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Toyota Sequoia Lease Questions



  • I'm in the DFW area and just leased a fully loaded SR5 (very near the equivalent of Limited for 2K less plus I got 20" wheels!). My deal was for 48 months, 12k and the residual was set at $18,884 for ALL SR5's. It doesn't matter what options you add, they only residualize off of base MSRP. I looked at several trucks that had different options and they always used the same residual. The lease was through US Bank at a MF of .00216 (Tier 1) so I could also get the $1500 cash back.
  • Can you please tell us what the MSRP was on the truck you selected, and what they used for the net Cap Cost? Thanks
  • MSRP was $40,683 from the factory but upped to $45,155 at the dealer with addition of 20" wheels w/ locks & Toyo tires (really nice!), pinstriping, front window tint, battery saver and tire safe. The net cap cost was $36,917 (including TTL and after I paid $2300 out of pocket and also applied the $1500 rebate to cap reduction).
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi texund. I haven't seen Toyota's specific lease program for the Gulf States region this month. Unfortunately, its lease program for your area is often different than it is in the rest of the country, but to give you an idea of what it is like in most areas right now Toyota Financial Services' current buy rate and lease money factor for a 36 month lease of a base 2007 Sequoia SR5 4WD with 15,000 miles per year are .00179 and 56%, respectively.

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  • Carman -

    I'm down in Tampa and have been provided the following numbers from my local dealers:

    Current residual on a 36 mo: 60%
    Current residual on a 48 mo: 43%

    but the "special money factor" she is quoting me through SE Toyota finance is .00224.

    That is an interest rate almost 1% higher than the .00179 you quote, above. Any legitimate reason for the discrepancy? I'm not getting the feeling that the numbers she is coming up with through other banks, such as Huntington, are much different.

    Also, when I asked for the actual cap cost they were using I got this response (can you explain it in layman's terms)?:

    On the 48mo lease from my quote on Saturday, the actual capitalized cost is apprx $35800, with a bank advance of apprx $34900. These are the two numbers we deal with mostly on leasing to show the "sale price". This vehicle has a apprx retail of about $41900, plus tax and lic....
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi floridatarheel. Unfortunately, Toyota does not sell vehicles directly to consumers in its Southeast region. In your area all Toyota vehicles must go through a distributor that adds another party that needs to profit off of your sale. This is why it is often more expensive to purchase Toyota vehicles in the Southeastern United States than it is in the rest of the country. The .00179 month factor that I mentioned earlier is available for leases of '07 Sequoias through Toyota Financial Services. The Southeastern Toyota distributor does not run leases through TFS, but instead uses its own finance company that has different money factors. The .00224 factor that you were quoted for this truck looks about right for a lease in Toyota's Southeast region right now.

    It appears as though the MSRP of the truck that you are interested in is $41,900 and that its selling price is $35,800. You should confirm that this is correct. If it is, then you are getting a great discount on this truck. If not, let me know what the selling price is and I'll tell you what I think.

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  • thanks Car_man.

    Yes, I just put a refundable deposit down to order exactly what I wanted and she just sent back a confirming email. MSRP on the exact vehicle I ordered was $41,584.

    As for the final cap cost, I think she is offering $35,800 and has a tad more wiggle room. A competitor in the area just offered me a cap cost on the same vehicle for $38,520, and when I told him the deal the other dealer was offering he immediately undercut her -- so it seems like there may be more wiggle room than normal on their current MSRP and invoices (I was under the impression they only had about $4000 to work with from previous posts).

    Also looks like, when pressed, SE Toyota will offer .00214 (rather than .00224) for Tier 1 credit. I think I've cross-checked enough places to confirm that is truly their best rate.

    If SE Toyota Financing is higher, why can't you get another finance option that undercuts them? Is there some mechanism that keeps banks on southeast Toyota sales from matching the interest rate that other parts of the country can offer on a Toyota bought in say, Michigan?

    As always, thanks for your invaluable insight.
  • bnestibnesti Posts: 5
    I am currently 25 months into a 36 month lease on a 2005 Toyota Sequoia.

    Last week, I received a call from the dealer I purchased the vehicle from... telling me that they had reviewed there past purchase files, and that I was in the "safe zone" for an early return.

    What does that mean?

    My guess is that I would go trade it in, and the dealer would try to make up any $$ difference (between payoff & value) in the price of the new car. Why else would the dealer want me to return a lease vehicle, that likely has more owed on it than it is worth. My current payoff is about $29960.

    I could see maybe 1-2 months out... to ensure another sale of a Toyota, but 11 months out seems really early to me.

