ups, not very impressive on reliability on 2wd and 4wd is even worse.

    Ray T.
  • werkingwerking Posts: 431
    you at woopoo u? drop me a line at [email protected]

  • haushaus Posts: 2
    I'm looking to buy 2000 Z71 quad cab Ls or Lt. I've seen alot of post stating that they paid invoice price or a little over invoice. where can you find the invoice prices.does the dealer show you his invoice price and you work from that. also can you save any money by ordering from the manufacter.Instead of taking dealer stock.
  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    Check out this web site...

    read that and you'll be ready to buy a truck.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    All these sites give you invoice pricing/MSRP & whatever options your looking to equip with.
    After this your homework is done so time to go shopping.
    I printed up what I wanted & queried 15 dealers with my truck requirements & told them all it's about money & whoever gives me the best deal & can GET the truck gets my business. I paid invoice for my 2000 LS 2500 2wd ext. cab shortbox & then got a $500 rebate on top of that so final price was $500 under invoice.
    Good Luck

    Ray T.
  • jaslojaslo Posts: 7
    A 1500 reg cab 4 wheel drive with ls package. v-8 and auto transmission. Can anyone tell me how much they paid for a similar vehicle.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Go to post 183, the web pages are listed so YOU can do your homework & get the best deal.

    Ray T.
  • sjarrettsjarrett Posts: 1
    I have a 97, Ext. Silv. 5.0 V-8, 5 SP Man., Bucket Seats. 35,200 miles. It is in very good condition. Kelly Blue book says expected trade in is $14,800. I can not get close to this price. I took it to CarMax and they offered me $12,000. They claim to offer close to Blue Book if not higher. I only owe $8,900 on this but I still think it is worth more.
    I know I could sell it myself but I don't have much experience selling a truck that I still owe on. I can't afford to make two payments for very long.

    I want a new truck, can get a 3-door at invoice but don't want to take that big of a hit on my trade-in.

    Have the older Chevy P/U lost their value? I traded my last one in for $14,000 with 50,000 miles and it was basically the same truck. Plus I bought the truck for a little over invoice.

    Any advise on what I should expect to sell my truck for or get from a trade in would be appreciated
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Give $1000 deposit wow. I could have given $20 if i wanted. I gave them $1000 though just because it was no big deal but they shouldnt ask for that up front like that i was told i could give whatever i wanted

  • I gave $500 dep. but that was my choosing. Dealer never asked for one I just thought it might get
    things rolling quicker. Will post results. Ordered mine 3/18
  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    Last year I gave $500 deposit. It could have been less, but that is what I gave them.

    This year I called the dealer and sent faxes, etc. The truck is due in 10-15 days and I haven't given any deposit, in fact I haven't even been to the dealership yet. My first visit will be when I pick up the new truck.

    Dealer's choice on deposits. Some dealers don't want to special order, they want to sell what they have, others like to special order.

    Mike L
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Posts: 200
    I recently ordered a GMC, which a $1,000 deposit was requested. I asked why..Dealer said to insure that when it came in, I would be the one that got the pickup, and no salesman would sell it otherwise. Since I got a Silverado sooner than the GMC, my deposit was returned, the next day. The dealer also said that if I didn't take delivery of the GMC they would return my deposit with no problems. It was just to protect my being assured that I got first choice. Really no big deal, you just own them $1,000 less.

