2012 acadia has had a slight jerk or shudder for over a year

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I have a 2012 acadia 130,000 miles. I am only owner purchased new 0 miles ayahuasca 2012. It has been a really good car for us. Yes there have been a lot of recalls and a few minor things happen. But this has been the only main problem. Last summer 2016 it started with a slight intermittently jerk or shudder at all different speeds. It didn't do it all the time or every time we drove. Slowly it has gotten worse to we're now it is almost a constant jerking or shudder. I am not sure really how to explain other than it feels like it looses gas while it's doing the jerking and will continue to go. It only does it under slow acceleration and while going at highway speeds. If I let off gas pedal or punch the gas pedal it stops. If I take off fast throttle it never does it. It starts and idles great. There has never been engine codes. We have changed out spark plugs back with the same ac delco factory brand. We changed all 6 ignition coils. Replaced the purge valve solenoid sensor due to it making a clicking sound. Transmission fluid looks good no burnt smell of any kind. It shift great and no slipping. So I don't think it has anything to do with transmission. We have checked for vacuum leaks, don't appear to be any unless we missed them. Cleaned the MAF sensor, cleaned MAP sensor, cleaned throttle body, changed air filter and put some strong cleaner thru gas tank several times. Nothing has seemed to help. I don't want to keep spending and not fixing it. Anyone have any ideas on what else it could be?


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    there is on other thing we have had problems with is the AC not wanting to blow out front vents all the time. It also want to blow warm air out back vents and won't stay cold all of the time. i don't think these 2 things are connected though. 
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    I too have the exact symptoms you describe. The dealer says it's the transmission and wants $6200 to replace it. I am not convinced. I am going to replace the brake and accelerator pedal assemblies as they are about $230 and have sensors that connect to everything like stability control, transmission shifting, and fuel management.
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    May be late to the party here, but I've been having the same symptoms in my Hyundai XG-350L for a year now. I do a lot of highway driving, and it's so annoying. No CEL lights, other things done as others above at some expense. On another forum I found someone with the exact same symptoms who had replaced everything, finally figured on that it was gunked-up EGR system causing the varying mixture of exhaust and fuel to the engine. Anyone else know about this? Sounds like it's my next try although sounds like a lot of removing/cleaning/checking parts right into the engine block. Thanks.
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    My vehicle is doing the same thing.. it feels lile it shudders or jerks... i took it back to where i bought it several times and still could not find the issue causing it. 
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    As far as the A/C mine kept doing the same thing. I was told that it is a known issue but GMC will not own up to it and put out a recall. I kept taking it back to where i bout it. After around the 5th time of taking it back it got fixed. There is a filter/coil right under the glove compartment that my mechanic changed out/replaced and i havent had any more issues with my A/C
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    My 2012 Equinox had jerking, then half power on the freeway. Limped it to the dealer who told me the fuel pump went out. Installing a new one solved the problem until the next year when another jerking episode happened and then at 140K miles they told me to decarbonize the head. I said "no", and started to add a bottle of Techron to the gas tank when I filled up once a week and it helped until I was ready to sell.
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    Hi, I also have a 2012 Acadia. It has both the AC not wanting to blow out front vents and the jerking problems. Can anyone provide an update on their problem? What was the cause? Is it a product defect? How much did it cost to get fix? 
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    any one fixed the shudder problem? and how?
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    Could be a torque converter issue. I would recommend having a transmission shop test this out. Sometimes a fluid change, filter and a special additive might help, at least for a while.
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    this all sounds like a torque converter issue..... easy fix but could be costly... up to 1k even though the parts is not all that miuch

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