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2013 and earlier-Subaru Impreza Lease Questions



  • Much less for $12,000 miles per year? Thanks!
  • forget the $ sign... :) 12,000 miles per year.
  • Can you tell me the lease numbers for the 09 WRX?

    What's the residual and money factor (10 or 12k lease), 3 years. Edmunds lists a plethora of deals and the Subaru site mentions 339 a month.

    By my best guess, it's 0.0023 MF and 61% residual for 10k.

  • r129r129 Posts: 2
    I'm in Western NY and looking at a 2.5i base, 36 month lease. I'm wondering what the difference in MF and residual is between the 4-door and 5-door for both 12k and 15k per year terms. Also, is there a difference between manual and auto? Thank you!
  • "Subaru's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Impreza 2.5i 4-Door base with 15,000 miles per year are .00160 and 61%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a 5-Door base model are .00160 and 56%. The 12,000 mile lease would add 1% to the residual."

    This is from Car_Man's post Feb. 12th. Right above your question. Pretty sure nothing has changed in 4 days.
  • Thanks but that's for a 2.5 and the lease rates on the 2.5 and WRX are quite different. They're totally different cars. When I heard from the dealer yesterday regarding leasing rates they had a far worse money factor (equivalent of about about 5.5% or 0.00230)) and the residual was marginally better on the hatch.
  • Is it me or are people having trouble reading in here? Maybe we should change the font.

    My reply about 2.5i base numbers was not directed to you. That's why it says "Replying to: r129" not "Replying to: blueguydotcom." I don't have any idea what the WRX numbers are. I didn't have any idea what the 2.5i base numbers were either. The only reason I RE-POSTED the 2.5i base numbers was because they were in plain sight 2 posts above.
  • Dang, lighten up. Seriously. have a pop tart.

    My sincerest apologies for the 10 seconds it took you to read my post. I will consider 3 hail marys and a meal for an orphan as penance.
  • You were the one who jumped all over me. "THEY ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT CARS." Sound familiar? Now excuse me while I go enjoy a Pop Tart.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I didn't notice him using any caps.

    Mmm, hot filling, *ouch* burned my tongue. :D
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    I understand to find out EXACTLY how good a deal you are getting, you need to have the MSRP, Sales Price, Residual and Money Factor. However, when I shop leases I just divide the MSRP by the monthly payment to get a “Lease Factor.” The higher the better. If I find one 90-100 without anything down, it’s usually a good deal. I use it to compare the leases on similar cars before even checking the other details. It’s good as a quick check. If you have to put some money down, subtract that amount from the MSRP first. Lease rates are before taxes.

    Anyway, my local Subaru dealer had a 2.5i with an MSRP of $19,323 and a lease of $216/month for 36 months, 10K miles ($5 more for 12K; $10 more for 15K) with $999 down. That gives me a lease factor of 85. The Outback Sport I wanted had an MSRP of $21,045. Using the same Lease Factor, I get a monthly rate of $236, but the dealer quoted me $292. That’s 35% more for a car that costs only 9% more. I recognize that the residuals and money factors might change from model to model, but I didn’t expect them to be so different. When I asked, she quoted 63% and .00190 for the 2.5i and .00220 and 58% for the Outback Sport.

    I also see that Mazda is promoting a $179/moth lease on the base car. Again, I wouldn’t think that the Sport should be $100 more per month.

    Car Man, what are the factors for the Outback Sport for 36 months with 10, 12, & 15K miles and how much is the current rebate?
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    Your way of figuring leases isn't very scientific to say the least. Since each model's sale price and residual vary greatly. The differences would DRASTICALLY affect your calculations. It is actually about the worst way to "eyeball" what is a good/bad lease deal. I can lease a $35,000 Ford Flex for $26,000 selling price but because of it's low residual the payment would actually be higher than a $35K Lincoln MKZ that sells for over $31,000.