    Have a nice day... :)

  • lyterlyter Posts: 2
    This is mostly about the Silverado leather seat folks, but there is something to be learned from the internet sale nearing the end...
    Sometimes you can learn from others experiences.
    I offer this only in that context, something to
    consider. I took delivery on a 1500LT xcab three
    weeks ago. The highback leather seat is killing
    me. The seat, if you are unaware of its
    appearance, has a protrusion at the lower end of
    the vertical back. This protrusion is below the
    Lumbar section and above the point the vertical
    back meets the horizontal seat. As a result of
    this disaster, there is no lower back/tailbone
    support. I'm good for about 50 miles before its
    get out or pass out. Of course, as fate would have
    it, now that I've taken delivery on the truck, I
    find my complaint is a common one. Everyone, save
    one, that I have talked too complains about the
    seat. So far this has amounted to twenty people or
    so. I am six foot six inches and weigh 260, the
    non-complainer was on the short side, so maybe back
    length has something to do with the lack of
    comfort. There is a local seat repair place that
    does warranty work for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc.
    The establishment is new in the area, relocated
    from New Jersey. The owner tells me the problem is
    common. He say's he used to do between three and
    five seat adjustments a week in New Jersey. The
    usual case is several visits before something, if
    ever, is accomplished that you can live with. At
    present, I have been back five times...with Monday
    as the next adjustment. The seat itself could not
    be constructed in a cheaper manner. Chevy does not
    use springs anymore, a series of wire and foam
    padding constitutes what the seat repair folks tell
    me is as cheap as you can get...hard to work with
    for any decent comfort, and with a probable total
    value of about $100 a seat. The leather seat back
    and seat itself come off like a slipcover, the
    backing of the vertical seat is 1/4 inch cardboard.
    That's right folks, just like cardboard boxes
    everywhere. Don't get me wrong folks, I'm a Chevy
    guy from day one, having gone through many new
    trucks, several cars, and two Corvettes. Never had
    this sort of problem before. Customer Service at
    GM reacted in a predictable manner: "What!!!, why
    we never heard of such a thing!!", sorry we can't
    help you out under warranty...good luck and thanks
    for buying Chevy. This new truck seems to be a
    fine piece of machinery...whose seat sucks. One
    other observation, dealing with internet people in
    buying your Truck, i.e. buy it here and I'll have
    it dropped off there for you...for that $300 to
    $500 over invoice does save bucks and is fine if
    you don't have any problems later. When problems
    appear, you will soon find yourself swinging in the
    wind. Hope I've helped some, you need all the
    info you can get before you invest the big bucks
    necessary these days for that new rig. In the
    meantime, I'll just be here making another trip to
    the seat adjustment folks...and swinging in the
  • drachirdrachir Posts: 5
    We went and drove a 2000 LS Silverado Z71 yesterday. It had an MSRP of $32,637, they were
    selling all Silverado's @$6000 under MSRP, so
    selling price would be $26,637. I did the figures
    on the options, and it would be $734 under the
    invoice price. Did not make the deal, was unsure
    about reliability of the vehicle, sure was a good
    price though. Any comments from recent buyers &
    vehicle reliability and quality would be greatly
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Picked up yesterday (saturday 4-29) ALMOST 500MLS ITS GREAT!!!

  • rshornsbyrshornsby Posts: 200
    Good going...I'm glad for you with your new truck.
    I sure did enjoy my 2500 LS when I drove off the lot and headed home. Man what a truck, and since you have the Indigo Blue, same as I do, it's hard to keep from bubbling over isn't it.

    Anyway, congradulations on the Silverado.... Enjoy in good health....

    Have a nice day,

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    It sucks to wash. You can see all the dirt on it but oh well its a gorgeous color.

  • haushaus Posts: 2
    It is a known fact that white is a good color for not showing up dirt. what about the pewter color. does it show up dirt alot, and has anyone got a pewter truck that is two tone. if so what color.would you think that the chome strips going down the rocker panels would look good on a pewter truck.
  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    MSRP (inc shipping) $27793
    GMS price 23581

    Of course in California I have to pay almost $2500 taxes and registration for a total out the door $26076

    Mike L
  • bigmack56bigmack56 Posts: 1
    I dont see the option code for the 4th door, or, how much invoice or MSRP is for that option on the 1500 SB Ext cab 2000.... Anybody???
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Is not an option anymore. Its standard on all ext cabs. Its like $330 msrp though but added into the msrp of the truck now.