    Anyone else get similar calls before?


  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're welcome, floridatarheel. Toyota's special lease program varies by region. In most areas outside of the Southeast region, Toyota Financial Services' buy rate lease money factor for the 2007 Sequoia is .00179 for consumers who qualify for its "Tier 1+" credit tier. This money factor is not available in the Southeastern U.S. because as part of its agreement with the Southeast region distributor, SE Toyota gets to offer leases through its own bank. When Toyota first came over to the U.S., Jim Moran (who recently passed away) won the exclusive rights to distribute its products in the Southeast. It's a pretty sweet deal for him and his company, which he turned into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Unfortunately, it's not that great for consumers in your area.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi Bryan. Your assessment of this situation sounds about right to me. It appears as though your dealer is trying to entice you to get out of your current truck before the scheduled end of your lease. Toyota is not offering any sort of special program that lets TFS lessees out of their deals 11 months early for free, so if you are upside down on your current lease (as I suspect you are) the dealer will probably try to make up for it by giving you a worse than normal deal on your new vehicle.

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  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Hello Car Man,
    The vehicle in Rochester that we are interested in is a 2007 Toyota Sequoia SR5 4x4. Msrp of $38,173, invoice of $34,423, and he is giving it to us for a selling price of $33,498, 36 mo, $413/mo, MF of .00179, $4000 down(our trade in) and I am hoping ot get more for the car but I told him just to go with a $4000 down cash. The residual on this vehicle is $20,621 is that correct? Can I do better on the lease payment which is $413, also how much would the lease payment decrease if I received and extra $1000 for my car. Lastly, do you know the MF for June for Tier 1 through Toyota Financial Services. Thank you very much for your time and consideration
  • I have an '04 Toyota Sequoia -- the lease on this SUV ends in Dec. 2007. I'm looking at a GMC Acadia or Honda Pilot, however, I want to wait to see the redesigned Pilot which may come out in '08 as an '09 model.

    My question is: Should I extend my Sequoia lease for a year(and probably have to replace tires, perform service etc.) or should I lease a replacement vehicle for the shortest term possible in order to buy me time to look at the Pilot?
  • Hi Carman, just wondering if you could answer this question:
    I have an '04 Toyota Sequoia -- the lease on this SUV ends in Dec. 2007. I'm looking at a GMC Acadia or Honda Pilot, however, I want to wait to see the redesigned Pilot which may come out in '08 as an '09 model.

    My question is: Should I extend my Sequoia lease for a year(and probably have to replace tires, perform service etc.) or should I lease a replacement vehicle for the shortest term possible in order to buy me time to look at the Pilot? Is it possible to lease for 1 year or 18 months?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi baseballmom97. It really isn't possible to lease a vehicle for 12 to 18 months. A few banks might allow this short a lease, but it would be prohibitively expensive. The shortest relatively attractive term that most banks offer on leases is 24 months. Even then, 24 month leases are usually more expensive than 36 month leases. This is usually the case because new vehicles experience their most rapid depreciation during the first year of ownership. A 36 month lease has 12 more payments to spread out this large initial depreciation hit out over than a 24 month lease does.

    If you want to go with a short lease of a new vehicle, you probably are going to have to go with a 2 year lease. If you feel as though that is too long a time then your best bet is probably to extend your current lease for a little while.

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  • Can someone give me an idea of the lease money factor for a 2008 Sequoia Platinum in the Kansas City area? How well are the dealers negotiating off of MSRP?
  • jpodjpod Posts: 4
    Any idea of what leases are running for 2008 Sequoia's?
  • Hi Carman, Just got 2 quotes on an '08 sequoia limited 4x4, they were both roughly the same at $47,600 (Sticker for around 52k and change). I then asked for a 12k mile 36 mo lease from both dealers. The one dealer got back and advised $1600 due at signing, and $736 a mo plus tax!!!!

    I almost dropped my phone, I was completely shocked. I knew their not pushing them like 4runners, and lease rates would be as attractive, but thats $16 per thousand, when the 4runner is $10 per thousand. This doesnt even seem reasonable. I was prepared to shell out mid 500's, but $736 for a toyota??

    Im in a catch-22 as my current lease on my 4runner is up in a month, but Im at mileage limit so need to act quickley, hopefully this weeknd. Im a tier 1+ returning lesee.

    Does this seem accurate, what are MF and residuals % for this month?
  • I am in Cleveland looking for a Sequoia. I tried the Costco Autoprogram and got some pretty good initial pricing. Costco's deal with Toyota is you get the vehicle at Invoice.