    You really only need to worry about 3 things. Sale price, residual and money factor. Everything else is a moot.
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    I was hoping that someone would challenge my "Lease Factor" because it seemed to be too simplified to me. While I agree that your example shows how the important factors influence the payment, assuming you will not be buying the car after the lease (just turn it in), which of your examples is a better deal? In both cases you get to drive a $35,000 car for three years but the payment is lower on the MKZ? Isn't that then the better "deal?" That car also has a higher lease factor.

    I think what you are saying is the "real" value of the two $35,000 cars are $31K & $26K repectively but you can lease the MKZ with the higher real value for less? My "quick" factor cannot give you this information and that's when you need to find the residual & money factors, Again, it just points you quickly to the better leases and is probably more accurate to use within a particular model. I also recognize that some options are removed when calculating the residual as these are considered to be worthless after 3 years. Those would affect the actual payment byt not my Lease Factor.

    BTW, I price a car on Edmunds to obtain the MSRP & TMV. I then try to get the factors from this forum and then plug those 4 values plus the local method and sales tax rate into a downloaded lease calculator to get a lease that should be acceptable and offer it to the dealer. Is there anything wrong with this strategy?

    Note, I discussions in this forum, I'd suggest that all quotes be exclusive of sales tax as not every state implements them the same way. Some states just add the going rate to the MSRP, others might add it to the CAP cost, and here in PA, our 6% Sales Tax is not used at all. You just calculate the lease without any taxes and then add 9% Lease Tax to that lease cost to determine your payment. :cry:
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    go to and read up on leasing.

    TMV is worthless. You don't shop TMV. You aim for the best price - TMV is a sucker's bet. Even when leasing you look for the lowest sale price (if there is money/rebates/trunk cash then you want invoice minus that amount).
  • jd2009jd2009 Posts: 1
    I recently got the $199/month-noDownPayment option from Subaru.

    No worries about yearly registration, windshield wipers, fluid, bulbs, any maintenance, tires, all included with the Subaru Lease (it even says it in the brochure).

    1 single oil change after 10,000 miles, that's all I have to pay for myself.

    In addition, I am driving a new car every 3 years. Only backdraw is the full coverage insurance wise, but still.
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    I've found that Subaru, as most other manufacturer's, offer different deals in different regions. Where did you get that deal and is the $199 for the bare bones model?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey wonwayout. Using an MSRP of $22,315 and a selling price of $21,079, I estimate that the 36 month, 12,000 mile peer year zero down, pre-tax monthly payment for a 2009 Impreza Outback Sport would be around $301.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I certainly can blueguydotcom. Subaru's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a base 2009 Impreza Sedan with 12,000 miles per year are .00280 and 58%, respectively. The residual value for an otherwise identical lease with only 10,000 miles per year is 1% higher.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're right, blueguydotcom. Subaru is providing cash incentives and better money factors on the Impreza 2.5. It is not currently providing any lease or cash support on the WRX.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey lch77. I believe that I just mentioned the numbers for the Outback Sport a couple of posts ago. Please check there for the info that you need. As far as cash incentives go, Subaru is providing $500 on the '09 Outback Sport right now. This cash is compatible with its special lease program,

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  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    Car Man

    Thanks for the info in #229, but in post #228 you said you calculated "around $301" for that outback Sport but you didn't actually list the factors. I used 58% and 0.00220 and go $300.86. In post #229 you listed 58% and 0.00280 as the factors for an Imprezza sedan, not the OBS. Anyway, could you please reconfirm the factors for the Outback Sport for both 12K & 15K miles.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Thanks. I ended up buying something else. If the WRX had a 6 speed, I would have bought it that weekend. The 5 speed felt like it was on boil at only 80 mph. :(

    Love the used 335i I bought instead but I feel the WRX is a better car in many respects: more room, better build quality, better engineering, lower maintenance costs. The 09 WRX is a great car.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I got to sample RSHolland's WRX last weekend. It was nice. Didn't get it up to high speeds, we took curvy roads. I got a new Miata and we just went looking for fun roads.

    I liked it too...what surprised me was how refined it was. No more noise than our Forester, yet a lot quicker and sportier.