  • jimmcdjimmcd Posts: 16
    I took delivery of my 2000 LT in October 99 and have not experienced any problems or discomfort with the seats. I am 5'10", 185 Lbs. Perhaps, a different contractor fabricated the one's you are having trouble with now. Mine has about 7,500 miles on it and the only thing that resembles a problem is the accelerator seems to be somewhat resistant from the idle position. I think it needs lubricated somewhere. I like the indigo blue. I have the stainless steel wheel well trim and it looks good. The lower panels would look good too but not together.


  • jimmcdjimmcd Posts: 16
    Oh yes, I have round rails on the bed also and they go well with the fender trim.

    Jim - again
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    seat option update. Planning on 2500 LT Ext. Cab since 99's came out, but due to only 3dr. and all the '99 1500 LEMON'S being reported, have decided to wait for the '01 2500 models and keeping track of all the noted problems.

    Thanks again,
  • rcoosrcoos Posts: 167
    I have had my truck for almost two months. I have a 2000 LT X/C 4WD. I love the full feature leather seats. I'm 6'3", 215 lbs. I can drive my truck all day without adjusting the seat once!
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Posts: 200
    If you are going to buy a 2500, no need to wait. I don't think many 2500's have had many problems, with the Y2K model. I know that I haven't had any problems, at all. Not one. AND I LOVE MY SILVERADO, MAN WHAT A TRUCK.....

    Have a nice day... :)

  • abberaabbera Posts: 24
    I would NOT wait to purchase a 2500. They are a little harder to get anyway. I have had mine for a little over 2000 mi. with no problems. No shake, shudder, etc. I guess if I had to find something to complain about it would be that the seat quality does not seem up to par with my 91 GMC.

  • nrd525nrd525 Posts: 109
    I agree,if you want it anytime soon,get it as soon as you find one.I was looking for 1500's,and saw so many of them ,that I kind of got mixed up as to where "that one with the (blank)is?"But out of all the 2000's I saw,both GMC,and Chevy,I saw like one 2500 per dealership.One place had three,but one was sold,and one of the others had so much junk added by the dealer,I would have passed on it.But the total I saw was maybe a dozen,fourteen at most.Hell,even little hole in the wall places had a half dozen 1500's to pick from,most 4x4's.Good Luck..
  • jaumenjaumen Posts: 54
    When will the 2001 model pricing be available?
  • kablotskykablotsky Posts: 14
    i forgot to include it: i got the foglights too!

    mine is indigo blue with the charcoal interior.

    i just ordered a set of bilstein shocks ($230/set incl shipping from

    the best price i could find locally for the slider was $169 for c r laurence + $60 installation. i'm gonna have them put it in when the cap arrives, a century high-c.

    i only have 100 miles so far, so i can't say just how bad the gas is going to be. the way i figure, the few mpg difference for the 2500 only works out to a few 100 $/year.

    enjoy your truck!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    CHARCHOL???? You mean graphite???

  • kablotskykablotsky Posts: 14
    yeah, graphite -- that's it.

    confusion amidst the excitement.
  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    That was my second choice. I believe it comes with the black flares also.

    The guy quoted me $225 for the CR Laurence slider over the phone, but when I went in he only charged me $200, $140 + 60 installation.

    I have the bilstiens on my 1500. It was too wimpy with the 'Firm Ride' and no camper. The Z71 shocks were too wimpy with the camper. The Bilstiens are OK. This 2500 is not too wimpy empty, I'll wait and see with the camper.

    I'm up to 158 miles.

    Mike L
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Yes it does come with black fender flares i got them on my truck. It was an option on mine though with the 2500 4x4 they are standard. Looks great. Heres some pics.

  • jaumenjaumen Posts: 54
    Received my pricing today, now all I have to do is place the order.

    Invoice + $100.00
    No Advertising fee

    Now I just need to wait and see what the new 2001 price will be then my order goes in.

    Then the long wait will begin.
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