    I was looking at a SR5
    MSRP $40,445
    Sales price $35,608
    Money Factor .00245
    Residual $22,815
    45,000 3 year lease
    $529 a month

    Here is what another dealer emailed me, looks like some decent holdbacks. I can email this if anyone is interested for better reading:

    18186 VEHICLE INQUIRY REPORT DATE: 02/27/08DCV920 TIME: 15:59 Model Number: 7919A SERIAL # :8S006580 Check Code: 6 Model Description: 4-DOOR SR5 4X4 Category ..........: G Year ............: 2008 Current Dealer ....: 220-34121 Interior Color ..: FB44 FB44 Wholesale Dealer ..: 34121 Exterior Color ..: 03Q7 RED Previous Dealer ...: 00220 Body ............: 4-DOOR SR5 4X4 SUV Invoice Date ......: 01/24/08 Number of Cyl ...: 8 Ship Date .........: 01/25/08 Allocation Number: 122 Retail Date .......: Engine Number ...: 5203748 Date of First Use .: Vessel Number ...: 704 TRAC ..............: NO Vessel Name .....: TMMI PRINCETON Damage ............: NO DAMAGE PDI ...............: YES Fleet .............: NON-FLEET Port PDS Complete .: NO VIN .............: 5TDBY64A68S006580 Ignition Key.....: 68784 Factory Installed Accessories: FE DJ DR CK LF PE RB RF RL TO Port Installed Accessories ..: CF DK Retail Dealer Vehicle Base Model ....................: $ 38500.00 $ 33110.00 Total Accessories .....................: $ 2630.00 $ 2053.00 MECHANICAL AND PERFORMANCE5.7-liter,i-Force DOHC V8 EFI Dual VVT-i381 HP/401 lb.ft./6-Speed ECT Auto TiansCoil-Spring Indep Dble-Wishbone Fr SuspCoil-Spring Indep Dble-Wishbone Rr SuspP275/65R18 Tires on Alloy WheelsAuto Tri-Zone CFC-Free Air Conditioning4-Wheel Drive w/ Locking Center DiffSAFETYSTAR SAFETY SYSTEM-Includes:A-TRACTraction Control Plus Vehicle SkidControl (VSC), Auto Limited SlipDifferential, Four-Wheel Anti-LockBrake System w/Brake Assist &Electronic Brake-Force DistributionDr/Fr Passenger Advanced Airbags withOccupant Class Sensor,Dr & Fr PassengerSeat-Mounted Side Airbags,& Fr, 2nd &3rd Row Roll-Sensing Side CurtainAirbags w/Roll-Sensing Cutoff SwitchChild-Protector and Door LocksCRS Top Tether Anchors and ISOFIX LowerSeat Anchors in 2nd/3rd Row SeatingPositionsEXTERIORColor-Keyed Power Remote-ControlledOutside Mirrors, Door Handles, BumpersMulti-Reflector Halogen Headlamps withAuto-Off FeaturePrivacy glass on rear quarter andTailgate Windows,and Rear SideCOMFORT AND CONVENIENCEPower Windows (w/One-Touch Up/Downw/Jam Control on Front) and Door LocksPower Rr Window w/ Electric Defoggerand Intermittent Wiper/Cruise ControlFabric-Trimmed 8-Way Manual-AdjustedDriver Seat and 4-Way Manual AdjustedPass Seat w/Adjustable Headrests SoilRelease Fabric Protector/Fabric-Trimmed40/20/40 Split Fold-Flat/Recline 2nd RowAM/FM/Single-CD Audio System w/8-Spkrs Retail Dealer TotalVehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 38500.00 $ 33110.00 $ 38500.0050 State Emissions .........................Deluxe AM/FM/Six-CD Changer with 8 ......... 200.00 150.00Speakers ...................................Roof Rack .................................. 220.00 176.00Cold Kit Includes: Windshield Wiper ........ 230.00 184.00Deicer, Headlamp Cleaner and Heavy Duty ....Battery ....................................Fog Lamps .................................. 110.00 88.00Power Driver Fabric Seat ................... 395.00 316.00with 8-Way Driver''s Seat Adjustment ........Running Boards ............................. 385.00 308.00Rear Spoiler ............................... 100.00 80.00Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with On/Off ... 40.00 32.00Feature ....................................Tow Prep Package Plus Tow Hitch ............ 660.00 528.00(SR5 ONLY) .................................Carpeted Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector .... 290.00 185.00Preferred Owner''s Portfolio ................ 6.00 --------- --------- ---------Total Accessories ...........................: $ 2630.00 $ 2053.00 $ 2630.00Destination Charge ..........................: $ 685.00 $ 685.00TDA .........................................: $ 745.00Gasoline ....................................: $ 10.00Dealer Holdback .............................: $ 770.00Whsl. Financial Reserve .....................: $ 385.00 --------- ---------Total .......................................: $ 37758.00 $ 41815.00 Residual Value ...: 24 36 48 60 ------- ------- ------- ------- STD 25,575 23,265 19,675 16,595 LOW 24,035 20,445 17,365
  • faberafabera Posts: 6
    :shades: Wow, thanks web2323 that is a pretty good % off msrp. Whats hard to figure out is why these larger SUV's are so much more that any other vehicle to lease, including luxury models. Im used to $10-$12 per thousand for the value of the vehicle that equates to the lease payment, these larger SUV's seem to be closer to a purchase rate of about $16 per thousand?
  • mig42mig42 Posts: 13
    I'm just looking for some advice... I filled out a TMV price report for the SR5 08 Sequoia 4dr (4.7L 8cyl 5A) with the NAV & RES options and it says