    My Miata has a 6th gear, but it's not tall enough, in fact overdrive is actually shorter than the 5 speed Miata. Odd.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Mazda seems to suffer from this idea "people with manuals don't like to shift in top gear". It's really weird. I've had some mazdas, my family has had some and consistently Mazda seems to put in short top gears that provide full torque/meat at 65-80 but also deliver so-so mileage. Strange business decision. I love having a 6th gear that allows the engine to loaf along.
  • jasvicjasvic Posts: 16
    I see on the Subaru site that they are offering a 349/mo on Impreza WRX:

    Now through March 31, 2009 - $349 per month for 36 months with $1,599 due at lease signing. $0 security deposit. Tax, title and registration fees extra. Other leases available on other models. Cannot be combined with any other incentives.

    Two questions...

    Good deal?

    Will I actually be able to find this deal?

    Thank you!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Mileage allowance?

    Assuming 10K/yr, then not that great... also assuming no options...

    If you turned it into a no money down, 15K/yr lease, then you'll be over $400/mo. including tax...

    Not a bad lease program.. just nothing special..



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  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    Heuberger Motors in Colorado Springs is offering a WRX base, MSRP $26,310 for $23,500. Lease payment would be around $345 plus tax with ZERO down on a 36 month/10,000 mile lease. They only have 2 though.

    The .00280 money factor is killing the great 59% residual. That would be $110 of your payment. Forester, Legacy, Tribeca and 2 trims of the Outback would be half that.
  • jasvicjasvic Posts: 16
    Thank you for the replies - Don't really care about options - just want the AWD and that engine... Yeah I would assume 10K miles per year...

    Got in touch with a few local dealers yesterday - so far only heard back from one of them saying that they don't have anything in stock that meets the deal but could order one with 4-6 weeks wait.... Live in NJ so Colorado Springs doesn't do me much good but thank you anyway.

    I'd need to get that mileage up to at least 12K (probably 15K) and roll around $3,000 in negative equity from my current ride into the deal so I think it's going to be too much for me... damn... thought they were supposed to giving cars away in this economy... guess it's only SUV's and American cars...
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    I wasn't implying you should fly to Colorado to get a WRX. I was just saying they are offering them for $23,500. Also, I meant 55% residual. 59% is on 24 months.

    Subaru has never given away the WRX. Demand is too high. You're lucky to even find any at the end of March. Usually they are all gone. With 15,000 miles and $3K of negative equity your payment would probably be $505 with sales tax. Not worth it.
  • I am currently leasing a 2007 Impreza wagon, which I have fallen head over heels in love with :) . My 3yr lease ends Nov. 2009. I currently pay $250/mo. incl. tax, which is quite comfortable for me right now. (Lease terms: 62% Residual on $19,798 MSRP, 12K, 36Mo., $0 down, $18,886 Neog. Price, 0.00169998 Money Factor)

    I am itching for a new upgrade, a WRX Premium :blush: , and have been toying with the idea of doing so before my lease it up (only 6 mo. to go). Problem is, I'm going back to graduate school for chemistry this fall and money will not be as plentiful as it is now with a FT job. I remember in Sept.-Nov. of 08, I was looking around dealerships for options and they kept trying to sell me on the leftover 08 WRX models that were fully equipped for the $250 price range. All good and dandy, but I really liked the 09s better. So my question is...

    Can I get a deal, as close as possible to the price I have now, with a 09 WRX premium package now (in April/May) or should I just wait until I get closer to November for a better deal? :confuse:

    I know the price range sounds crazy, but last year they were desperate to get rid of the 08s and I'm hoping they'll be just as desperate this year to get the 09s off the lot in time for 10s.

    My car is very low miles (just hit 20K a few wks ago) and is very well maintained, so I don't know if I might be able to get any credit towards my new one. (And I'm assuming with the price I'm looking for, I should probably put at least put 1-2K down). But I guess it all comes down to the money factor and the residuals. Will they get better or worse closer to November? :confuse:

    Opinions, suggestions, comments?

    Thanks in advance!
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