    Total MRSP incl options came out at $39, 905 with an Invoice of $35,123

    I also filled out a form to get free quotes from local dealerships & since then I have 7 or 8 vmails for me to call them back. I was hoping they would email me the quotes. Guess I was being naiive

    Anyway, before I calll them back I need your advice as to what exact questions I should ask? I assume their Invoice price will be slightly different to the above one?
    Do i ask them out straight how much they can take off their invoice price or how does it usually go? I've been reading all the tips/advice on leasing but I'm just a bit unsure of what to ask & what NOT to leave out.

    Appreciate your help.

    Also, maybe anyone in NJ can give me an idea of any good deals/dealerships to go to near the 07040 area? I'm looking for a 36month lease with 12000 miles & not too much down.

  • slmnknslmnkn Posts: 1
    FYI, I leased a 2008 Limited 5.7l 4x4 Sequoia in March - Silver Sky, Gray Leather. 36 Months, 20k miles per year. $.10/mile overage. Sticker at $53k. $750 down. Payment of $763/month. $25,500 buyout. Hope this is helpful to other buyers.
  • maslss1maslss1 Posts: 3
    Toyota is offering $369/mo for 36 months on model 7919 with MSRP of $41,010, $2080 down, residual of $22,915. Does this sound too good?
  • carscarcarscar Posts: 22
    I just leased a 2008 Sequoia Limited with 20in wheels, moonroof, power tailgate and DVD player (51,500 MSRP) in Dallas, TX. 36 months, 0 down, $732/mo, 12K miles, $25,260 residual. Do you think this is a good deal?
  • mlinarmlinar Posts: 6
    Does anyone know the factors on a new Sequoia? 36 month lease with 12,000 miles
  • e28m5e28m5 Posts: 13
    I found this deal on
    Lease a new 2008 Toyota Sequoia SR5 4x4 for just $439.00 a month. 36-month closed end lease on Sequoia model # 7919. $1999.00 due at signing which includes first month’s payment of $439.00, acquisition fee of $550.00, customer capitalized cost reduction of $1,010.00, and security deposit of $0 with the following optional equipment: Fifty state emissions, cold weather package, towing prep package, leather package, fog lights, moon roof, running boards, rear spoiler, daytime running lights and JBL Premium sound. $39,692.00 adjusted capitalized cost assumes dealer participation, which may vary. MSRP $46,270.00 includes destination charge. 36 base monthly payments total $15,804.00. Your payment may vary depending on final price. Base monthly payments of $439.00 does not include tax. Taxes, license, title, insurance, regionally required equipment, and other dealer’s charges are extra, and are not included in the amounts shown.

    This is a fantastic lease deal - selling price of 40702 on a 46270 sticker, 40547 invoice vehicle, so 155 over invoice, 52.4% residual, and mf of .00017 by my calcs = 0.41% apr - wow!
  • josephd05josephd05 Posts: 46
    I know the special is on the SR5, but any chance the Limiteds get greta lease support? I'm interested in a Limited with NAV (option B). I live in Jersey.

  • bbutashbbutash Posts: 5

    Can you post the current MF and Residual for a 2008 Sequoia Limited?


    - B

  • mlinarmlinar Posts: 6
    Just picked up our new 2008 limited Sequoia. got a lease for $550 OTD (first month) and $559 a month on a 36 month 12k lease
  • maxuacatmaxuacat Posts: 2
    I am also interested in a lease on the limited. I am curious if it had any options.

  • rlj095rlj095 Posts: 2
    THANKS :)
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